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Old Mutual’s O’Mari launch in pictures

Old Mutual Digital Services officially launched its first product, O’Mari, a wallet and platform to compete with the likes of InnBucks and EcoCash yesterday. It has a few tricks up its sleeves though.

These are a couple of shots of the event.

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19 thoughts on “Old Mutual’s O’Mari launch in pictures

  1. Hezvo! Zimbabwe dollar spiraling into dizzy oblivion:

    100*(1,404.8039 – 1,888.0119 )/1,404.8039 = -34.4% The ZWL fell 34 4% since last Tuesday on the RBZ forex auction.

    Zimbabwe treasuary, take it easy on the ZWL electronic printing press! You don’t want to repeat the Zimbabwe Dollar notes in trillions of dollars denomination.

  2. How many times must Z$ fail for John Mangudya to step as promised?

    I have been waiting to hear he has resigned since 2018 but it appears he does not want to miss his Gold Mafia friends at RBZ. 💰💰

  3. You should have asked those Old Mutual asßhöléß what one has to do in order to claim his pension or why you don’t fill as much papers uchiwapa mari yako as you do pakutora mari yako, and if get the chance to meet them again tell them to clearly state that their pension funds are not for disabled people Old Mutual imht dzevanhu

  4. Props to Old mutual for solving everyday problems, affordable solutions to cater for everyone..

  5. Exciting micro insurance products for everyday people. Relevant to our economy and market. Worthy trying!!!!

  6. The way I am looking at this made me realise that there are things I really never thought about at my age, and being a 34 year old parent, I am always thinking that I am immortal. Last week we buried our uncle and I saw relatives steal money from his funeral policy…so uncouth😮‍💨😮‍💨. But seeing this gave me goosebumps. The Schoolcare and foodcRe stuff seem like good products, I am quiet keen to find out more about them.

  7. Hahahahaha zvakuda kunakidza manje. This was long overdue…I applaud such industry play offs because Zimbos deserve better service too…

  8. Bring on the competition,at least we now have a choice as customers.Things have just gotten interesting.Thanks to OM for this innovation

  9. Old Mutual is not a stranger to insurance business, this gives them edge in these two proposition, foodcare and schoolcare. The balance sheet is there to bring the much needed confidence in the minds of customers. Lets see how they are going to aggressively promote these two products.

  10. What a great event I managed to attend it. Very creative on making the presentation into a movie. Well done Old Mutual 👏

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