Author: Francis Kaitano

About ICT systems security and the recent ZSE website hacking

In the past few years we have seen major developments in the availability and growth of high speed internet services in Zimbabwe. Such developments are a characteristic of the modern information and global economic age. At the same time such developments have led to the massive development and production of all kinds of software (Web Apps, Mobile Apps, etc.) to support and enable the organisations to carry out business over the internet.

How your company can avoid becoming the next hacking victim

Hack attacks are on the rise. And even if you’re not the immediate target, you could still end up a victim. It’s just a matter of time. This is generally true for big organisations. Targeted hacking is becoming a multibillion industry and the more profitable it becomes it means more skilled and talented hackers will join the bandwagon and hack for monetary gains.

Your Organisation and Data Security

Generally, data security is the process or procedures put in place to ensure that data is protected from corruption and unauthorised access. The focus behind data security is to ensure privacy while protecting personal or corporate data.

Yeah, I Know Your Password!

Passwords are the primary way various systems, networks and applications verify that the user logging into the system is who he claims to be. This is why password security is enormously important for protection of the computer user, the workstation, and the network.

The Forgotten Line of Defense: The People

From the beginning hackers have been known for their skills of breaking into computers and networks. They applied different techniques and methodologies in order to break into corporate systems or personal computers.

Secure Software Development: There is More to it Than Just Writing Code!

In recent years we have seen several technological and software advancements. This has led to a new age made up of various asymmetric cyber attacks, fast paced and ever changing threat landscape

The Story that /Malware/ Tells

The early versions of internet based Malware popped up around the late 80s with the most common one being the Morris Worm. It caught many IT professional off guard back then.

VACANCY: Information Security Professionals Wanted In Zim (101 Career Advice) – Part 2

Last week I listed a few examples of certifications (there are thousands of them out there). Over the years I learnt one thing that once you get one cert you keep accumulating more.

VACANCY: Information Security Professionals Wanted In Zim (101 Career Advice) – Part I

At one point early in our lives we were asked; “What do you intend to do when you grow up”. I remember so well that almost everyone in my Grade 2 class wanted to be a medical doctor. However, life being so dynamic we all ended up following different career lines.

Information Security Program: The Foundations and Anchors

In the past weeks, we have looked at the importance of information security in Zimbabwean organisations and the basics of InfoSec Governance. With such a background we can now diversify into one of the vital components of information security; building an effective enterprise security program. The information security program is a general framework made up […]

Information Security Governance: Missing Link In Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a term that refers broadly to the rules, processes, or laws by which businesses are operated, regulated, and controlled. By mandate all Zimbabwean companies should practice good cooperate governance whether they are listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) or not.

Are Zimbabwean ISPs and Companies Prepared for 5 May’s Possible Internet Blackout

Network managers are being urged to run a series of checks on their routers and firewalls to ensure their users will still be able to connect to the internet in the wake of a major change to the internet’s domain name system this week.

On May 5, the world’s top domain authorities, led by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the US Government and VeriSign, will complete the first phase of the roll-out of Domain Name System Security Extensions(DNSSEC) across the Internet’s 13 root servers.

Why Organisations Should Worry About Security

organisations are still running on old/outdated legacy IT systems which are either not supported anymore by the vendors or the skills to maintain them are no longer available. This also means that security patches for these legacy systems are not available increasing the possibility of these systems being attacked