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Let Techzim Know About Your Event

A lot of events have been happening and some of you were not too happy that we missed your events.  We are sorry about that. How about we ensure that this doesn’t happen in future? So in case, you have a product launch, press conference, hackathon, meetup……. etc please fill in details about the event you want Techzim […]

Expectations Ahead Of The 2019 National Budget Statement

    This afternoon the Minister of Finance is going to announce Zimbabwe’s 2019 Budget Statement.  this will be his first budget as Finance Minister.  Here are some of the expectations from  some  Zimbabweans Will they be disappointed? The Nation Awaits ……   1)The legitimacy of today s budget hinges on5 issues.Firstly it must define […]

Strive Masiyiwa Responds To Attacks On Social Media For Supporting Mnangagwa: I belong to everybody, I belong to nobody

The Econet Founder has responded to attacks on his social media account regarding his recent statement that indeed Zimbabwe is in a new dispensation.   As an entrepreneur, on many occasions I have had initiatives for my country Zimbabwe, which could have created tens of thousands of new jobs. When I have discussed them with […]

Techzim Readers Share Their Gaming Stories And Experiences

We asked you to share your gaming experience with us and some of you have already sent their responses.  We will be publishing your gaming stories as they come.  Here are some of the gaming stories we have received so far ……   1 Name of Player: Pierre Game: Red Dead Redemption 2. 3rd person RPG. […]

Attention: Y’all Gamers Out There!

Greetings to you all Gamers Out There.  This is the spaceship mother, Do You Copy … Techzim is inviting you to share your gaming experience with its audience!!! We are certain there are a number of game fanatics out there. What better way to share which game you like playing, how often and all the nitty-gritty stuff […]

Here Is How China Plans To Reduce The Annual Electricity Bill : Artificial Moon Launch

The Chinese City of  Chengdu will soon be getting some fancy lighting at night, as the Tian Fu New Area Science Society scientists aim to launch an artificial moon by 2020. The moon will orbit above Chengdu,  a capital of Sichuan province in China. The artificial moon will compliment the natural moon and is assumed to […]

Econet Finally Talk of Launching Their Uber Service :Vaya Lift

We have been waiting for this! Econet is going to launch its ride-sharing service Vaya Lift.  The Cassava Smartech which is the parent company where services such as EcoCash, EcoFarmer are roofed will be in charge of this ride-sharing service.   According to Mr Darlington Mandivenga, the Cassava International  Group Executive Director, Econet is planning a big launch […]

Acie Lumumba Axed, I’m Left With Questions

Social Media, Fake News. Words we are hearing every day. I would like to think we all agree Zimbabwe is burning, more on the economic side. In the  Whatsapp groups, I am in, the usual question is whats the rate today guys… So what’s been happening at the governing body of money? Finance Minister Ncube appointed Acie Lumumba […]

You Have A New Gadget? Awesome! Please Share Your First Experience With It With The Techzim Community

If you are like me, you may be tired of watching unboxing videos from the United States and said videos featuring gadgets that you either can’t afford or are not available for the Zimbabwean market. Techzim has attempted to bring unboxing home over the years. We have unboxed gadgets that are available for the Zim […]

Hey Business Professionals, Not Everything Digital Is For The IT Department. You Have To Step Up Too

Welcome to the 21st Century where everyone is using  or should be using data to make informed decisions. So there are organisations that still fully rely on  the Information Technology Department for everything computer related. All other departments still have an ‘its got nothing to do with us’ type attitude. Digital transformation requires that you bury […]

Facebook in Shona and Ndebele!

So here I am logging into Facebook to check if there are any updates, guess what I find…? Translate Facebook into Shona Leesa K, thanks for using Facebook. Help us launch Facebook in Shona by translating or voting on translations. Start Now Imagine my excitement! I quickly share with my workmates.And they too are excited. […]