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Zimbabwe needs a solid technology ecosystem for startups to thrive

Two years ago before we launched Rentalgrid in USA, we thought it could be a wise decision to launch in Zimbabwe first. Our initial idea was to help property owners in the Diaspora to manage their properties in Zimbabwe. It took us just 3 months to realize that Zimbabwe was not the place to do this. […]

STEM in Zimbabwe will fail without devolution of government

I attended six schools during my six years of secondary education. I lived in all kinds of conditions and I saw a lot but if there is one thing that stood out, it was the gap that exist between the opportunities to advance for an urban versus a rural school. It is my firm belief […]

STEM will not solve our lack of dreams

STEM will help nobody if we do not know how to use it. 10 years ago an American company supplied us with a PCR machine for detection and quantification of HIV. So to initiate a chain reaction we needed what is called a primer and we used to run out of this stuff. There was […]

Let’s Encrypt lets you obtain SSL certificates for free

I promised the guys here at Techzim that I would be sharing a few things that can help us improve our ecosystem. So I am hopeful that over the course of this year, time permitting, I will be sharing a few tech bites from my experience as a software engineer and entrepreneur. Many of you have […]