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Backup your data, don’t lose bitcoin to ransomware

There is still a lot of noise doing the rounds about ransomware, particularly the WannaCry cyber-attack. To call this noise is me being grossly unfair. Cyber-attacks are not a laughing matter and the fact that experts say these kinds of attacks are on an upward trend and will continue to be requires the alarm to be […]

In Zimbabwe typically everyone with a bank account has a facebook account

In a survey we conducted recently we discovered that Facebook is still a big deal in Zimbabwe no matter what this author thinks: I thought Facebook was dead. 87% of respondents said they visited Facebook everyday, 61% of them do so at least 10 times a day! Of course this part of our ongoing survey […]

#FridayDeals: What have we learnt…so far

On the 16th of March we introduced Friday Deals, an experiment to explore the possible bottlenecks to a thriving e-commerce ecosystem in Zimbabwe. Here is what we learnt: Online payments are not really a problem This was more of confirmation to what we knew already. The biggest player in online payments between Limpopo and Zambezi […]

Winter is upon us: NBS must now deliver those 10,000 houses for Zimbabwe

When I spoke to the National Building Society Managing Director, Ken Chitando in March I had just one simple question: Are you going to deliver 10,000 housing units by the end of 2017? Maybe it’s just me but 10,000 seems to be a really big number. Remember, this is 10,000 newly built houses, not stands, […]

So much can go wrong on the internet!

The thing we love most about the internet (at least those of us who have opinions) is the power to transmit your thoughts barrier free. This power however, can really be scary for businesses. Gone are the days when they controlled what conversations people have about their brands or at least which conversations most people […]

Let us know how you use the internet

Hey guys, We often receive a lot of questions on a variety of topics (some of them may surprise you) from both individuals and businesses. We love it when we get asked questions. If there is one word to describe what Techzim is, that word is ‘resource.’ One of things people always wonder about (including ourselves) […]

Get Techzim news & videos directly via WhatsApp

One thing that has become clear to us in recent months is that our updates and videos are consumed on WhatsApp much more than they are on other platforms. This should not surprise anyone. WhatsApp is big in Zimbabwe, as it is in the rest of Africa. Based on the data we have seen, an […]

What an idiom teaches: NetOne’s Khuluma might be a good toothed horse after all

So today I learnt a new idiom. More than the fun of just learning a new string of words that sound wise, it forced me to think about how we sometimes think and write about issues here on Techzim. Before I disclose the new idiom I learnt (more like disclose my poor English for not […]

Looking for a mortgage to build a house? Check out these NBS account options

One of the most recurring questions when we commissioned this series on National Building Society (NBS) regards the types of accounts that individuals can open. The second question is which type of account makes one eligible to apply for a housing loan. (Check out the earlier articles here and here) The answer to the second […]

New Ecobank Mobile App allows payments using QR codes

To be honest I wasn’t too excited to hear about Ecobank’s new Mobile app. I thought well just another bank app, what’s new about that? Oh they do have something new. The Ecobank Mobile app comes with Masterpass QR, the one click payment solution from MasterCard. What the heck is that right? Materpass QR is […]

Is there need for Red Hat Certification training in Zimbabwe?

A local institution is investigating the need to train Systems Administrators/Engineers who use Linux towards Red Hat certifications. The course is targeted at individuals with at least 2 years experience using Linux. Training is for the Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA) and the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) qualifications. After the training however, the […]

8 take home points from NBS media briefing

I promised to keep unfolding details about National Building Society within a series. The organization itself is eager to engage the public and tell their own story and so they organized a media brief this morning. I attended the event and I just want to share the headlines that spoke to me. Consider this Episode […]

Introducing Deals Friday

Fridays were not meant to be ordinary yet here on Techzim they have been almost just that. Not anymore. Starting this Friday, we now feature a unique deal every Friday. How does that work? We will feature one gadget (well does not need to be a gadget every time). We will look around for as […]

Why I didn’t enjoy university

On the first day of university my fellow freshmen were excited and anxious. I wasn’t. Some were excited because being in university was an achievement. It wasn’t for me. Some were excited because they would be getting a university degree. I didn’t care. Some were excited because they could now breathe in freedom away from home. […]

ACE curriculum introduced at local preschool

There has been much talk about educational curricula recently. Whether or not you agree with Lazarus Dokora on the contents or the implementation of the curriculum change in Zimbabwe’s public school system, there’s one great thing to take out of the whole drama. Zimbabweans have been forced to take a closer look at how and […]

NBS committed to finance home ownership for Zimbabweans

National Building Society (NBS) is not just the cute new bank (building society) with a fresh and modern banking hall at Karigamombe Centre. Truth is, National Building Society is indeed the cute new bank with a fresh and modern banking hall at Karigamombe Centre but it is way more than that! If you do not […]

Advertising industry relaunches Standards Authority. About self regulation and a cure for Prejudice

On Monday I attended the re-launch of the Advertising Standards Authority. It was great for me to attend for four chief reasons: (1) A lady called Odette van der Haar  (2) I learnt a lot about self regulation within an industry (3) Attending cured me of a prejudice I had (4) The food of course. […]

Internet access for underserved Zimbabweans

Internet access is a basic human right or at least the UN declared it so. This is not misplaced at all. The internet brought an impact to human knowledge and general development on pretty much the same scale as the invention of reading and writing. The same attention given to the promotion and protection of […]

Top up your current qualification to a degree at ASHE International College

I promised to follow up on the narrative about ASHE International College, here I am keeping a promise… Last time I mainly touched on the Australian Matriculation programme that ASHE offers. In keeping with their belief in flexibility, ASHE runs professional programmes with multiple exit points from Certificate to Degree. Currently, the college is training […]

Looking for a job or hiring in Zimbabwe? Check out this new Jobs section

For the convenience of those seeking to hire and those seeking to be hired, we have set up a Jobs Section. You will find the section at the bottom right side of the Techzim Home Page and the Article Pages.

Looking for the best options after O and A Level in Zimbabwe? This place provides a 21st Century education

What does a 21st-century education look like? This is not any easy question to either ask or answer. I am more aware of what it should not be but not what it is. Education in this century should NOT be rigid and it should not be boring! Thankfully, there are options like ASHE International College that provide an education that is neither of those two.

Love is Orange this Valentine’s

We have partnered Dee-Kaw-Zee, Innovative Technologies and Zimpost to show our appreciation to the love of our life. Yes, you got it right- you, our readers are collectively the love of our life. How then do we show our love to such a diverse group of individuals? Easy- we will help you be romantic this Valentine’s. We are calling this the ‘Love is Orange Challenge.’