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ZSE & SECZ want more retail investors – Stockbrokers will have to improve their online presence for that to happen

The Securities Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZ) and Zimbabwe Stock Exchnage have made it clear that Zimbabwes securities market needs more retail investors. Men and women like you and I, who traditionally haven’t invested are the new target and whilst applications such as C-Trade and sites like ZSEDirect make it possible to trade there are […]

HP CEO says remote work will allow companies to hire more internationally

The future of work has been a huge talking point for the whole world this year. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work DRASTICALLY. The value of an office has been questioned more than ever and recently the CEO of HP also commented on the issue touching on two important aspects regarding how […]

Bulawayo startup launches intercity ride-sharing app

Avid Techzim readers will know about Tuverl already. Last year, the Bulawayo-based startup participated in and won the World Bank’s Youth Summit which focused on smart city solutions. Tuverl is a ride-sharing transport company whose main goal is to make public transport in Zim more efficient than it currently is. When Tuverl pitched at the […]

Vaya partners with SA company to deliver groceries from across the border

Cassava Smartech’s Vaya has partnered with South African eCommerce retailer Thumela eKhaya. The partnership will allow Zimbos to order groceries and have them delivered back home using Vaya. The goods on offer will not only be from South Africa but will also include some of the Cutting out the middleman For a long time Zimbabweans […]

Local blockchain startup among World Bank’s Mission Billion Challenge finalists

I would not be totally surprised if you have never heard of the Mission Billion Challenge. I myself had not heard of it until yesterday, when Victor Mapunga reached out to me, explaining that the company he co-founded and is currently CEO of was one of the finalists of this competition. After exchanging a couple […]

Liquid Telecom’s ADC to build one of the largest data centres on the continent in Nigeria

[Image Source: Africa Data Centres] Strive Masiyiwa recently announced that Africa Data Centres is working on building the largest data centre on the continent outside of South Africa. The data centre will be located in Lagos, Nigeria on a 5-acre piece of land. If you’re like me and you generally have no idea what 5-acres […]

Masvingo residents can now pay their bills online

City of Masvingo recently made it possible for residents to carry out bill enquiries and payments online. Masvingo council says availing a centralised system that digitalises all accounts information for ratepayers is motivated by improving ease of doing business. The website comes at a convenient time when residents will probably want to limit movements because […]

Liquid appoints Deon Geyser new CEO for SA operation

Yesterday, Liquid Telecom SA announced that Deon Geyser has been appointed as its new CEO, effective from January 1st 2021. Geyser will be responsible for overseeing the strategic repositioning of the company as Liquid Intelligent Technologies and the execution of the new strategic direction of providing an integrated technology capability that enables customers to transform their […]

Senditoo announces US$10 referral program for Zim market

Senditoo has announced that they will be rolling out a referral program that will see Zim residents earn US$10 for new customers they refer or introduce to use their airtime or money transfer services. The ‘Senditoo ‘Refer a Friend’ initiative is one of the largest referral programmes to be run by a remittance company in […]

Rogue Company is an enjoyable FREE PS4/PC game you should check out

Being Zimbo means constantly looking for a bargain since many of us don’t have much disposable income. That means for those of you with gaming consoles or PCs – you want to add to your library of titles without breaking the bank. Being a PS4 owner myself, I’ve been able to recommend a number of […]

Steward Bank’s AgroFuture financing scheme to help farmers obtain loans for drones, GPS tech and more

Steward Bank recently announced AgroFuture -a financing scheme which seeks to enhance agricultural production locally. AgroFuture sees Steward Bank partner with a number of companies under the Cassava Smartech banner including EcoSure, EcoCash, EcoFarmer and Vaya. Steward Bank didn’t explain how exactly these companies will actually contribute to AgroFuture but we do know that Vaya […]

Global Startup Awards opens application for administrative positions as they expand across Africa

We’ve written about the Southern Africa Startup Awards on a number of occasions now. Southern Africa Start-up Awards is part of the Global Start-up Awards, providing an annual spotlight for entrepreneurs. The showcase celebrates amazing ideas and the best talents from 7 regions, 50+ countries across the globe to showcase entrepreneurial spirit and start-ups. The […]

NMB updates online banking to add new features – here’s what you can do now

At the beginning of September, NMB launched their new mobile banking platform NMBConnect. It came with a host of new features meant to refresh the online banking experience offered by NMB. A month into its launch NMB has rolled out another update with newer features for NMBConnect. What’s happening? The feature update is actually quite […]

Steward Bank offering video banking for clients hesitant to leave their homes

Moving around in 2020 has been a hassle. Not only can it result in your death (no, seriously) but because of quarantine and suspension of services, the moving around itself is pretty difficult. Many businesses have opted to go fully or partially remote and banks have dealt with this Earlier this year, BancABC announced BranchX. […]

New ZW$35k limit for mobile money is a decent improvement – Here’s how RBZ and service providers can make it consumer-friendly

So yesterday, it was announced that the ZW$5000 daily limit for transacting has been lifted. In its place will be a ZW$35 000 weekly limit which you can exhaust in one day if you want. Whilst this is an improvement on what was in place there are still too many potential problems that could arise […]

Winky D says technology has been a double-edged sword for musicians

Winky D recently sat down with Trevor Ncube on the In Conversation with Trevor show and discussed the part technology and the newer distribution methods that musicians are using. Pros and cons of being online?? The interview was insightful and local artists (especially upcoming artists) would probably want to hear the experiences of one of […]

EcoCash ZW$5,000 daily limit relaxed but new restriction added

Back in September a seriously prohibitive ZW$5000 daily limit was placed on EcoCash subscribers. The huge blow disincentivised people from using EcoCash since it meant one simply couldn’t make certain basic payments using the mobile money service. EcoCash and OneMoney have announced that the limit will be getting relaxed – from ZW$5000/day to ZW$35 000/week. […]

Cassava bemoans regulatory pressures placed on EcoCash in investor update

Cassava Smartech -EcoCash’s parent company- issued a trading update outlining the the first half of the year and what investors and the general public can expect going forward. In the update there are a number of interesting points to harp over and one of the key talking points will be the regression of EcoCash due […]

Google Messages upgraded chat features finally rolling out to Zim

Last year, we wrote about how Android users could activate Google Messages chat functions which essentially turn your SMS app into something similar to WhatsApp – using data instead of airtime to text and being able to send more media-heavy messages. The issue with the guide from last year is that it was a bit […]

ZSE & VFEX open to the idea of listing cryptocurrencies in future

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange CEO Justin Bgoni recently revealed that in the long-term they plan to list cryptocurrencies on the ZSE and the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFEX). As part of our long term strategy, the ZSE is open for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to be listed on the bourse subject to regulatory approvals. We think […]

Euro Central Bank considering making digital Euro

The European Central Bank (ECB) recently announced that a digital version of the Euro (€) is on the cards. ECB is holding a public consultation regarding introducing the tech-based currency. The consultation will start on the 12th of October with the decision on whether to launch a digital currency is expected towards mid-2021. Europeans are […]

EcoCash announces new rewards program – Is this meant to soften the Zimswitch blow?

EcoCash is now integrated with the national switch (Zimswitch) as was mandated by the Reserve Bank earlier this year. A day after the integration with what used to be the mobile money service provider’s rival was announced, EcoCash has announced a rewards program that incentivises people to transact via the mobile money platform. EcoCash Rewards […]

Nearly 40% of companies say the transition to remote work was easier than expected

COVID-19 has changed the way we work and a recent survey by Hubstaff illustrates this clearly. Hubstaff surveyed 400 business owners/managers in the US to establish how businesses had adapted thus far and what they intended to do after the pandemic. Hubstaff made the infographic below with their findings. Whilst I’m aware that the context […]

Telecel reviews Megaboost bundle tariffs – Sept 2020

Yesterday, Telecel reviewed their Megaboost data bundles and the pricing has changed significantly – something not too surprising when you consider the last review for Megaboost was back in July. What’s the difference? Megaboost was priced as follows before the recent changes; Price On-Net Off-net SMS WhatsApp Facebook Data Validity $40 10 – 30 30MB […]

Africa Esports Championship calls on African developers to participate in Game Showcase event

Africa Esports Championship (AEC) recently announced that they are hosting the Africa Games Showcase Invitation. The event is being organised in partnership with LudiqueWorks. AEC and LudiqueWorks are inviting video game developers and studios to submit their developed games for the showcase which is aimed to “spotlight, highlight and celebrate” video games being developed on […]

Among Us is the most popular game in the world right now… For good reason

Gamers probably already know about the smash hit game Among Us – which recently announced that they have 60 million active users. In July the same game reportedly had 0 active users despite being available. How did they do it and why has it become the darling of gamers seemingly overnight? A multiplayer experience like […]

ZIMBOCASH breaks silence on payment gateway

It’s fair to say, 2020 has been an eventful year for most if not all of us. COVID-19 and all its associated impacts are more than enough burden. For ZIMBOCASH however, they have had to deal with a triumphant launch that quickly turned into an emergency situation and for a few months now deafening silence. […]

This WhatsApp cyber attack could lock you out of your WhatsApp

I think it’s fair to say WhatsApp is a pretty integral part of our lives. If you’re anything like me – it’s the primary mode of communication you use to catch up with family, friends and even workmates. This makes the recent cyber attack being perpetrated via WhatsApp a scary thing you will want to […]

Maxwell Chikumbutso of Saith Technologies is back – Claims generator powers 10 houses at once

[Image Source: Saith Group] Maxwell Chikumbutso is a more interesting man than most of us. Lets get that out of the way. If at any point I sound envious or jealous, it’s because part of me might wish I was actually him – lol. Anyway, the serial inventor is back with a bang. Yes serial […]

MTNs “Sasai” partners MusicTime to offer free music streaming in the messenger

MTNs messaging application, Ayoba (think Sasai) recently announced a partnership with MusicTime that will allow Ayoba users to listen to music at no cost from within the messenger. MusicTime in Ayoba (MTiA) as the feature will be called is live for Ayoba users in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo Brazzaville, Guinee, Guinee […]