Author: Garikai Dzoma

#Exclusive: Breaking News: It Seems Cloudflare Is Merging With Akamai

There is tentative evidence and a little inside information that seems to confirm that two CDN giants Akamai and Cloudflare are on the verge of merging. A few weeks ago one insider who works in the industry with whom we are in contact noticed that the work addresses of his colleagues who work for both […]

Forex Shortages Cause Roaming Friction For Telecel Customers

If you are one of those people who really still use calls to do business and do a lot of travelling then roaming is something you really consider to be important. If like me you use WhatsApp as a primary means of communication then you do not have to go throw the pains of activating […]

British Parliament Report: Facebook Are Digital Gangsters

In the past few years, Facebook has buckled under the pressure of fake news and how to get rid of it from its platform. They have been accused of either not doing enough or being complicit. On other numerous occasions, they have been found to have deliberately violated privacy laws. In the latest attack by […]

Get Your Own dotAfrica Domain For €3 Per Year: Ecocash Offer Available

On 15 March 1985, the US Department of Defense introduced the .com domain to the world and ushered the revolution that is the web into existence. However, because of time and domain speculation, a lot of good .com domains are now no longer available. Even Google had to change its name from Googol in order […]

Winky D Is Winning The Second Unofficial Race Against Jah Prayzah As MuGarden Goes Viral On YouTube

In case you missed it there is, perhaps, an unintended YouTube video war between Winky D and Jah Prayzah. On Monday 11 February Jah Prayzah uploaded his Kunerima video after realising a teaser image of him and Misred embracing. A picture that set tongues wagging before people could put it in context. Thanks to this […]

Pastoral Care Is An SaaS Suite Made With Zimbabwean Churches In Mind

There can be no denying the fact that Zimbabwe is a Christian nation- I mean no offence to the other religions out there, religious freedom is very much alive in this country. The majority of us like to put on our best clothes every Sunday or (clears throat) Saturday, go meet our church friends and […]

Mutodi “Denies” Biti’s New Currency Claim

Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti has been quoted as saying the Zimbabwean government was planning to introduce a new currency sometime this week. As if that was not concerning enough, he added that the new currency would be backed by nothing except the good word of our dear government. Well known Zanu PF activist who […]

How To Install Android APKs On Ubuntu

It’s not a secret that Android is Linux. It doesn’t ship with most of the GNU libraries or utilities like the much revered and reviled systemd. Yet at its heart, it is still Linux. Common sense would dictate that it should be very trivial to get Android packages to run on Ubuntu. In this case, […]

Watch: Spend The Weekend Watching Polar, Netflix’s “John Wick”

It’s pretty easy to get lost in the jungles of Netflix’s vast movie library. Sometimes if you share a profile, my family does that, you will be inundated by recommendations that are way off the mark when it comes to your taste. That doesn’t mean that there is nothing to watch even if you cannot […]

Standard Chartered Bank Pleads Guilty To Rand Manipulation

On Tuesday the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) released a statement saying that they had reached an agreement with Standard Chartered Bank where the bank pleaded guilty to currency manipulation including manipulation of the Rand. In exchange, Standard Chartered will pay $40 million to the DFS. Stan Chart was part of the […]

Pictures: L6 Colour Smart-band Unboxing

Not every one of us can afford the Xiaomi the Mi Band 3, the king of smart bands which goes for around $23.99 online or $55 at the Mistore at Eastgate. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the wearable movement. There are still a host of cheaper, albeit less known, smart band […]

Breaking News: ZIMSEC Shuts Down The Online Results Portal

A few days ago we received a tip and verified for ourselves that the ZIMSEC online results portal was no longer accessible. At the time we assumed that this was due to some technical reasons, government websites in Zimbabwe have a notorious habit of prolonged downtime. It appears this is not one of those cases, […]

YouTube Piracy Is Rife In Zimbabwe, Here Is What Musicians Can Do About It

Half of my childhood was set in the late 1990s ,years which, most people agree, were some of Zimbabwe’s best years. Like me, a lot of people like to listen to Ezomgido tracks from the good old days when we had our own reputable currency and the entire region looked up to us when it […]

How To Use Fibroniks On The Go On Zolspots

One of the perks of having a ZOL internet connection is that you get “free” WiFi access on ZOL’s numerous ZOLspots. Connecting using your Fibroniks on the Go credentials will see you using data from home or work account instead of you having to buy a voucher. If you have unlimited account it essentially means […]

There Is More To An Economy Than The Value Of Bond Notes

My colleague has already delivered his rebuttal to Mr Eddie Cross’s claim that the bond note is the strongest currency in Southern Africa. In this article I am going to deliver my own rejoinder to the assertion by Mr Cross that because the bond note is stronger than all the other currencies in this region […]

The Econet Kombi WiFi Dream Is All But Dead

Back in 2014 Econet launched their own WiFi project in a bid to reduce congestion on its network which was mostly 3G in urban areas back then. Econet being the largest Mobile Network Operator was facing a lot of demand during peak hours resulting in painfully slow speeds especially when one was in the CBD. […]

DSTV Quietly Released The Explora 3A

If like me you were under the impression that there are two versions of the Explora decoder, the original version and the pared down version 2, you would be sorely mistaken. It seems in November of 2018 DSTV quietly launched version 3 of the Explora dubbed Explora 3A. To be honest I can understand why […]

You Can Now Prefund Your Standard Chartered Visa

For a long time last the Standard Chartered Visa card was one of the few “last man standing” as one after another banks suspended their Visa and MasterCards due to the biting forex shortages. As of July last year a few Stan Chart Visa cards were still working on the now increasingly ludicrous 1:1 principle […]

The Sun Is Setting For Google+, Google Is Killing The Project

Remember Google+, Google’s own version of Facebook, yes it was still somehow alive even though practically no one was using it in the way it was intended to? Well Google seems to have seen the light and have now announced that they are switching off the light on Google+. Here are the details of how […]

Econet: It’s Fake News,Government Has Not Directed Us To Clear Ecocash Balances

For the past few weeks there has been a message circulating telling people that their Ecocash balances were going to be written down to $0.00 in response to a government directive. The tone of the message is carefully crafted to match the tone of the two SMS messages that Econet sent out when the government […]

Yes, The ZIMSEC Results Portal Is Currently Down

There has been a lot of excitement around the ZIMSEC results portal with a lot of parents praising the development as it allows their children and themselves to access the results from the comfort of their homes without to fork out money, a lot of money in some cases, to go and retrieve result slips […]

Apple Neuters Google’s Internal Apps For Violating iOS Rules

It seems it’s not just Facebook who were breaking Apple’s Enterprise Development rules. Google too have been weighed and measured by their Cupertino based counterparts and found wanting. Apparently they were also misusing certificates issued for internal apps and using these certificates on Apps that consumers can download. Apple has responded to this violation by […]

Welcome To The Stars: Introducing User Votes And Reviews

For almost all the 8 years that I have worked here at Techzim, I have regularly done written reviews. Who am I kidding, most of the times I just rant and rave, wave my fists and threaten to send lightning strikes to those people who offend me with their terrible service. I consider myself a […]

Our Verdict On The ZIMSEC Results Portal

By now you most certainly must know that ZIMSEC Ordinary Level results for those who wrote in November of 2018 are out. You must also know that you can check the results online, so no more excuses, we have published a guide on how you can do this and even threw in a curated list […]

ICT Minister Touts The Importance Of The Internet: Just Over A Week After The Government Illegally Shut It Down

Honourable Kazembe Kazembe who is the Minister for INFORMATION Communication Technology Postal and Courier Services ( quite a mouthful so will just call him minister of ICT from now on if need be) has touted the importance of the internet as a catalyst for economic development. He was addressing people who had gathered in Guruve this […]

Apple Disables Group Calls As It Scrambles To Fix A Serious FaceTime Bug

Android users around the around the world must be brimming with schadenfreude at the moment after a serious eavesdropping bug was discovered in Apple’s proprietary FaceTime app. The tech giant has since disabled group calls on the server side and has promised that a fix for the bug will be released later this week. What’s the […]

Watch: Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 Goes On A Rampage, Leaves A Trail Of Destruction

First of all Redmi is now a sub brand for Xiaomi’s budget phone line. This means that while we used to say Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 we now only have to say Redmi Note 7. Still the same phone company and awesome phones. In fact the Redmi Note 7 is so awesome it has inspired […]

ZESA Snubs Chivayo’s Intratrek In Gairezi Bid

I am one of those people who was appalled by the way ZESA handled their solar power plant bids. Say what you will, I take it is as a clear sign of the rot at parastatals that a company managed by a man convicted of fraud was handed money in advance. The much talked about […]

Did Robert Mueller Really Break WhatsApp’s End To End Encryption? His Investigation Highlights WhatsApp’s Weaknesses

If the first question on your mind is who is Robert Mueller and what makes him special it means you haven’t been watching CNN for like two years but do not worry I have got you covered. You see there is no doubt that part of the reason why Hillary Rodman Clinton lost the US […]

WhatsApp Web Gets Picture In Picture Feature In Latest Update

To be honest the social media blackout of over a week ago exposed people to some of WhatsApp’s shortcomings. When people flocked to Telegram for example they were amazed at how the chat service’s apps seem to be in perfect sync across all platforms. I mean I am sure that there are differences between the […]