Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

Monetary Policy Committee says Individuals can now transact up to US$50 per week via Bureau de Changes

These days the ZWL official rate is more or less stable and the government has also stopped rocking the boat with the rash policies like the infamous Statutory Instrument 127 of 2021. However, the Monetary Policy Committee which is responsible for crafting some of these policies is still very much in existence. Recently they met […]

South Africa’s SARS now piloting a Number Plate Recognition System at Beitbridge

A few weeks ago we learnt that ZINARA had now installed Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras along the Plumtree-Mutare Highway to speed things up. It seems they are not the only ones with such a system in the works for just the same reasons. South Africa’s Revenue Services (SARS) is in the process of […]

The Zimbabwean government needs to computerise COVID records to curb fraud

What makes me sad about the way the Zimbabwean government conducts its affairs is how easy and cheap solutions are ignored for the unwieldy. 90% of Zimbabwe’s administration problems could be solved by a computer and the internet. Recently I pointed out how cheap plastic licences could be the solution to the current crippling backlog […]

Slow mobile speeds on the cards for South Africans as ICASA takes back spectrum

In a move that is bound to have profound effects on South African mobile broadband users, the country’s Council of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA the equivalent of POTRAZ) has announced that they will be taking back the temporary radio frequency they had given to mobile operators at the end of November […]

Chinese children will now only be allowed to play games for 1 hour during holidays and weekends

When it comes to laws the Chinese government has always taken a paternalistic father-knows-best approach. Where other governments in the world agonise about balancing between freedoms and people’s rights the leaders in Beijing seem not bothered with such trivial matters. They just do what they think it’s best even when it comes to internet regulation. […]

Simbisa needs to make reloadable Wa-Faya coupons

So it has been weeks since Simbisa launched Wa-Faya and it’s kind of an understatement to say that I have been a regular user of the service. Not only have I been personally buying myself coupons using PayPal, but I have also managed to turn the service into a lazy gift of sorts to friends […]

The UK wants to make GDPR cookie popups to be better

When the European Union unleashed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) upon the world back in 2018 they brought about a much-needed intervention in the tracking and cookie world. Before that, it was the Wild-West out there with each tech giant doing as it pleased. Internet users had very little power and control over how […]

Local startup Yanaya now offering discounts to CIMAS members

Yanaya is arguably one of the hottest Zimbabwean startups of the year. Imagine my surprise therefore when I was about to start this article and realised we had not yet covered them here at Techzim! I don’t know how such a thing happened but the aim of this article is to correct it. We are […]

Full Text: Dendairy and Dairibord Holdings announce they will no longer merge

On 6 July last year it was revealed in a cautionary statement Dendairy Private Limited and Dairiboard Holdings Limited were in the process of exploring a merger that would see the two become one. It seems that this will no longer be happening. Dairibord has now issued a statement withdrawing the cautionary statement. WITHDRAWAL OF […]

NSSA closes scores of pensioner accounts in a bid to weed out ghost accounts

Zimbabwe’s National Social and Security Authority (NSSA) has always been accused of harbouring a lot of ghost accounts on its books among scores of other improprieties revealed in several audits. Lately, they embarked on a mission to rectify this anomaly but they seemed to have bungled it. Now their latest attempt to clean the books […]

Zimbabwean Pirates rejoice as simultaneous movie releases become more common

COVID-19 has been a boon and bane to various industries. To the movie and entertainment industry, it has proved to be a bit of both. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the way movies are now being released. Generally, movie the movie industry has always adhered to the so-called region and 3-month release cycle […]

Crypto-currencies are not money says the South African Reserve Bank governor

Even though cryptos are now widely accepted throughout the world including on our beloved African continent-authorities are still struggling with how they should handle them. Even here in Zimbabwe, the RBZ is always flip-flopping, when it comes to regulating or even recognising them. They essentially regulated exchanges out of existence when they forbade banks from […]

South Africans will get Disney+ Star next year too

People were a bit upset when it was revealed that the last Fox channel, which is owned by Disney, was going to be leaving DStv at the end of this coming month. There was speculation that this was a very strategic move from Disney who had just announced that they will be bringing their streaming […]

Is sports streaming more expensive than traditional DStv?

Before I even begin I have to confess that I am not a fan of traditional DStv setup. Do not get me wrong, I am happy to admit that the whole satellite on your roof and no data costs set up does have its appeal. It’s especially important if you live in remote areas with […]

Showmax ups the ante with a new original: Temptations Island South Africa

I am not a fan of reality TV shows mostly because when it’s all said and done the cynic within me refuses to believe there is anything real about them. I have always had this sneaking suspicion deep down that the flow of things is too contrived to be a coincidence. This is why I […]

Zimbabwe’s VID should follow South Africa’s lead and start issuing smart plastic licences

During this week I visited the VID premises in Eastlea. It had been years since I did so and back then there was not much to like about the place and the experience. I was curious to see if anything had changed. I am glad to say while the place still looks ancient, like you […]

Multichoice still locked in a bitter tax battle with Nigerian authorities

Last month we learnt that Nigerian authorities had either frozen or were attempting to freeze the bank accounts of several big companies over tax issues. By far the biggest name on the list was the South African entertainment giant Multichoice. The company is now involved in a heated battle over ₦1.8-trillion (US$4.3 billion) tax bill. […]

It’s the end of an era as popular Usenet platform Newzbin shuts down

In the beginning, when there was only Unix, there was the internet and Usenet. Most people are only familiar with the web part of the internet. In fact, a lot of people think the web and the internet are one and the same thing. This is mentality is going to become even more pervasive and […]

Linux is not invulnerable, here are some top Linux malware in 2021

So yesterday I wrote about the latest iteration of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS coming out in my usual glowing terms. I feel like there was nothing amiss in that article after all Ubuntu, especially the version in question, is a stellar operating system that is rock solid and has served me well. A few people however […]

Apple pays off developers in a bid to buy them off

Back in May, we wrote about how Apple was in trouble as a number of developers sued the company over its iron-grip rule of the App store. It seems the company has now found a way out of its trouble by settling with some of the developers. It will pay about US$100 million in settlements […]

Ubuntu 20.04.3 is finally out

As you probably know I am a shameless Ubuntu proponent. I sincerely believe that operating systems should be free seeing as it is they are now mostly irrelevant in the cloud age we live in. We mostly just use them as portals to the internet where we access the real tools we need. It is […]

Netflix has started delivering on its mobile games promises

It was not so long ago that we learnt that Netflix was going to be pivoting into the mobile games market. Netflix seems to have hit the ground running after the announcement. The company has now started to deliver on its word. Those in Poland were recently invited to play two new mobile games whose […]

Elon Musk’s creepy robot might not be useless after all

What’s weirder than Elon Musk’s oddly shaped cyber-trunk? That’s easy. The name of his child nothing beats that martian sounding name with its non-Roman spelling. It’s no wonder, people, like me, thought there was no way he could top that. Except he recently did. Now his company is selling a Terminator lookalike-the creepiest bot the […]

The RBZ needs to scrap weekly and monthly limits for mobile money too

Yesterday there was a bit of a relief when Ecocash sent out an SMS announcing that transaction limits had been lifted from the paltry $5 000 ZWL per transaction up to a more acceptable $20 000. This was long overdue, the arbitrary limits were making life difficult for the bulk of transacting public out there […]

SABC is planning to launch its own VOD platform

South Africa’s state broadcaster might be struggling to make people pay for the licence fees just like ZBC but it seems this is where the similarities end. While our own broadcaster has been a perennial disappointment that makes promises that it cannot keep, SABC has made some noteworthy achievements. Not only are they on track […]

Xiaomi will soon stop using the “Mi” brand as it tops the smartphone world

Do you remember when we said Xiaomi was the second top phone brand in the world? Well, now they are the top phone brand in the world? According to various analytics companies, including Counterpoint, the Chinese phone market surpassed the global giants Samsung and Apple to become the number smartphone brand in June after their […]

WhatsApp is finally getting message reactions

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app so it’s hard not to always wonder if it’s really the best messaging app when it comes to features. Often in, my book at least, it falls short in comparison to apps such as Instagram, Discord and even Telegram. One feature that it sorely needs is multi-device […]

Netflix’s featured film, Monster Hunter, is totally, unwatchable

These days chances are if you open your Netflix app you are either confronted with Monster Hunter or the latest instalment of Tomb Raider-the one without Angelina Jolie. Neither films are particularly new. Monster Hunter is a forgettable film from last year that was an unlikely Box Office success while Tomb Raider is an unremarkable […]

OnlyFans does a somersault says it will no longer ban sexually explicit content

About five days ago, OnlyFans the revolutionary creator site revealed something shocking – they would be banning sexually explicit content from their platform. This was due to intense pressure from their payment processors who were being moralistic. We thought that was the end of the story. Now OnlyFans has made another turn-they are no longer […]

IPEC says Lobola Assurance is not registered with them

The Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC) has issued a statement over a Lobola Assurance banner that is doing rounds on social media especially WhatsApp. The banner claims to be from a company that calls itself Lobola Assurance and shows various packages which start from US$1.99 per month up to $19.99 per month. There was a […]