Econet – multiple power failures at network operations centre to blame for outage

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Econet is facing unprecedented challenges on its network, to say the least. They resolved the voice services issue but data connectivity issues persist as we discussed here: 8 days later, Econet data connectivity challenges persist – a timeline of their comms on the issue.

In those messages, we got acknowledgements that there really is a problem and that it was not our phones. We understood that they are “currently experiencing intermittent system challenges.” However, the question remained, what really caused all this?

We got some sources within the organisation telling us the company was under attack, that they had been ‘hacked,’ so to speak. So, we reached out to Econet to comment on that.

Econet categorically (I love that word) denied that. There has been no hack. Instead, they told us what caused the network failure.

The outage was caused by multiple power failures at our NOC [network operations centre]. There was no hacking or anything of that sort that happened.

This is not the first time that Econet has faced power failures at its network operations centres. One incident that comes to mind was a few years ago when they put out the following statement,

Our engineers are busy working to resolve a network fault that started when generators at our Network Operations Centre failed to kickoff following a ZESA power outage.

The problem has since been isolated and our technical teams are working flat out to resolve the issue.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience this has caused to our customers.

That time, they resolved the issue within a day and yet this time around, 8 days in, they still haven’t managed to resolve the faults fully.

The operative word is ‘multiple’ when trying to understand why it has taken this long this time around.

Econet will be releasing a comprehensive statement on what happened soon. We will keep our eyes peeled for that. Hopefully, we will find out exactly what happened then.



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  1. What

    Does Econet have qualified managers who understand the importance of Public Relations? Does Econet employ qualified and experienced PR people and what is handicapping them from doing their PR functions competently and thoroughly during the technical outages? Are the managers handicapping competent PR department? What reasonable excuses are there for this colossal failure in PR by Econet?

    1. Who

      Might be a case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. If they don’t have it yet, they need to have a process that integrates reputation management with their technical side. Once an issue crosses a certain threshold of severity, ie number of subscribers projected to be affected or duration, it should automatically be forwarded to PR, with updates, until the issue is solved. Timely announcements through their sms and social media platforms would work wonders in bringing down the aggravation of customers and it would cost them next to nothing!

      1. Lennon

        there is no competition

    2. Klaus Goncalves

      All competent PR people have left for the U.K to work as nurse aides

  2. OCb

    Give us free data then

    1. Bonney

      yah true..

  3. Legion

    Econet ye ZANU PF

  4. Mike

    Did you guys close off free data on pindula news??


      Thought it was this side which is failing to connect to Pindula, so its everywhere

      1. Vegaz

        I tried logging in through the app and chrome bt to no available, but they should just tell us than leave us in the dark

  5. BeIT

    Yah neh, we need Zero rated Pindula especially now most of us in the residentials are lavishing on 2G network all day

  6. Mina

    Those asking about Pindula, it’s no longer zero rated. I understand they now have an app which you can use to connect to their zero rated website

  7. Sains Data

    What were the causes of the Econet outage, and how did multiple power failures at the network operations centre contribute to it?

  8. Sistem Informasi

    What were the immediate and long-term consequences of the power failures at the Econet network operations centre?

  9. Perhotelan

    What measures have been taken by Econet to prevent similar power failures and subsequent outages in the future?

  10. information Systems

    How did the Econet outage impact its customers, and what steps has the company taken to address their concerns and ensure uninterrupted service in the future?

  11. Bonney

    yah true..

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