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Gwatamatic the technical marvel – Part II

William Gwata next to his iconic machine So how does the Gwatamatic work? Well basically there are 2 models of the Gwatamatic: The Gwatamatic 2000 and the Baby Gwata. As you can probably deduce from the names the Baby Gwata is the smaller version of the two.The Gwatamatic has been patented, among other patents, under […]

Jumpstart tackles funding for startups

At Jumpstart’s last meeting held on 13 June 2012,  entrepreneurs had a chance to explore various funding models available to them. The keynote speaker at the event was Munya Chiura, Head of Africa Operations for Grow VC a venture capital platform specialising in matching investors and start-ups using the crowdfunding model. The core of Chiura’s message […]

Lendme in landmark $1.8M deal

A while ago we wrote about and now they have announced an exciting deal worth US$1.8 million. This was revealed by Lendme’s founder Michael Charangwa, who explained that Lendme (UK) have signed the $1.8 million deal with Buildvest (Pvt) Ltd a Zimbabwean registered micro-lender. The development means that Lendme will now have added capacity […]

ZINARA implements new license discs but no scanners

With all the recent hullabaloo about the ZINARA (Zimbabwe National Roads Authority) deadline for motorists to upgrade to the new license disc system we decided to have a look at what the fuss was all about (the initial deadline was for 31 May and then extended to 30 June 2012). The new ZINARA license discs […]

William Gwata an entrepreneurs’ journey – Part I

I usually don’t eat sadza at 9am but for once I was truly looking forward to a hot plate of the staple at such an early hour. I had been invited by William Gwata, inventor of the Gwatamatic to visit a site with one of his Gwatamatic installations. Yes like some I had heard of […]

Insights into Zim Internet usage

   1,223,947 that is the total number of people in Zimbabwe who have some form of Internet access, whether at home, the office, Internet Café or by mobile. This is the finding of the ZAMPS (Zimbabwe All Media Products and Services Survey) of Q4 2011. Let’s call this group the Online Group. The other group […]

Is Zim ready for a 4th mobile network?

We recently caught up with Geoff Goss a VC with Matamba Anonaka about whether he was still pursuing his initiative to establish an MVNO (Mobile virtual Network operator) in Zimbabwe. Goss a serial entrepreneur in the IT industry has been involved with Compaq Zimbabwe, Sophos and Celsys is clearly eying his next opportunity to establish […]

Frampol helping Zimbabwe

If you have spent enough time in Zimbabwe at some point you get used to the gallows humour and general pessimism that is captured by phrases like zvinhu zvakadakwa (things are moving slowly). The massive interest generated by our story I paid a bribe and I didn’t like it also serves to highlight the type […]

Is the iPhone headed for emerging markets?

Apple’s recent announcement that it will be selling iPhones via the prepaid carrier market raised a lot of eyebrows in the telecom industry. This is so because up to now Apple has primarily been selling the iPhone via mobile network operators (the carriers) who offer contract packages to their customers. Apple has also directly sold […]

I paid a bribe and I didn’t like it

Local developer Tawanda Kembo has setup Ipaidabribe, a website dedicated to uncovering corrupt activities in Zimbabwe, particularly the payment of bribes. The site was motivated by an encounter Kembo had with a police officer. Kembo says he was delayed and frustrated after being stopped by traffic police in an attempt to get him to cough […]

Zim gaming not much fun

The other day, my sister’s little son was late getting home from school. You see he’s one of those kids that have to take two “kombis” on each leg of the school trip. So he first goes into the CBD connects to his school and vice versa when going home. After school he’s usually back […]

Whatever happened to the Gwatamatic?

Imagine you are a bachelor coming home from another stressful day at work, just the thought of cooking supper definitely saps the last ounces of strength from your body. And looking at a rather tardy stove is enough for you to send a halfhearted plea to the heavens to conjure a miracle in the form […]

Herald’s sms service leaves rival’s in the dust

This last month (May) we at Techzim have been using the Herald and Sunday Mail  service known as MobileNEWS and we have not been disappointed by it. The two newspapers are the flagship titles in the Zimpapers stable. Everyday, like clock work, at 6.00am the service has delivered the papers’ headlines to our mobile phone. In […]

Pirates continue to rule airwaves, for now

So you are a Generations, Muvhango or Isidingo addict and you thought by the end of May your world would end, as the much publicised encryption of the SABC channels would take place. Well so far (touch wood) it seems the free SABC signal is still available on the popular ‘pirate’ decoders. So for how […]

Is Firefox winning the browser war?

The other day I received a tweet that made me fall off my chair, it claimed Chrome had overtaken Internet Explorer as the world’s most used browser. After regaining my composure I followed a few links and despite the much vaunted displacement realised that Chrome’s (all versions) triumph was over Internet Explorer 9, however IE […]

VictoryTxt: an sms platform to help you save

In a pioneering effort to promote a culture of saving, wealth creation and empowerment among Zimbabweans a local company has created the Victory Savings Club. The club which has been running in beta mode for about a year formally adopted a constitution and was launched on the 18th of May 2012. What is interesting about […]

The definitive start-up guide for challenging environments

After I wrote my last article 5 Startup Lessons from Facebook IPO, I realised that in as much as there where some valuable lessons from the story of Facebook of which I had touched on just a few, there remain lots of gaps about the value of the model with regard to building a technology […]

5 Startup lessons from Facebook IPO

So you are Tengesa, ForgetMeNot, Dariro, 6tm solutions, and countless other Zimbabwean and African startups that are hoping to change the world and you are looking at Facebook’s IPO; you realise that Mark Zuckerberg and co have reached the promised land. And that’s $104 billion worth of real estate. For perspective Econet has a market […]

The death of the Zimbabwean music record company; the rise of the Independent artist

So the digital music revolution in Zimbabwe rumbles on with today’s news in The Herald about leading record company Gramma Records active consideration of introducing MP3’s. Emmanuel Vhori, Gramma’s general manager is quoted as saying “Recording companies are prepared to give it (their) all, to extinguish the flames of piracy that had literary turned musicians into destitutes.” Certainly the proliferation of kudubba (copying) and pirates at places like popular Harare Zimex mall and the Gulf Complex is engulfing the music industry in flames of piracy.

Should Canonical can Ubuntu?

Hands up if you have used Linux in one of its various incarnations for the desktop. Well if you are reading this blog, chances are you have done that. Like many other geeks and aspiring geeks I have dabbled with using Linux specifically Ubuntu and I must say after the initial novelty of using something […]