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Astro Genesis Phab Review. The long awaited Astro Ambassador

The Astro Genesis Phab comes through as the long awaited premium offering from the manufacturer. It comes with quite a bit of interesting features that might just snatch your attention for a little bit. Let’s dive into the details shall we. The following is a technical review of this device. For a simplified summary scroll […]

WhatsApp increases number of images you can send at a time

WhatsApp updates just keep rolling out with additional tweaks and additions every other day. The most recent one is the increase in the number of images an individual can send to 30 at a time from the previous 10. Recently WhatsApp has added 2 step verification to its inventory as well as a message revoking […]

Security Community Technosociology sheds more light on the alleged WhatsApp security flaw explaining why it is not a big deal.

Quite recently the internet was set alight with the news of WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption having a flaw that rendered it ‘unsafe’. We say ‘unsafe’ in quotes as information has surfaced from the security community, Technosociology, shedding more light on this vulnerability and explaining why it is not a big deal. In our recent article we […]

All mobile app stores in China are now required to register with the government

The Chinese Cyberspace Administration issued a bill stating that from January 16 2017 all mobile app stores in China should register with this body. With over 200 mobile app stores running in China alone, the regulator mentions concerns with application quality as well as security stating that applications are the main entry of malware and […]

Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime Review. As good as entry level smartphones get, and more

The Samsung Galaxy J series has been selling pretty well being the most popular series in Samsung’s midrange offerings. The Galaxy J1 Mini Prime steps in as the baby of the midrange J series ready to give you a no frills experience of the smartphone world. The following is a technical review of this device. […]

AT&T Shuts down its 2G mobile network and sets 3G as minimum requirement on its mobile network

AT & T announced that it is shutting down its 2G mobile network on 31 December 2016. This means anyone who owns a device that supports 2G only will not be able to access any services on AT & T’s network. Here is a snippet of their press statement. To help support increasing mobile Internet […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Review. Better on the big screen.

Yes at 9.6 inches it is big. It’s an equally big way to consume media. Here are my experiences with the Samsung Galaxy Tab E. Right off the bat I can confirm that typing is just pure joy. In fact interacting with the touch is just so pleasant owing to the spacious buttons on such […]

OK Zimbabwe the latest victim of cybercrime

OK Zimbabwe suffered a $70 000 hit in their finances after Isaiah Marange, a 33 year old man from Chitungwiza hacked into OK’s Money Wave system. According to The Herald, Marange signed up and opened a Money Wave account making an initial deposit of $5 under the name Kundai Liberty Musamba. On 26 December 2016 […]

WhatsApp with all its security might not be as safe as you think.

From end-to-end encryption to 2 step verification and everything in between, WhatsApp has been going in hard to make it’s messaging application as secure as possible. This is always until their metal is tested which is what Tobias Boelter, a cryptography and security researcher at the University of California, Berkeley did. He discovered a vulnerability in […]

FireChat gives you access to free chatting, but don’t expect it to replace your traditional chat applications

In response to the hike in data tariffs social media has been buzzing with a host of solutions to avert the impending dark ages of expensive data. The most popular here is FireChat, a completely free “off-the-grid” application set to eliminate the need for a service provider altogether. Here is how it works. So the […]

How far will $7 take you on Econet, Netone and Telecel.

If you are wondering how you might work out a budget for staying online as much as you did about a week ago then look no further. Allow us to give you a rough outline So for arguments sake we will use an average that we got from Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s Average Revenue Per User […]

Fancy yourself a bit of online presence for your business? Here is an affordable option you can try.

From my experience using the internet it has come to light that quite a healthy number of small scale businesses either lack online presence or they have an outdated version of it. We understand how being online is of paramount importance to a business and acknowledge the promotion that Esaja is offering. They are offering […]

With how expensive mobile data is going to be we need more coverage from Public Wifi Hotspots.

Mobile data is officially on its way to becoming a premium that average Zimbabwean cannot afford. The level of disruption it has caused is likely to leave people with public wifi as a form of refuge for data solutions. Nevertheless it got me thinking. Public Wifi was already pretty affordable but what’s holding it back […]

WhatsApp beefs up security with 2 step verification.

A while back WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption to insure no one taps your data before it gets to the destined individual. As a measure to beef up its security it has recently introduced a two step verification procedure summoned every time you register your number with WhatsApp. How to set it up Open WhatsApp and […]

Say hello everyone to Nokia 6. The first of many Nokia smartphones under HMD.

Nokia has unveiled its long anticipated Android Nougat powered Nokia 6 which has been launched exclusively in China. The smartphone is a proper midranger which looks fantastic from the press images (or I’m just too nostalgic from the news). A few words from the press release. Our ambition is to deliver a premium product, which […]

Here are some highlights from CES 2017, the world’s biggest annual gadgets showcase

CES 2017 this year’s edition of the world’s biggest annual gadgets showcase is underway and we are here to give you highlights on what innovative technologies that made their way there. OLED Televisions galore Samsung, LG, Sony and Xiaomi brought in their heavy hitters packing nifty bells and whistles from ultra thin displays to the whole […]

Some light at the end of the tunnel for local gamers.

So in the past I failed to find a formal gaming organization locally based in Zimbabwe until quite recently. Now however,  eSports working with Zimbabwe Mind Sports Union came to light and has been there since 2014 organizing and hosting local and international gaming matches. A brief summary of this organization. They are based in Beitbridge […]

Photography is a journey for the senses. Let me take you through it.

I still remember the first time I held a camera in 2002 it was a proper negative film camera and I remember getting lost behind the lens. It was like pausing time and capturing a slice of the moment to enjoy at my leisure. Now as old as I am, photography has become part of […]

Here is a laptop guide for you University Students out there.

As we enter a brand spanking new year we enter with a great many freshmen looking forward to starting their College/University studies. This means most probably you are looking to get yourself some good piece of hardware, specifically a laptop. But do you know what’s the best one for you? Allow me to help with […]

Twitter introduces 360 degree video live streaming.

Twitter just added 360 degree live video streaming through Periscope in a bid to enhance their live streaming segment. For those who are not sure what 360 degree video is it is basically a video which gives you a 360 degree field of view. This means instead of just viewing an event from the broadcaster’s […]

Your next WhatsApp update will let you delete sent messages!

Many a time you have sent a message to the wrong recipient and had quite some very embarrassing moments. It’s a predicament that WhatsApp users know all too well and one that might save some individuals major headaches, or actually create even more headaches. All depends on which end of the stick one is at. […]

Brace yourself for the biggest smartphone battle in 2017

2016 has been very entertaining indeed in the smartphone realm with major hits and misses, successes and disasters and with how the game has been reshuffled one would have to wonder what to expect come 2017. We kick it off with the fan favourite Samsung which was set to launch the successor to the Galaxy […]

Virtual Reality on the road to replacing your television.

Virtual reality is fast becoming ever so popular maturing from what was just a few startups developing it to some mainstream companies joining in. Yesterday Acer Starbreeze, Google, HTC VIVE, Facebook’s Oculus, Samsung, and Sony Interactive Entertainment announced creation of a non-profit organization of international headset manufacturers under the name Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA). This […]

The pointless fuss for thinner smartphones.

Smartphones are getting ever thinner with manufacturers going on about how slender their devices are which I feel is a very unnecessary topic to fuss about. Allow me to roll back to the Huawei Ascend P6 which when it was announced was the thinnest phone at 6.18mm. Pretty lean indeed and equally stunning to look […]

Demystifying DStv reception and rain.

Rainy season is upon us and if you have DSTV as your source of entertainment i’m sure you can sympathize with me how much of a train smash it is when it’s pouring outside and you can’t go out, then your only source of indoor entertainment tells you it has no signal. So yes rain […]

Social Media now a prefered crowdfunding platform

Social media is fast becoming a place for anyone to push what they have to the world and varies from “10 000 likes for beating cancer” to crowd funding for charitable initiatives which Mr Rabison Shumba has been busy with lately. This motivational speaker is heavy on social media with his recent initiative under the […]

Top 3 cool gadgets for the holidays.

Its that time of the year again where you find no peace thinking of what to get for Christmas. Maybe I could help you with that. Here are 3 gadgets that I think you should consider as nifty festive gifts. VR Headset A couple of weeks ago we did a review on the Gear VR […]

From instant messaging to instant games. Facebook has you covered

Facebook has been very busy this year with the launch of Facebook for Business sprinkling a dash of seriousness to the social media space. Now Facebook has introduced instant games in their Messenger app. So now you have a way to curb the awkward silence and cold shoulders with a couple of arcade classics. Let her […]

Astro Mobile Africa launches a new line of devices

Astro Mobile Africa launched a couple of mobile phones yesterday in a brand relaunch event. This line of mobile phones includes one feature phone under the name A32 GOAT and 3 smartphones that is an entry level version called the Mercury, mid range version names Mercury Nova and a phablet dubbed the Genesis Phab. Here […]

Nokia paving the way for their upcoming smartphones.

A few weeks ago Nokia confirmed bringing back their brand name to the mobile device space which came as a long awaited return (for me that is) hinting they might be launching an Android powered Nokia handset early next year. Preparations are underway for this initiative with the return of an official Nokia Facebook page […]