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How Grade 7 like multiple choice could solve the constitution making process and beyond

Zimbabwe is in the process of drafting a new constitution, this is a follow up to the GNU agreement passed in the year 2008. As we are all familiar with by now, the constitution making process has been a long and excruciating journey. It started with “crowdsourcing” – to use the modern term – followed by proposals coming from political parties and lobby groups.

What if you lost your laptop…would you lose your data too?

On Friday, as routine I passed through Mdala Ngwenya’s office which is along main street one of the busiest streets in Bulawayo. I was greeted by a young man working on a pc in the other office adjacent to the reception. I sat for a while at reception area just browsing the net from my phone. A friend joined me later and we chatted briefly. I then decided to top up my airtime credit so we left the office to buy airtime credit just a few metres away from Mdala Ngwenya’s office. Within ten minutes I was back in the office and the friend left. I momentarily fumbled with the phone and all of a sudden I noticed my laptop bag had vanished from the reception table.

Facebook, WhatsApp & the transition of social networking to mobile

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot talking on social networking, its related technologies and its adoption by users worldwide. Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other similar services are being treated by some of us as true social networking platforms. Some of our colleagues have gone on to separate such services as WhatsApp, ChatOn and other similar services as just Instant messaging or Multimedia Messaging Services.

My journey to Wedza. An experience with technology in rural Zimbabwe

I had a chance to see the “hot” mobile phones in Wedza in all their shapes and sizes. The Chinese made models topped the list perhaps because of their key features – dual sim support, high audio output, multimedia support (ability to play a range of audio file formats, record audio/video clips and snap JPEG photos with reasonable resolution).