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Economics and technology – an introduction

Besides being an avid technologist, I am an economist. So let me start by introducing you to one of the fundamental concepts in Economics – that of supply and demand. Demand is defined as the need for a good/service given the budget constraints and it naturally identifies a set of all the different quantities demanded […]

I’m feeling lucky

By most guesses you probably have no idea what that Google button that says “I’m feeling lucky” does. It’s a shame really, particularly considering that if you’re anything like me you probably use Google Search on a daily basis. But fret not gentle reader, I once was lost like you, but now I’m found and […]

The single most important benefit of LinkedIn

As you may obviously be aware, I love LinkedIn. So much so that I’ve recently been reading the stuff from my good friends Jan and Bert from The Networking Coach (we’ve never actually met by the way, but their deep insights into LinkedIn have been a tremendous help to me and thus I call them […]

5 compelling reasons why you should seriously use LinkedIn

Whether you are a large company, employee, young professional or entrepreneur, believe me when I tell you that you should be on LinkedIn. Here are 5 reasons why you should actively use LinkedIn. 1. Connect to the largest network of global professionals According to their website, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the […]

Are we finally kissing goodbye to ridiculously expensive roaming charges?

Roaming tariffs are quite frankly ridiculous! The world over. For example, a story is told of a teenager who came back from an overseas trip to a phone bill of about $6000. Her one crime; doing normal teenage stuff like post to Facebook and share photos. Roaming charges are such a big issue that the […]

Facebook’s 10th Anniversary gift and an idea of the future

About ten days ago the social media behemoth, Facebook, celebrated its 10th anniversary. On that day, Facebook gave each of its over 1.2 billion members a one-minute video that featured their top Facebook moments; a feature they call “Look Back”. To access this Look Back video, which is tailor made for each user, you simply […]

The Ecocash Droid app and m-banking security

I have followed with interest the discussion on the ingenious Ecocash Droid app and how it was swiftly disabled by Econet. I was quite frankly amazed by some of the vitriol that was spewed at Econet by some disgruntled commenters. Though I applaud Gedion for taking initiative and coming up with a way to ease […]

Random thoughts on the state of technology in Africa

It’s been nearly four weeks since I last wrote an article for this blog. The period between then and now has been characterised mostly by a lot of reading. Yes, the good old fashioned physical books that smell nice and feel soft to the touch. I have also been thinking a lot about my country […]

Beware of some of these start-up or innovation challenges

As a budding entrepreneur, with tons of ideas oozing from your brain (or wherever good ideas come from) and not much capital to back them up, you have no doubt either entered or considered entering your ideas into at least one of these challenges. But the message I bring you is that you should beware […]

Google Chrome’s password security sucks!

I use Google Chrome for practically all my web browsing, and a few days ago I made a startling discovery after reading this article: Google Chrome’s password security really sucks! Seriously, it’s like  taking your password and placing it as a screensaver where anybody who has access to your computer can see it if they […]

“Long after all this technology talk…” – President Mugabe

Dear Mr President About ten years ago, at the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva, Switzerland, you made a remarkable speech on technology in third world countries, and this speech galvanized me to do something about technology from the moment I read it. I have included an excerpt of that speech below: Long after we […]

Let’s start an EdTech revolution!

I move that we start and EdTech revolution. We cannot argue with fact that Zimbabwe has one of the highest literacy rates in Africa. Neither can we argue with the fact that Zimbabweans have been known to do great things…outside of Zimbabwe. What we can happily argue about is whether these high literacy levels are […]

What ever happened to Mxit?

A week ago, Mxit announced that Michael Jordaan (not the basketball legend, but the former CEO of FNB), had been appointed as the new Chairman of Mxit. This is quite an interesting development considering that Jordaan is the man largely responsible for steering FNB into the most innovative bank in the world.