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We specialise in creating content, gathering audiences and communicating using digital media.

Thanks for considering leveraging Techzim for the growth and visibility of your brand. Your brand is safe with us: Techzim is a digital native in Zimbabwe. We have been around for as long as 3G internet has been available in Zimbabwe. This history has taught us a thing or two about creating content, gathering audiences and communicating using digital media.

If you are looking for brand authority, customer trust and equity in the professional and business customer segment then you are in the right place. Here are our growing numbers:

Techzim Monthly Visits

Monthly Visits

230 000

Techzim Monthly Page Views

Monthly Page Views

500 000

For a breakdown of the demographics and other stats get in touch with us.

How to leverage Techzim?

Techzim Sponsored Articles
Techzim Sponsored Articles
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These help if the biggest objective is visibility especially to have the eyeballs of the key segment of the market that’s found on Techzim.

Promotion on Techzim Social Media Channels

This a low cost way to get the huge Techzim community engaging and talking about your brand. It particularly works if you want to run a small promotion.

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Live streaming of your event

So you have an event and you want to broadcast it to a wider audience. Techzim does not just bring expertise in quality video streaming but we also come with an already engaged audience on our platforms and social channels to maximise the reach of your event

Here are some of our happy customers:

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Many thanks, the responses have been overwhelming... We are so busy here!

- Steward Bank

I have been overwhelmed with interest since your post. Please DO NOT run it again!

- International Visas