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BREAKING: It’s  Not Just You. Internet Goes Down In Zimbabwe

This morning, at around 11:30 AM Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe, an Econet Wireless Zimbabwe subsidiary had a major fibre outage that affected the bulk of Zimbabwe’s internet users. As at the time of writing, Liquid, ZOL, Econet are down, while NetOne, which probably was riding on Liquid at the time of the outage was momentarily down […]

Getting trust issues on the web?

Occasionally I get an annoying screen while browsing the web that makes me grind my teeth. The “Prove you’re not a robot” screen is not only annoying but counter-productive as I have to waste precious seconds completing a capture that is usually somewhat cryptic and sometimes even across pages on the same website. I use […]

Starting out as a developer? Here are 10 online courses to consider for $10 each…

If you are a beginner in the world of code and a little like me, and you like to code so much that you want to learn on your own, or maybe you want to make some money at some point, well the web is waiting for you.

Things I’ve learnt about being data efficient when developing apps for Africa.

I’ve noted, from online forums (and interactions with) that developers are quite the say-it-right-or-don’t-say-it-at-all kind of people. Whenever someone makes a remark, observation and especially a comment that leans to the not-so-correct side or if someone explains a concept but leaves out a thing or two, they flame! So I’m going to get some things […]