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Author: L.S.M Kabweza

What Zimbabweans think about Econet Kombi WiFi

Last week, Econet launched Kombi WiFi. Frankly I thought it was good but not the big deal the company was making of it. It is normal here at the office to disagree on what’s a huge deal and what’s not, but the general feeling on this one was “ok, moving on.” That’s why our story was short and didn’t contain much […]

The one gadget I can’t live without… is not my phone

Three years ago, I saw someone using an ebook reader, a Kindle. We’d just hired them for a new project and when they came in the first morning, they had with them this ugly and basic tablet that could only display things in black and white. I was fascinated! I had known about ebook readers for […]

DigitalFuture 2017: What you missed (Pictures)

This article is really not for people that attended, coz what’s the point telling you what you just experienced! It’s really for those of you loyal readers who, for one reason or another, couldn’t make it to Digital Future 2017. Here goes:                       Quick NetOne, […]

Ransomware QnA with experts: Everything you need to know & how to be safe

About 3 months ago, Techzim attended an IT security workshop in Harare where a local IT networking and cyber-security company called Procomm spoke about the rise in ransomware attacks targeting companies in Zimbabwe. Ransomware, like other types of  cyber-attacks, is something that’s not discussed much in the public in Zimbabwe. Companies and individuals get attacked, they resolve […]

WannaCry Ransomware: Zimbabwe among countries hit by latest massive cyber-attack

Zimbabwe is one of the countries hit by the massive cyber-attack called WannaCry ransomware which has attacked computers in 104 countries including Russia, the UK, Ukraine and China. In the UK, hospitals and medical practices were infected resulting in the cancellation of medical appointments. A global cyber-security firm, Avast, reported over the weekend that more than 57,000 attacks have […]

Digital Future day 1 in pictures: Amazing digital marketing insights for Zimbabwean business #DF2017

The 2 day Digital Future Conference hosted by Techzim and TBWA kicked off in Harare today. What a day it was. Even for us here at Techzim it is rare to get the opportunity to meet Zimbabwe’s talent, business leaders and entrepreneurs all in one place, just for the purpose of networking and sharing insights about […]

It’s official, it’s fake: RBZ dismisses fake news in statement

Earlier today, Techzim wrote an article dismissing some fake news that was circulating on WhatsApp, saying the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is introducing new Bond Notes and had put further restrictions on international cards. The RBZ has itself also now dismissed the fake news. In a statement we received from them on email, the central bank essentially dismisses the article […]

It’s Fake News: RBZ story about new Bond Notes, and international card restrictions is fake

A supposed ‘article’ about the introduction of new Bond Notes and new restrictions on international cards, that is going viral on social media today is fake. It’s especially going viral on WhatsApp and you may probably have received it already. Techzim called RBZ to confirm the ‘fakeness’ of the story and indeed the people we spoke to there […]

Electronic money now 70% of all payments in Zimbabwe… and other central bank updates

We try to keep our tabs on what the government is announcing, but sometimes we fall short. This is the case with the most recent statement issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe last week, which we feel is still important to post here. The dynamics around money, cash, electronic transactions, Bond Notes and the like are ever changing in Zimbabwe and […]

Want to learn Swahili? It’s Hakuna Matata with this app called Duolingo

If you have been to East Africa – and most people I know have been there for one reason or the other – you know that very much unlike other parts of Africa where people pride themselves on being fluent in English and French, Swahili is what you’ll mostly hear. And you’ll be expected to […]

Econet launches Wi-Fi in kombis

Matthew Masiyazi, Head of Broadband at Econet Zimbabwe Econet Zimbabwe has today introduced WiFi in public transport in Harare.  The company will have WiFi installed inside kombis for customers that are commuting in and out of the cities. Eventually they’ll also have the WiFi service in long distance kombis. Speaking at the launch of the service, Econet executive, Mathew […]

Exclusive: Africa’s new Pay TV player, Econet Media, to spend $1.2 billion on content

Africa’s newest pay-TV player, Econet Media, plans to spend about US $1.19 billion on content acquisition for its Kwese TV platform in the next 5 years, Techzim can exclusively reveal. The information was contained in a document the company submitted to the Lesotho Communications Authority in an application for a TV license in that country. The spend […]

Telecel introduces more than 70 Wi-Fi Hotspots. How do you compete with free?

Telecel has over the past couple of months quietly launched a Wi-Fi network for its subscribers. With just a little more 70 Wi-Fi hotspots in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and Victoria Falls, the company is offering subscribers a faster way to access the internet as well as cheaper bundles  ($1 a GB). It was long overdue and […]

Here’s the Kwese TV business plan (download)

So Kwese has been the talk in the African television industry. Both because the company has been signing lots of content deals in the past year, and that they talk about the deals. It’s a great strategy to stay top of mind. Techzim ran into the company’s business plan and thought we’d share it. Kwese used it to apply […]

Startups: Understand the language mobile operators speak (infographic)

We found this here quite interesting, especially since the government in Zimbabwe has called for applications to an ICT Innovation Drive fund. It’s a great infographic to help startups speak the language that mobile operators use and therefore what they care about. You can only partner mobile operators if you understand them and they understand you. Working directly […]

CABS limits DStv payments further. Says it’s prioritising critical payments for imports

In February, CABS announced that they had limited payments for DStv. Non-account holders couldn’t make payments and account holders could only pay for one DStv account a month. Today, the bank has announced further restrictions on DStv payments. Essentially, payments will only be available to Platinum and Gold Class customers and will only be via the bank’s mobile platforms. DSTv […]

Mobile telecoms trends in Africa & what they mean for your startup (download)

If you’re a local startup, chances are you’d benefit to some extent from partnering a mobile operator. Despite them being viewed mostly as the uninnovative establishment, mobile operators have a lot to offer internet startups in Africa. It can be distribution, their marketing reach, or just tagging along their brand so customers can trust yours. Anyway, the GSMA, […]

This South African startup has been acquired for US $103 million

A South Africa educational technology startup called GetSmarter has been acquired for $103 million in an all-cash transaction. The startup has been acquired by a US Nasdaq listed company called 2U, which offers online degrees. GetSmarter is essentially in the same business as 2U; it partners some of the world’s leading universities in creating online short courses for professionals. GetSmarter shares […]

A different kind of education in Zimbabwe: Our visit to a Montessori school

A few weeks ago, I went to see a Montessori school. When a colleague here at the office told me he had a trip planned to go see “a different kind of school” for our referral articles, I asked to join him. He had mentioned that the school uses the Montessori way of learning and […]

Zimbabwe government’s $25m ICT Innovation fund. A tech startup boom on the horizon?

The Zimbabwean government just announced that it has opened for applications to the ICT Innovation Drive fund. This fund, totalling $25 million, was announced last year by the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services. The minister, Supa Mandiwanzira, said that the Zimbabwean government is committed to the development of local platforms and apps through investment financed by […]

Of WhatsApp’s 2 hour outage, and the political power an app can have

WhatsApp is that kind of app that just works. Unless some government blocks it ofcourse. So it came as a shock for most people globally a few hours ago, when the app stopped working, that it could stop. In Zimbabwe, like elsewhere in the world, #WhatsAppdown trended on Twitter as people complained that their messages […]

NetOne launches One-Cliq, a closed user group voice product

Brian Mutandiro, NetONe acting CEO, at launch of One-Cliq and One-Fi NetOne today launched a Call User Group product called One-Cliq. Essentially this allows NetOne subscribers to call a group of numbers at discounted rates. To use the service, subscribers will need a minimum of 5 NetOne numbers to form a group. The people in the group then activate the service […]

NetOne Launches One-Fi, WiFi product for homes, SMEs

NetOne today launched a new home WiFi product called One-FI. The service, targeted at home users and small offices allows NetOne subscribers to buy a WiFi router that has a NetOne sim card. That way they can access NetOne 3G and 4G over WiFi. The company is selling the router, picture above, for the service. The router, […]

The Financial Gazette acquired by ANZ, publishers of the Daily News

Techzim is reliably informed that Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ), the media company that owns the Daily News and other titles, has acquired The Financial Gazette, popularly known as just Fingaz. Fingaz is one of Zimbabwe’s most iconic weekly papers and covers mostly business news via a newspaper and online presence. Information that ANZ was acquiring Modus […]

EcoCash finally integrates with CABS

Econet, Zimbabwe’s largest mobile financial services company, has finally integrated its EcoCash platform to that of CABS. CABS is one of the largest and oldest banks in Zimbabwe. The two companies had not come to an agreement to integrate more than four years after Econet started integrating the EcoCash platform with local banks. At some point the issue degenerated into […]

MTN shuts down VU streaming service

Remember MTN’s streaming service called Frontrow? We wrote about it here a few times after it launched. It launched at a time when suddenly it seemed everyone had woken up to streaming. MTN introduced Frontrow in December 2014, Naspers followed a few months later with ShowMax , and then soon after Strive Masiyiwa announced Kwese. […]

Mukuru assures USD cash to money transfer recipients in Zimbabwe

Recently, Mukuru announced that due to the shortage of the Rand in Zimbabwe, it had temporarily suspended South African Rand transfers to Zimbabwe. Suspended in that recipients here can’t collect their money in Rand. Big deal for the recipient? Ofcourse not, Zimbabweans are not exactly clamouring to get Rand. It’s USD cash they want. For the sender, again, […]

Want to become a web developer in 2017, here’s a roadmap

Choosing to become a web developer is one of the most rewarding career choices you will make in this age. If creating things using words and some maths is something you’d enjoy, that is. Starting out however can be confusing and intimidating. Where do you start? What skills are most important? What’s the path to follow? Clear answers […]

Hypercube trustees respond to abuse of funds allegations

Several trustees of the now defunct Hypercube Hub, including Rinesh Desai and Munyaradzi Chiura, have responded to the story of the Hypercube Recovery audit report that we published back in March. The audit report, prepared by what’s called the Hypercube Community, accused some of the funders (and trustees) of irregularities and abuse. Here’s the response of the […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 preorders go live in Zimbabwe

Samsung Zimbabwe has just announced that the Samsung 2017 flagships, the S8 and S8+ are now available for preorder. Globally, Samsung has been able to go live with preorders of the phone within a month. The phone went live for preorders in the US and other key markets on 30 March. In Africa, preorders went […]