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Lusitania Primary School Gets Certified To Test Microsoft Computer Based Exams (Photos)

Today Lusitania Primary School officially unveiled their brand new computer lab aimed at offering a testing center for Microsoft Computer based exams. The event was graced by the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Prof. P.V Mavima as well as the Ambassador of Portugal. Features of the Computer Lab includes an intelligent board as well […]

6 Phones Under US$140 You Can Buy In The Techzim Store Right Now

Before we begin, if you haven’t browsed through our Marketplace you might be missing out on a couple of Valentine’s discounts on selected products. Whilst you are there you may want to get a quick overview of some bargains in our store but not know where to start. Maybe I could lend a hand. These […]

Valentines Discounts On Selected Smartphones!

Unless you are living under a rock somewhere you’d know we are 3 days away from Valentine’s day. In case you were out of ideas for a gift you’ll be happy to know we have put up discounts on select smartphones as well as added a couple of new smartphones and tablets to our online […]

Preview Of The Xiaomi Mi Band 3, Mi Powerbank And Mi Car Charger

We take a look at a couple of Xiaomi products that include a Mi car charger. It is a compact and solidly built charger with 2 USB ports capable of fast charging on devices that support fast charging. Also in the mix is a 10 000 mAh Mi Power Bank which does not just support […]

All You Need To Know About Dial A Delivery

We love some fast food. Well at least I know I do. Its a guilty pleasure and one that brings quite the satisfaction once indulged in. But we didn’t come all this way for food. Oh no, we want the tech that ticks behind the food. And in this episode it is the Dial A […]

Total Startupper. What Is It Really?

Let’s start off with a couple of figures. In Africa, the youth under 25 makes up 60% of the unemployed population. 35% of them are turning to entrepreneurship as a way of self employment. If you didn’t know, Techzim is a startup where 50% of the staff is under 25 and 100% of it is […]

Podcast On The Death Of Kwesé TV And The Future Of Video On Demand

On the 1st of November Kwesé pulled a shocker announcing the immediate termination of their satellite television service. We were all left wondering what now? In response Kwesé pointed out that you can still enjoy their Video On Demand services were their focus is from now. This is their Kwesé iFlix and KweséPlay. But how […]

Podcast On Gaming Smartphones Vs Portable gaming consoles

This year has been the year when mobile gaming became a thing. Games such as PUBG and Fortnite have been dominating smartphones and in the same light becoming more demanding. However we’ve always had portable gaming consoles for quite a long time with the Nintendo Switch being the latest and most successful right now. Do […]

Podcast On YahClick. A Dubai Satellite Internet Provider Eyeing Zimbabwe

From the hot deserts of Dubai UAE a telecoms company called YahSat is banking on their orbiting satellites to beam internet to Zimbabwe. The company is partnering with Utande in Zimbabwe to make this possible and the technology they are riding on it VSAT. In this Podcast we try and figure out what value proposition […]

Podcast On The 2% Tax That Is Now In Effect In Zimbabwe

This week we take a dive into the recently effected 2% Tax and what it means. In the mix we also discuss the parallel market rate and how social media contributes to it’s rise and fall. Also in the works is the unfamiliar Old Mutual Implied Rate or OMIR and why it does not follow […]

[Livestream] ICT Innovators Workshop On Protection Of IP Rights

ICT Innovators Workshop On Protection Of IP Rights @Potraz_zw — Techzim (@Techzim) October 16, 2018   [Livestream] ICT Innovators Workshop On Protection Of IP Rights Second Session @Potraz_zw @_ARIPO — Techzim (@Techzim) October 16, 2018   [Livestream] ICT Innovators Workshop On Protection Of IP Rights Third Session @Potraz_zw @_ARIPO — Techzim (@Techzim) […]

ZBC News Catching Up To The Digital Age?

So here I am relaxing on the sofa catching up on some ZBC News last week and lo behold, the news room/studio has no table!! Moreover Miss News Lady is standing there reading me the news from a tablet! What did I just see?! Yes the presentation of news was a little bit different and […]

Podcast On TelOne’s DEOD Video On Demand Service

We take at a dive at TelOne’s new video on demand service looking at the product offering. In the mix is a run through of the content on offer and how it stacks up against the already available options. All this and more in this week’s Podcast.   NB: The mobile app actually has search […]

Digital Push Brings Silence At The ZSE

What is the first thing you think of when you hear Stock Exchange? Is it the sound of a hundred men and women screaming and yelling in perfect football stadium supporter harmony? Is it the sight of papers getting shredded off notepads and pens vigorously etching letters and numbers on the surface of papyrus in the manner […]

Barclays Bank Zimbabwe Rebrands To First Capital Bank [In Pictures]

Today at an event held at the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Barclays Bank has announced that it is re-branding to First Capital Bank. The re-brand is not just exclusive to Zimbabwe but also in Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique. The re-brand has been announced as a co-branding of First Capital bank in association with Barclays Bank until […]

Podcast With Deputy Minister Fortune Chasi On Drone Regulation In Zim And Congestion In Harare

This week we are joined by The Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development. Gathering from his interest in drones on Twitter it was an opportunity to get to hear what the plan is for drones in Zimbabwe especially regarding the regulations around them. We also take a dive in the future of transport in […]

New Perm Sec For Ministry Of Finance Believes Non Exporters Have No Right To Demand USD From Banks

We first published this on the 31st of August 2017. A year later, the then Barclays Zimbabwe CEO, George Guvamatanga is now the newly appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. We are republishing this post because of the significance of that shift in events. Anyone who doesn’t export has no […]

Podcast On The Future Of Transportation In Harare, Cable Cars Connecting 4th To Showgrounds

We take a look at the state of the transport sector in Harare. A company called Kuva Cash suggests taking it to the sky to ferry commuters across the CBD from 4th street, Town to Show Grounds via Town House. The mode of transport here will be overhead cable cars and they claim no government […]

Steward Bank, Econet, Higher Life Foundation Collaborate To Fight Cholera Through Crowdfunding

The last time we heard of Kanzatu-Nzatu was when we were reviewing their Square World app targeted at the diaspora. Now with the imminent Cholera epidemic that has struck Zimbabwe, Steward Bank took it as an opportunity to test their crowdfunding platform and get to find out if a crowdfunding culture exists in the county. […]

[Podcast] The Apple September 2018 Event, iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, Apple Watch S4

This week we dissect the Apple September 2018 event. We take a look at the new trio of iPhones, the ‘Budget’ iPhone XR, the iPhone XS which is the S variant of last year’s iPhone X and the iPhone XS Max which is the biggest ever iPhone. We also look at the new and improved […]

[Podcast] IFA 2018, Huawei CPU Vs Apple CPU, Mercedes Benz’s Tesla Rival, Unbelievable Pocophone F1 Sale

In this podcast we look at performance of new smartphone chipsets looking at Huawei’s Kirin and Apple’s A11 Bionic Chip. Also in the mix is Mercedes Benz EQC, an electric car from the motoring giant joining the EV club. Google added a bilingual feature to Google Assistant could help you explore a second language. This […]

[Podcast] Smartphone Design, Notch Or No Notch, Copying Conspiracy

We look at the trends of smartphone design from 2017, in 2018 and predict how 2019 design trends will fare. The issue of who is copying who in the smartphone world is in the mix. We also touch on smartphone companies in Zimbabwe looking at their design choices and price points. Quick NetOne, Econet, And […]

Drones Are Taking Over Africa And Zimbabwe Is Part Of The Story

Drones are quite an interesting piece of tech. They are that sort of technology that you don’t really value when it’s not there but when it does arrive you wonder how you even lived without it. Where It All Began Arguably these UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) kicked off their reputation in military applications as far […]

Take A Virtual Tour Of Zimbabwe’s Two Biggest Power Stations At The Agric Show ZPC Booth

As many of you know, the Harare Agriculture Show has since kicked off and its quite a tech spectacle (for those with the time and patience). Right at the main entrance we managed to bump into the ZPC stand. Yes we had the usual models of the Kariba Dam Wall but what caught out attention […]

Local Technology Company Satewave Sprucing Up Bus Ranks With New Waiting Sheds

We can all agree that your wait at the ranks for a kombi is most likely going to be interrupted by some toasty sunshine or some bit of drizzle. This is because quite a number of old ranks have lost some essential bits of infrastructure that make them weather friendly. As for the newer ranks […]

Samsung Mistakenly Leaks The Galaxy Note 9 Video Ahead Of Launch

Talk about blunders. Apparently Samsung New Zealand mistakenly went live with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 promotional video a week ahead of the official launch date. Yes they did move on to pulling it down but that was after the internet had made several copies of it and uploaded it on YouTube. You can watch […]

[VIDEO] The Official Launch Of Maitengwe USF Shared Base Station

Over the years, MNOs have shunned some areas because erecting base stations there is not economically viable,those areas will yield a very low ROI. Potraz through the Universal Service Fund have erected a shared base station in Maitengwe Matebeleland South Province to be shares by different MNOs. Here with the live Feed to the Official […]

[Video] The OneMoney Hackathon Awards Session Live

After 3 days of hard work we get to hear the ideas that made it to the top. This is the OneMoney Hackathon’s Last day The Winners Of The OneMoney Hackathon #OneMoneyHack @OneMoneyZw @NetOneCellular @TelOneZW — Techzim (@Techzim) July 15, 2018 Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): […]

[VIDEO] The Last Day Of The OneMoney Hackathon Live

Last Day Of The OneMoney Hackathon. Watch all the teams pitch their solutions here. Last Day Of The OneMoney Hackathon. Winning Team Walks Away With $5000 Seed Capital For Their Project @OneMoneyZw @… — Techzim (@Techzim) July 15, 2018 Last Day Of The OneMoney Hackathon. Winning Team Walks Away With $5000 Seed Capital For […]

[VIDEO] The EcoCash Chakachaya Grand Draw Live!

Coming form the Harare Gardens, The Ecocash Live Draw. The @EcoCashZW #Chakachaya Grand Draw Live! @econetzimbabwe — Techzim (@Techzim) July 7, 2018 Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this […]