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Standard Chartered is launching an Africa-focused mobile banking platform

While other Western banking institutions look like they are scaling down in their operations in Africa (think Barclays and their much-publicized exit), Standard Chartered are going somewhat against the current. The bank says it is launching a mobile and online banking platform in Zimbabwe and seven other countries on the continent. Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia […]

Cash burning is returning to Zimbabwe as liquidity challenges persist

Zimbabweans have begun the practice of “burning” cash, as local businesses try to find new ways of coping with the prevailing liquidity crunch in the economy. The development is currently only hatching but has the potential to spread further across the economy, and is highly reminiscent of the unforgettable events of 2008, the climactic year […]

Nigerian parly embraces ICT with electronic voting, Zimbabwe still lags behind

The House of Assembly in Nigeria will this week officially adopt electronic voting, according to reports coming out of the West African country. The move towards an e-parliament, as it is being called, will be supported by internet and intranet access and comes after months of lobbying from various stakeholders. Electronic voting, in which records on all the voting that […]

ZimSwitch raises ZIPIT send limit to $10K, records explosive growth

A big factor in the booming popularity of these services is the fact that now, senders can now transfer up to US$10,000 instantly (the cap has been raised from $1,000.) Further, Zimswitch has transaction charges that add up to only $0.20 flat.

Here’s why local startups need more mergers & acquisitions

Popular Kenyan entertainment blog Ghafla was last week acquired by Ringier One Africa Media, five years after the site was founded. Reports say Ghafla had humble beginnings, starting off as a lyrics portal in 2011, but grew in readership and popularity as it established itself one of the biggest media disruptors in the East African country. The site had evolved […]

Zimbabwe is the world champion of pirating software

According to the recently-released BSA Global Software study, Zimbabwe has the highest percentage of pirated software on the planet. Zimbabwe climbs to the top of the survey’s infamous log for the first time, having been in the top 5 since 2009. The study, whose findings span the globe and have made news in countries on […]

Meikles launches MyCash Card, provides in-store & mobile banking

Meikles Financial Services (MSF), a subsidiary of the group that operates the hotel services, has announced the launch of  what it says is its flagship product, the MyCash card; the arrangement backed up by a partnership with savings bank POSB. The card offers service inside TM Pick n Pay and outlets in Zimbabwe, allowing cashless transactions inside The card represents […]

Lessons from East Africa: the dark and ugly side of online gambling

Ordinary Kenyans love sports and direct sports betting so much so that the advent of popular sites such as sportpesa has seen losers committing suicide after losing money for house loans, school fees, etc – while in many other cases, families have reportedly been torn apart by a habit taken too far. Is this something […]

Ericsson and Econet Zimbabwe said to be working on VOD platform NuVu (update)

Techzim understands that plans are at an advanced stage to launch NuVu, a Video-on-Demand (VOD) platform in Zimbabwe, following a partnership between Ericsson and Econet Wireless. The service would become the latest entrant into the increasingly popular, highly-competitive sector, and the first play into video by telecom big shots Econet. We are reliably informed that the digital content […]

Zing Zimbabwe raises $15 million in funding

ZiNG ZW, the local company that is unrolling over 1,000 electronic vending booths around Zimbabwe over a year and aiming to create around 10,000 jobs in the process, is breaking new ground in other ways. ZiNG has managed to line up foreign direct investment (FDI) into its venture to the tune of $15 million, managing director Bill […]

The business of betting and the big opportunity for Zim mobile money

M-Pesa, the mobile money platform which falls under telecoms giant Safaricom in Kenya, is the most developed one in Africa. Recently, after shifting the servers for the service from Germany to Kenya to cut costs and improve efficiency, the M-Pesa machine is sharper than ever, capable of completing 900 transactions per second, compared with 320 previously. A fortnight ago, […]

Zing returns to Zimbabwe, the latest player in electronic vending space

Many Zimbabweans associate the ZiNG brand with Caps United FC, and with a mobile instant messaging app based out of Durban, South Africa. The ZiNG technology fell broadly under the bracket of mobile instant messaging platforms, with a special focus on instant and group messaging (especially connecting businesses with customers.)  The company initially came into the […]

Want to fly a drone? Read this Q&A with a Zimbabwean pilot

This is part of small series on drones In recent articles on Techzim, we published the current regulations on UAVs (drones) in the country, highlighted the major do’s and dont’s of the laws, and opined about some interesting potential applications and uses of drones in Zimbabwe. The first two articles acquainted readers with drone laws as they currently […]

The online gambling experience is already here

This is another article in a small series on technology and the local betting industry In two articles last week, we reported that the spread of fiber-link internet was behind the rapid growth of the local betting industry. We also wrote that once the forthcoming legislation is put in place to allow online gambling, yet […]

Techzim reader poll: bond notes are unwanted

This week, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) ran several public notices on bond notes as inserts in newspapers. Attempting to bring clarity on “the export bonus scheme” backed by bond notes, the inserts basically did a Q&A  on the forthcoming injection of fresh liquidity into the economy. Following that development, Techzim carried out a snap survey on our readers to find […]

GTaxi is not Uber, but here’s why you need to pay attention to this local startup

GTaxi Zimbabwe is a classy, brand new app offering on-demand cab service in Zimbabwe. The startup aims to bring both “convenience and predictability” to the local taxi industry where traditional operators are not delivering both quality service and affordability to travelers. GTaxi launched three weeks ago in Harare, and founders say the company is already planning to make a […]

MTN & EcoCash partnership enables wallet to wallet transfers across borders

This morning, EcoCash and MTN Zambia officially unveiled a remittance partnership that will enable MTN customers in Zimbabwe’s northern neighbor to send money into the country via the mobile platform MTN Money Wallet. The agreement launches sub-Saharan Africa’s first operator to operator cross border remittance channel. “Our partnership is not only business to business, but also […]

With online gambling, the betting industry is set for another boom

More convenience and guaranteed privacy when placing a bet from a remote location are some of the reasons betting houses are set for another boom when the local regulations change to allow online betting. The Gaming Board of Zimbabwe is expected to release updated regulations within the next few months, making it legal for interested Zimbabweans to use the […]

Local betting is flourishing, spurred by the internet

The betting industry in Zimbabwe has experience huge growth over the past eighteen months, according to our analysis of local betting houses, and technology has a great deal to do with it. Normally, such a trend in gambling gets casually attributed to the steadily increasing popularity of foreign sports leagues. The English Premiership and the Spanish La Liga come to […]

Joining ‪#‎ThisFlag‬? Use this App to Overlay Your FB Profile Picture

By now most of us have seen the pictures and videos online. Using the hashtag ‪#‎ThisFlag‬, hundreds of Zimbabweans led by Pastor Evan Mawire are going online to post videos and pictures in which they carry the national flag. They are including messages that protest against, and challenge politicians, about the dire political and economic conditions prevailing […]

The 7 most interesting uses of drones in Zimbabwe

This week, we published the much-awaited national regulations governing drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles) in the country – basically, the precursor to Zimbabwe’s forthcoming aircraft laws. Readers readily shared their excitement at the development, while others however wondered what exactly drones are and more importantly, what exactly they could be used for in Zimbabwe. I […]

Time for a dating app in Zimbabwe

Whenever I engage Zimbabweans on the issue of trying to find love using virtual means, a version of one argument always comes up: dating sites in the traditional sense are not necessary in Zimbabwe. That’s not necessarily true and here’s what can be done to prove it.

Drone Regulations in Zimbabwe: 15 Dos and Don’ts

Here is a list that simplifies the contents of Zimbabwe’s draft drone regulations. These are not dos and don’ts in the sense of “best practice” – but are actually what the law allows and does not allow you to do.

Here Are Zimbabwe’s Drone Regulations (Download)

If you’re part of the growing community of Zimbabweans with an interest in drones, you may want to bookmark this article. We have managed to exclusively obtain the latest copy of regulations concerning Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – drones – from the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe. It is a 31-page document […]

Here’s a review of Samsung’s ‘perfect’ phone, the Galaxy S7

Half of all smartphones purchased in Africa (52.1%) are made by Samsung; over the years, the Korean maker has also made significant inroads into Zimbabwe, among other countries in the region. With such an outsize market share in a field that also includes Apple, one might wonder how the Asians continue to dominate. How is Samsung killing […]

We don’t need Uber in Zimbabwe

Most of us who follow technology and crazy business valuations are already familiar with Uber, the on-demand service that allows anyone to get cab transportation at the tap of a button. The disruptive app started in the United States and but spread virally to the rest of the developed world. 60 countries and a $68 billion […]

Here’s Zivo – the language app that wants to teach everyone an African language

Zivo wants to teach anyone an African language. What’s more, the startup is part of a much wider (and grander) effort to use technology as a tool for cultural preservation (language, knowledge, etc) on the African continent. The idea is that the best-known language-learning apps in the world only teach you French, German, English, Chinese. Not KiSwahili or Shona.

Local start-up Ndiringe is now, a platform for showcasing talent

Note There has already been a different start-up named Dariro (we covered it here), which provided platform for local pages (in the sense of Facebook Pages) and included a section for song lyrics for local music. That venture however reportedly went bust towards the end of 2011, and differs from the new Last year […]