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UZ To Introduce New Engineering Degree

The University of Zimbabwe is expected to introduce a new Honours Degree in Automotive Engineering.The program will be an addition to UZ’s School of Engineering which currently offers 7 engineering degree programs which include Civil, Metallurgical, and Mechanical Engineering among others. Why UZ is introducing the program The university’s Vice-Chancellor, Levi Nyagura, indicated the move […]

Startupbootcamp: What Have They Done Thus Far And Should Local Startups Pay Attention?

A week ago we reported on the Startupbootcamp (SBC) event coming to Harare on the 28th of February. The FastTrack event allows startups to gain insight and feedback from industry experts and other startups at the event. For the skeptics out there you may want more detail about what SBC is about and whether their event […]

Kwese Acquires Stake In iflix In Bid To Bring More Content To Sub-Saharan Africa

Kwese has acquired ‘a significant stake’ in iflix, a Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) provider that has millions of subscribers in Asia. This deal promises to bring more content to the Kwese platform. Kwese and iflix already had an existing relationship as we reported last year. iflix is immensely popular in Asia and broadcasts in countries such […]

RTG Introducing Application That Makes Finding Hotels, Events, Restaurants Much Easier

Rainbow Tourism Group has just introduced the RTG Gateway app that acts as a tourism hub.The aim is to make it easy to book a hotel room, a table at a restaurant, buy tickets to events, order gifts for yourself or others. For hotels, there’s an option to pay as you’re booking or pay later (This just […]

Finally ZIMRA Is Updating System After Losing Millions

ZIMRA’s problematic Asycuda system is finally getting updated. Asycuda(Automated System for Customs Data) is a system that is meant to automate customs processes on the importation/exportation of goods. It also compiles accurate trade statistics. The system is used in over 90 countries but Zimra’s Commissioner-General, Ms. Faith Mazani admitted that the system in use in Zim was 11 […]

Is Google Prejudiced Against Jesus?

You may have seen the viral video of a woman asking Google Assistant ‘who is Jesus Christ?’ Google failed to respond and this got the Techzim team thinking whether Google holds prejudices against Jesus. If you haven’t check out the video below In the video, Google seems to be ready to respond when asked about […]

POTRAZ Orders NetOne To Compensate OneFusion Customers Affected By Data Problems

Portraz has ordered NetOne to compensate subscribers that were facing challenges with the OneFusion program over the past week. As reported some subscribers have seen their credit run out much quicker than usual. There has also been difficulty accessing media content on Facebook and Whatsapp. NetOne has attributed the problem to a server change on […]

Telecel Predictably Welcomes Mobile Money Interoperability

The ministry of ICT and Cyber Security, yesterday, ordered all MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) to make their mobile money platforms work together seamlessly. Techzim reached out to all the operators and Telecel was the first to respond. Francis Chimanda, Telecel’s PR, CSR, and Sponsorship manager answered a few of the questions we had about the […]

$3,500 From YouTube For Zim Internet Commedians, Bustop TV. Not Much But They Have A Good Business Going On

The monetization of the popular YouTube comedy channel Bustop Tv resulted in the guys making $3500. With a subscriber base of almost 22 000 people, it makes sense that Bustop TV decided to monetize their YouTube channel. The monetization program has been going on for a while and enables uploaders of content to make revenue […]

Tech Issue At The Courts May Delay Election Roadmap

The election roadmap is facing a stumbling block due to a court issue over the software required to ensure legitimacy during the voting process. Laxton Group Ltd won the tender to supply the BVR kits that have been used during the voter registration process. Laxton Group argue that ZECs decision to award the de-duplication tender to […]

Why The New OneFusion Makes Sense And Doesn’t Make Sense At The Same Time

With NetOne introducing new OneFusion packages it’s only right that we take a look at why they may have made this move and if it actually makes sense. How this began… The uproar around the OneFusion service started about a week ago when subscribers started complaining about airtime running out much quicker than normal. Facebook […]

NetOne Updates OneFusion Packages: Data Has Been Slashed And 30 Days Is Now 21

There has been a picture circulating on social media that contains NetOne OneFusion’s new charges.Apparently, this picture is the real deal. We reached to NetOne and got confirmation that these are the new OneFusion packages indeed. The changes may not be what the OneFussion fans would have wanted though. Take a look at the updated […]

Supa Mandiwanzira Tells Econet, Telecel, NetOne To Have Mobile Money Platforms That Work Together… Or Else

The Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security has issued an ultimatum to the Mobile Network Operators to find a way to make all their mobile money platforms work together. The statement reads: INTEROPERABILITY OF MOBILE MONEY PLATFORMS The Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security would like to encourage the Mobile Network […]

Are You Considering Leaving NetOne Because Of OneFusion? Here Are Your Options.

Over the past few days, the popular OneFusion product that was being offered by NetOne has caused an outcry due to ‘disappearing data.’ What’s changed? The uproar has come about due to major changes that have caused Facebook and WhatsApp to stop working as advertised under the OneFusion banner. The complaints are Pictures and videos on […]

Multichoice SA Announces Price Increase. Zim DSTV Prices Will Stay The Same.

Multichoice SA has announced it’s annual price adjustment and subscribers will have to fork out more from April 1, 2018. The majority of the packages are seeing a price increase with the only exception being the DStv Access and Easyview packages. Updated SA prices Packages 2018 Price 2017 Price % Increase DStv Premium R809 R789 2.5% […]

Dr Dish Tables $3.5 Million Offer For Zim PSL Rights

According to the Herald today Dr. Dish has submitted a $3.5 million bid to acquire the PSL’s top-flight broadcasting rights. This comes after the PSL’s 5-year partnership with Supersport ended recently. Apparently, the $3.5m is believed to be higher than the ended Supersport deal. The article says the PSL will get a $750 000 payout every year […]

How To Use The Africom ECG Dongle

We recently tested Africom’s ECG Dongle, which we stated identifies problems with the heart, such as heart disease, heart failure, and cardiomyopathy etc. Now, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to actually use the device. How to take an exam with the ECG Dongle. Download and install the ‘ECG Dongle’ application from the Google Play Store or […]

Rejoice Chrome Users, Your Browser Will Now Have An Ad Blocker Pre-Installed . This Is How It Will Work

If you use the Google Chrome web browser you have reason to celebrate. Chrome will now block ads that don’t live up to Better Ads Standards. Not all ads will be blocked… The service will not be similar to other ad blockers such as AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin, which block every ad a page […]

Startups Seeking Funding Need To Check Out Goodwell Investments

Last month Goodwell Investments raised 20 million euro from over 30 investors for investments in Sub-Saharan Africa. What is Goodwell Investments? Goodwell Investments is an investment firm focused on financial inclusion, fintech, and inclusive growth in sectors providing goods and services along with income generating opportunities to the underserved. Their target is to provide capital […]

Startupbootcamp Capetown Hosting Event In Harare On The 28th Of February

Startupbootcamp Cape Town has confirmed it’s hosting a Fasttrack in Harare on the 28th of February. Startupbootcamp Cape Town is a leading accelerator focused on startups in blockchain, supply chain, e-commerce, analytics, and insurtech among others. They are backed by leading corporate sponsors who include Old Mutual, Nedbank, and Woolworths Financial Services. Amazon Web Services […]

Africom Introduces New Device To Help Identify Heart Problems

Africom is launching a new health-focused ECG(Electrocardiography) Dongle, which identifies problems with the heart, such as heart disease, heart failure, and cardiomyopathy etc. The device allows one to check their heart rate from the comfort of their homes.  The ECG dongle is being launched on 3rd of March in Bindura. February also happens to be Heart […]

Bulawayo City Council Promises To Start Live-Streaming Council Meetings.

The Bulawayo City Council(BCC) plans to live-stream it’s monthly chamber meetings, events, and other functions. The town clerk Christopher Dube feels that social media’s impact gives citizens a voice they did not have before. The council intends to use not only the live-streams but also Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to interact with residents. A […]

Apple Music Student comes to Zim. Students get half price.

  All the University/College students who use the Apple Music streaming service have reason to celebrate. Apple Music has extended its Student Membership to 82 new countries, including Zimbabwe. Right now the Student Membership is available in 79 countries. The other 3 countries will get the feature on the 26th of February. So, what’s the […]

The Apps That Hog Your Storage And What To Do.

  Videos and Photos taken on one’s mobile device are usually the major culprits when it comes to storage issues. There are also applications that are infamous for how much storage they take up. According to Sensor Tower, App demand has grown by over 1000% over the past 4 years. Sensor Tower, the leading app analytics platform, […]

New App Gives Zim Citizens Ability To Report Faults, Potholes And Such Throughout The Country

A recently released application, CityPin allows users to post and track faults and incidents within metros. The app description reads: Bring a change to your community. Simply pin it. CityPin reconnects people by using the power of mobile technology to allow concerned citizens to make each other aware of issues and problems in the place […]

Foreign Investors Interested In NetOne, Telecel And TelOne According To Mandiwanzira

According to ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira, there are foreign investors that have tabled bids to buy shareholding in state-owned mobile operators NetOne, Telecel as well as fixed operator TelOne. The offers are for both the controlling and majority equity stakes in the companies. The bids come in at a time both companies are in need […]

Masiyiwa Invited Back Home By The Mnangagwa Government, But Why Now?

The Zimbabwean government has invited Strive Masiyiwa back into the country. They want him to attend a National Dialogue forum being organized by the National Economic Consultative Forum in March. This is an interesting development since Masiyiwa had been in ‘exile’ for the better part of the last two decades. Most of the country was […]

You Can Now Add “Cartoons” In Videos Thanks To Google

Google has followed in the footsteps of Facebook in adding an augmented reality mode in its Motion Stills application. Motion Stills is an app that enables you to take short videos and transform them into GIFs and fast-forward videos with an advanced stabilization feature. The app is basically a GIF camera with fancy software tricks. In the default […]

A lighter Version Of Google Maps Is Now Available For Testing

Google Maps Go, the lightweight version of Google Maps is targeted at developing countries. The app works on devices with memory limitations and on less reliable connections without compromising speed, and accuracy. The introduction of Maps Go is in tune with Google’s recent approach of introducing lite apps for lower-end devices. We covered Youtube Go and now take […]

Is OPPO Really Offering Value For Money?

Oppo recently introduced a selection of new devices at their local store. This is a good move since local consumers have more devices to choose from, however we have to check if OPPO is really offering potential customers value for money.   OPPO A37 The A37 is the OPPO device for those on a budget […]