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Zimbabwean mobile internet’s floor prices – Apportioning blame correctly

The price floor is one such opportunity as revenues will jump due to the unavoidable higher tariffs. The bulk of the public’s wrath must be directed at the regulator whose mandate at law is to regulate tariffs of the industry and protect consumers.

Net Neutrality unboxed: What proponents in Zimbabwe fail to appreciate

Lately there has been increased interest, interference, regulation and policy pronouncements in the Zimbabwean telecommunications arena; while some of these initiatives at face value seem beneficial to the consumer, there is need to unpack them to understand their import in terms of the possible ulterior motives. In this piece I will focus on the proposed […]

Hiking the price of free speech. The real reasons behind government’s suspension of telecoms promos

The past few weeks have made for interesting viewing, reading, following, watching and sharing for those who have been following the telecoms industry in Zimbabwe. There have been many policy announcements and directives from the regulatory authorities in the face of increasing ‘misuse’ of social and digital platforms. Just recently all three mobile network operators announced […]