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Zimbabwean Companies Will Be Affected By EU’s Privacy Policy Updates. Here’s How

Lately, many people have been receiving notifications about privacy policy updates from various websites and Apps. These policy updates are popping up because organizations are adopting a new European Union (EU) Directive called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is set to change how business is done the world over. Websites and Apps like WhatsApp, Instagram […]

Zimra Acquires Servers As It Races To Complete Upgrading Asycuda By June

Marred by recurrent system breakdowns that have caused it to lose millions of dollars, Zimra is racing to upgrade its Automated System for Customs Data (Asycuda) systems marked by the latest acquisition of three servers. The Asycuda system is used for online pre-clearance of goods, issuance of road access fees payment and processing of temporary […]

This Twitter Page Is Helping People To Find Lost Things In Zimbabwe

The advent of the internet coupled with the social media platforms has made communication and the spread of news relatively easier and cheap than other traditional mediums. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are used by many people in Zimbabwe so by utilizing them is ideal to spread a message to a wider audience. […]

Liquid Telecom Partners Kenya’s Serianu To Improve Africa’s Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity issues will remain a menace in the coming days as organizations across the globe try to improve safe practices in a bid to eliminate or reduce chances of falling victims of computer attacks. In line with attempts to mitigate cybersecurity concerns, Internet access provider, Liquid Telecom has furthered its geographical presence through a strategic […]

‘Zimbabwe Is Open For Business’ But Seems Closed Online

Since the political transition (affectionately being called ‘new dispensation’) that Zimbabweans witnessed late last year, the ‘Zimbabwe is Open for business’ slogan is being massively promoted. President Mnangagwa’s government has been making a series of policy reforms and introducing new provisions in current laws as it bids to undo past wrongs. As recent as last […]

Deposit Protection Corporation Stuck With $3.2 Million Unclaimed Money By Customers Of Failed Banks

A notable number of bank customers haven’t yet claimed $3.2million worth of compensation from The Deposit Protection Corporation (DPC). Lack of knowledge of such an arrangement and institution from the customer’s side is attributed to be the main reason why customers are not claiming their compensation. DPC public relations manager Allen Masadziruma said: We haven’t […]

RBZ Urging Banks To Revise Down Interest Rates

The banking sector is in a good momentum characterized by its profitability last year. Shrewd investments and lending practices have significantly reduced non-performing loans and prop the banking sector’s profitability. The shrewd practices have consequently lowered the number of loans released into the economy. However, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is reportedly in discussions with Bankers Association […]

Govt Gives $6million To Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe For The Digital Migration Project, $103million Still Needed

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe has received $6 million from the government as part of the $22 million allocated in the 2018 National Budget for completing the digitization process. George Charamba, Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services stated that the money will be channeled to the construction of transmission sites nationwide. He said: We […]

Opera Introduces New Mobile Browser Designed For One-Hand Use

Today Opera announced its new mobile browser, Opera Touch designed to be used with one hand. Most key functions of the browser are now placed within a user’s thumb enabling you to browse whilst carrying your groceries with one hand, for instance. Opera brags that its latest browser is for “for busy people who do […]

Kwese Failing To Pay For World Cup, Euro And NBA Rights

Kwese is reportedly failing to honor its financial obligations to its partners for the media rights of the upcoming 2018 World Cup, UEFA Euro 2020, European qualifiers and the Nations League. This is according to a report by media rights lister, TV Sports Markets. The pay-television company has been on a drive to dethrone DSTV […]

Finally!!! Facebook Will Let You Know What Gets You Banned

For the past weeks, Facebook has been on a damage control exercise since it became involved in a scandal that has tarnished its image. Concerns have been raised about Facebook’s handling of user’s information and the safeguards it has in place to protect the information. Now, the social media giant is going to officially publish rules […]

Telone And NUST To Partner In Setting Up A Telecommunications R&D Lab

Telone has partnered with the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) to set up a telecommunications research laboratory. We all know that firms in Zimbabwe hardly satisfy the amount of investment required for Research & Development (R&D) therefore Telone by partnering NUST mean that they have cut back these costs significantly. NUST brings its researching expertise into […]

ZTA Aims To Boost Tourism With An Online Platform To Register Houses And Lodges For Accomodation

The tourism and hospitality sector will find a new impetus to increase tourism by harnessing the internet to provide relatively cheap and convenient accommodation for tourists. This comes in the background that, the Tourism and Hospitality Ministry is creating an online platform to register houses and lodges to boost tourism. Tourism and Hospitality Industry seems […]

Google Set To Compete With Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp And SMS As It Introduces ‘Chat’ For Android Users

Last week Google revealed its plan to roll out a new chat service to replace standard texting service, SMS. The new chat service will be called Chat. Google’s Chat will let Android users use features such as read receipts, GIFs and stickers, full resolution video and pictures, and functioning group texts on top of colorful texts. […]

Kwese, Where Are The 23 Channels You Promised Us By March?

Do you remember an article we wrote about Kwese promising you 23 more channels by March this year? Since then customers waited with bated breath. Kwese said that its bouquet would, as a result, start to offer 100 channels in totality adding on its current 77 channels. We have an amazing line up of new channels […]

Telone Reduces Interest On Business Bills From 2009

Government-owned Telone has softened its stranglehold on debtors by reducing interest rates on their arrears that were accumulated in 2009. Many businesses and individuals are saddling huge debts that were incurred in 2009. The debts have been a moot issue because debtors say that their debts were inflated following the transition from the Zim Dollar […]

Zimra Surpasses 2018 First Quarter Revenue Target

ZIMRA (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) surpassed its first-quarter target by an excess of US $84million. Gross revenue collections were 8.1% above the target of US $1.029 billion. Zimra attributes the improved revenue collection to enhanced effective use of automation. The country’s tax collector is optimizing the use of it its e-services platform (Asycuda – Automated System […]

Zanu PF Using Multi-Tier Pricing System As Members Pay $10 Extra For Using Ecocash

Earlier this year, The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor John Mangudya announced that the Zanu-PF controlled government was set to put in place measures to stop curb the multi-tier pricing system (also known as 3 tier pricing) that is prevalent in doing transactions in the country. The Bill easily sailed through parliament and now awaits the […]

Tobacco Farmers Angered By Slow Processing Of Payments And Cash Shortages

Poor and expensive products are making Zimbabwe uncompetitive on the international markets and as a result, foreign currency generation capability has dwindled. However, Zimbabwe has been overly reliant on tobacco as its major foreign currency cash cow. This has forced The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to craft policies that encourage and support tobacco farmers. But […]

Potraz And BAZ Are Getting Married, Probably An Unintended Great Idea

Working under the banner of implementing widespread reforms in Parastals and State Enterprises, the government has decided to merge Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) and Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). Potraz’s function of overseeing the telecommunications sector and BAZ’s oversight function on broadcasting will be vested into a single regulatory authority. Government’s […]

Govt Reforms Parastatals: Full Statement By The Finance Minister

1. Government has been consistent in emphasizing the critical contribution expected from the State Enterprises and Parastatal (SEP) sector towards the revival of Zimbabwe’s economic fortunes and in this regard has for some time been pursuing a programme of SEPs reform designed to enhance performance, improve service-delivery and to bring more order, discipline and rationality […]

What Makes Bitcoin Have Value?: This Is The Answer

From its introduction in 2009, Bitcoin has enjoyed a meteoric rise in price from being valued for nothing in March 2009 to being valued for $1 in February 2011 to being valued $6,813.97 as of the time of writing this article. Bitcoins trajectory in prices has coincided with debates regarding the source of its value. […]

PayPal Partners M-Pesa To Enhance E-Commerce, Will Ecocash Follow?

Mobile money service platform, M-Pesa users will soon be able to participate in global e-commerce after it announced a collaboration with worldwide online payments system, PayPal. The service will facilitate M-Pesa users to shop with PayPal merchants and smoothly transfer funds between M-Pesa and PayPal accounts consequently increasing commerce nationally and internationally. Qualifying M-Pesa users […]

George Charamba Says Government To Soon Invite Applicants For 12 TV Licenses, Warns Entrepreneurs To Be Ready

In an interview on Monday with ZiFM Stereo, George Charamba confirmed that the government will soon invite applications to bid for 12 new TV licenses. He said the government will start to accept applications soon after it secures the supply of decoders they need for digital migration. And a tender will soon be floated for […]

Ecocash ‘Making It Impossible’ To Mistakenly Get Charged Twice For A Single Transaction

Many people in Zimbabwe are now using Ecocash to make payments, send and receive money and pay bills. The rise in the use of Ecocash is coinciding with system failures on the platform and in turn, this is generating harsh criticisms. One of the major problems that are enraging customers is the double debiting of a […]

HIT Students Demonstrate For Wi-Fi

Yesterday, Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) students held a protest to its administration for lack of wi-fi amongst other many things. Students reported that there they lack wi-fi access in their hostels and when they go to lecture rooms it will be limited. The backlash was in the background that students are having to pay […]

CBZ To Invest $12 million In A Mall For SME’s

CBZ Holdings is in advanced talks with the Harare City Council to construct a mall in Graniteside.  After completion, CBZ’s mall is said to house retailers, manufacturers and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). “We have budgeted $8 million and $12 million for the center, which will include a supermarket and factories and offices for SMEs” […]

Nedbank To Stop Manual RTGS Payments, Joins Other Banks

Nedbank has just announced that as from the 11th of May they will no longer process manual RTGS payments. Nedbank’s drive to do paperless banking coincides with a number of banks that went paperless. Formerly named MBCA, Nedbank is urging its customers to shift manual RTGS processing to online banking through its Nedbank Access platform. […]

Banks Are Loving The Cash Crisis: Here Is Why

Indicated by substantial profits, last year was a prosperous year for all banks in Zimbabwe. Cautious but shrewd lending among other factors has contributed for banks to post these profits. However, the overall banking sector is decreasing its lending to households. From 2016 up to now Zimbabwe is grappling with cash shortages and the cash shortages […]

Kwese Partners Alpha Networks For Kwese Play And Kwese TV App Delivery

Kwese has announced that it has partnered with Alpha Networks to distribute its Over-The-Top (OTT) services of Kwese Play in South Africa and the Kwese TV App in Africa. Alpha Networks is a technology company that specializes in back-end software. “We are excited to partner with Alpha Networks in the creation of a seamless end-user […]