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Guroo Business: Africom’s new complete packages for businesses

Africom, under their Guroo, banner is now offering complete packages for the ICT side of varying sized businesses. These come as compiled modules which encompass ALL ICT aspects of businesses. According to Africom’s Enterprise Manager Tafadzwa Ndudzo, these modules, which include parts like telephony, local domain registration and email hosting help businesses to engage with […]

TanaMe, a new player on the Zimbabwean VoIP app market

A new Zimbabwean VoIP mobile app called TanaMe has found its way to a number of app stores. The app was developed by Tana Communications a family owned business based in Mutare and led by Tawanda Chitaka. TanaMe comes with a number of useful features like SMS, Chat on multiple IM Accounts (Facebook, Yahoo and […]

Zimbabwe’s voice tariffs among the most expensive in Africa

According to research ICT Africa’s new portal for mobile tariffs, Zimbabwe’s mobile voice tariffs are currently among the most expensive on the continent. Comparisons on the site are based on tariffs charged by either dominant operators, non-dominant operators or all operators. The comparison based on dominant operators (e.g. Econet Zimbabwe, MTN South Africa, Mascom Botswana), […]

POTRAZ’s official statement on promos made by telecoms operators

We just came from POTRAZ where the deputy general director, Alfred Marisa, briefed journalists on the ongoing issue they have with Econet. There was not much new from what we post already yesterday when we interviewed him. There was only mention of misleading advertising being one of things that they watch out for as a regulator.

Econet launches 4G LTE in Zimbabwe

We are coming from an event hosted by Econet Wireless where they launched 4G LTE in Zimbabwe. Econet’s fairly new Chief Commercial and Customer Services Officer, Stan Henning presented the new offering. He announced that Econet will start selling 4G dongles immediately after the UNWTO general assembly taking place this weekend. The current 4G network […]

Telecel illumines the Victoria Falls bridge for next 15 years

Barely a month after Telone opened up 22 WI-FI hotspots around Victoria Falls, Telecel is now making its contribution to our world-famous tourism resort ahead of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) general assembly. Telecel is spending $100,000 on lighting the Victoria Falls bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is said that Telecel will […]

How to get started making your own online store

There has been a number of discussions on the issue of ecommerce is Zimbabwe. Some have predicted its success and some were sceptical that e-commerce will experience significant adoption in Zimbabwe. Be that as it may, let’s put all the debate aside and let’s go about creating an online store. After all there is no […]

Zim ICT Ministry to host the second edition of e-TECH AFRICA

E TECH AFRICA EXPO 2013 After proving that it was a worthy place to be, the next edition of e-TECH AFRICA EXPO is scheduled for the 1st to the 4th of October 2013 at the Harare International Conference Centre. e-TECH AFRICA EXPO 2013 is an event hosted by the Ministry of ICT and aims at […]

Econet reconnects Telecel

The long awaited reconnection is finally complete. Three days after POTRAZ (Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator) confirmed that Telecel’s license has been renewed. Telecel subscribers can now make calls to Econet lines. We have just tested it and the calls are going through. Thank you guys. However there are still some questions that remain unanswered. What really […]

Some people DON’T like these promotional SMSs

I was really hoping my phone would buzz and display that famous message, “EcoCash: Transfer Confirmation. $$$ from…”. I really needed that money and then I heard my phone buzz. With much enthusiasm I pressed the middle button and to my distress again it was a promotional SMS from Econet. I took a very little […]

Telecel’s New Onhold Music Player

While competition drives some restaurants to be super nice to customers and place rose petals on tables, it has now seen Telecel adopting an IVR music player into their system. The service essentially plays music while you are on hold. You first dial 350 and then you go through various choice messages before you get […]

Africom takes its Infinite Voice & Data to Gweru

Africom has now taken its Infinite Voice & Data offering to the people of Gweru. In addition the company is launching a new package for all university students called Infinite Student which allows students to buy devices at lower prices. The company’s network is said to already cover over 70% of Gweru and 70% of Kwekwe […]

Write your way to the Youth Summit in Costa Rica

POTRAZ (Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator) is holding a writing competition for students between the ages of 15 and 25 who are studying technology related courses. The concepts will be on how innovative digital technologies can help meet social needs like unemployment and child online protection. The first two winners will represent Zimbabwe at the coming Youth […]

TelOne turns ON the fibre broadband link in Victoria Falls (updated)

TelOne today launched new broadband services in Victoria Falls. 16 Days before the UNWTO General Assembly, the company has put up 22 Wi-Fi hotspots in the area. The development comes after the completion of the fibre optic connection between Victoria Falls and Bulawayo. The fibre link is aimed to avail low cost and fast internet […]

Assessing Zimbabwe’s readiness for eCommerce

Over the past 2 years there has been an increasing amount of talk on the readiness of Zimbabwe to adopt e-commerce. A number of articles published either imply or affirm that Zimbabwe is now a ripe market for e-commerce.  Well, the truth is, this is not a simple matter to conclude. E-commerce is a tool […]

Google incorporates a new field for in-depth articles in search results

Google is revamping its search results and is incorporating a new section for in-depth articles. This will help searchers who are looking for in depth info to quickly access it. According to research they carried out, Google observed that 10% of searchers require links to in-depth articles, my guess is, scholars. As the most popular […]

Mobile App Market: How you throw the net where the fish is

This is a follow up to the previous article, Mobile App Market: Joining the gold rush. In this article we will be giving some tips on how you can make relevant apps and possibly start making some cash. Your first major project Why are we giving these tips – because there is more to benefiting […]

Microsoft brings white space internet (Wi-Fi on steroids) to South Africa’s schools

After Kenya and Tanzania, Microsoft’s latest white space broadband pilot is in Limpopo Province, South Africa. This is part of the company’s 4Afrika Initiative which aims to bring high-speed and affordable internet to Africa. What is this White Space Technology? Simply put, white space internet is a method of providing wireless Internet access through unused […]

Mobile App Market: Joining the mobile app gold rush

This is a follow-up to the previous post where we talked about the growth of the mobile app market and how you could possibly benefit from it. In this article we discuss about the first general steps you need to consider before you join this app gold rush. And you can benefit, if you work […]

Mobile Application Market. A potential gold mine for the Zimbabwean programmer

Introduction 210 million smartphones were sold in the first three months of this year, this is according to Gartner’s Q1 figures for mobile handset sales. There are already 1.08 billion smartphone users in the world and the number continues to grow. This growth plus the adoption of tablets (which is also growing at a blistering […]

Pay Kombi Fares with EcoCash: Adoption

The introduction of EcoCash payments in kombis was met by large scepticism in the market. Some of us doubted its practicality and questioned how the conductor was going to verify all the text messages and identify who made the payments. Surely the conductor doesn’t know everybody’s name and number. So does he have to check everybody’s ID. The cumbersome process of making a payment through EcoCash is also another point to consider

Zimbabwean travel and tourism websites you may want to visit.

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country endowed with great sites for sole eyes. Our country simply offers some of the best tourism destinations in the world. With that in mind we decided to go through the internet in search of websites that do justice to Zimbabwe’s beauty and add convenience to a traveller who is planning […]

The impact of ICT on African politics

We have always known that  ICT has many positive impacts in various spheres of life, we therefore ask the question will it greatly improve African politics. A recent interview on ICT Africa between Nyaradzo Mafolo (a media expert for ICT Africa) and Dr. Jabulani Dhliwayo (an expert in fibre optics and a freedom fighter in […]

Starfish Mobile Zimbabwe And Econet Wireless launch SHASHA SMS Services

Starfish Mobile Zimbabwe and Econet Wireless have launched a new SMS service that will let football fans receive updates of matches of favourite teams. This is under a new mobile brand called SHASHA.  Here’s their press release: Starfish Mobile Zimbabwe announced today that it has launched its new SMS based subscription services in conjunction with Econet Wireless […]

Econet Wireless Statement on Interconnection with Telecel Zimbabwe

As a part of the ongoing issue between Econet Wireless and Telecel Zimbabwe, the following update has just been posted on Econet’s official Facebook page: Econet Wireless wishes to state the following regarding interconnection with Telecel Zimbabwe:  Econet Wireless was on 10 July 2013, awarded a renewed 20-year licence following the expiry of the 15-year […]

Regional ISP Download Speeds Comparisons

Zimbabwe’s (Internet Service Provider’s) ISP’s upload speeds are the fastest in Southern Africa and the third position in Africa, while our download speeds come second in Southern Africa and seventh in Africa, and take 98th position in the world. These findings were put together from for the duration Jun 25, 2013 to Jul 24, 2013. […]

Set up your own Wikipedia on your computer

Scenario: Your son asks you “Dad what’s an ornithological specimen?” Gosh you just read something about it today at work on Wikipedia. You only bookmarked the page but you didn’t save it, unfortunately there is no internet at home. This is a step by step guide on how you can import part of Wikipedia’s database […]

How to Solarize your house. The complete guide

Introduction Scenario: You are working from home and you promised the client the document will be sent to him before, 6 p.m. You were chasing this client for months now and when he says email me the document you know he wants to buy. He will however buy from anyone who comes first. He needs […]

Where is Zimbabwe’s technology? Why?

We have all admired the advanced technologies in movies, the hologram computers, the space satellites, the high-tech weapons and we have all redirected our minds back home to reflect on our own world’s position in technology. The result of that always leaves a dulling effect in our minds. Well this is an attempt to assess what is really on ground in terms of technology and whether or not we are really centuries behind the developed world, like they say. Is the word “century” here an exaggeration or a fact?