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RBZ Making Transactions Harder – They Will Achieve The Opposite Of What They Want

Zimbabwe’s central bank has made it hard for me to write of them in any positive light in a very long time. In recent weeks they have issued unilateral decisions that limit how we can use our own money. RBZ forbids you from buying a TV The central bank is so fixated on imposing limits […]

No Company Or Individual Should Do More Than 2 Internal Bank Transfers Per Day – RBZ

It keeps getting stranger by the day. Here is a circula sent to banks by the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe: 4 June 2020 Measures to prevent abuse of internal bank transfers for illegal foreign currency transactions Further to our circular to banks dated 26th of May 2020, titled “Enhanced Scrutiny […]

How Do You Feel About Techzim? Please Help Us

Hey, we are doing a product development exercise and we need your help. We need you to go through the following list of contrasting attributes selecting where you feel Techzim lies between the two extremes. The best way to fill this in is to quickly record the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t spend […]

EcoCash Customers Wake Up To Money Deducted Into A Strange Account

You remember when a good number of EcoCash customers woke up to messages that said they had successfully registered for EcoSure and so a dollar had been deducted from their wallets. That was strange because most of these folks had not tried to register for EcoSure! A repeat? Here is an example of what a […]

Hash Tag Charity: Companies Abusing Mbambaira/Bread Kid

All my colleagues disagree with me. You my reader will probably disagree with me. That’s OK, my hope is that we can debate this. I saw the excitement on Twitter several days after the kid had trended. If you’re like me and had not seen this before, let me take you through what happened: Enter […]

EcoCash Has No Right To Represent It’s Agents Before The Courts – High Court

So yea the urgent High Court application made by EcoCash to reverse a directive given them by the Financial Intelligence Unit of The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has been thrown out. The first stumbling block EcoCash fell on is that according to the court they had no skin in the game. The issue One of […]

Mangudya On EcoCash, Guerrilla Warfare, Demons, Prayer, Sodom And Gomorrah

The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe recently appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget and Finance. He used very interesting colourful words in his submissions. Guerrilla War Mangudya said: Whenever we put measures in place to make our economy grow, it seems there is asymmetric economic warfare, it is more like guerrilla […]

Breakdown Of 4 Charges Leveled Against EcoCash, Its CEO And The CEO Of Its Parent

The Financial Intelligence Unit has its daggers drawn against EcoCash. The unit’s Acting Director General wants his pound of flesh and he’s not taking any prisoners. Background Zimbabwe’s currency is tanking on the only market that matters in this country: the parallel market. This is not coming as a surprise to anyone except maybe the […]

EcoCash CEO & Cassava CEO Charged Under Anti Money Laundering Law

Here is a long letter charging EcoCash, its CEO- Natalie Jabangwe and Director (CEO of its holding company, Cassava Smartech) of crimes under Zimbabwe’s anti money laundering laws: OVERVIEW We write to advise you of the Financial Intelligence Unit (HU)’s intention to penalize: (a) Ecocash (Private) Limited (Ecocash); (b)Natalie Jahangwe, Ecocash Chief Executive Officer; and […]

Zimbabwe Printing And Pumping Money Into A Fragile Economy

The Zimbabwe ministry of finance and central bank have been promising more bank notes for some time now. Currently the only notes in circulation (besides the sometimes legal, sometimes illegal USD notes) are $2 and $5 notes which are worth about 4 and 10 American cents currently or 8 and 20 American cents respectively if […]

Both EcoCash And RBZ Are NOT Being 100% Sincere And Truthful

The fight between EcoCash and their regulator, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is revealing if nothing more. Of course the current episode started with a directive from RBZ instructing EcoCash to freeze agent accounts that transact above ZW$100,000. EcoCash went to court seeking an urgent reversal, the RBZ responded and now we are here. Reading […]

A Certain Person ‘Spins’ Money When EcoCash Payments Delay Says RBZ Governor Mangudya

So the story of the week has been the directive issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to EcoCash instructing them to freeze the accounts of agents that transact above ZW$100,000 (USD2,000 or USD4,000) per month. Of course, EcoCash went to court to have the order urgently suspended. On Friday, […]

RBZ Ignored Warnings About Suspicious EcoCash Agents For Months

Most people were surprised by the Zimbabwe central bank moves to instruct EcoCash to freeze the accounts of all agents that process transactions above ZW$100,000 (about USD2,000 or USD4,000 when you use the generous official exchange rate) per month. $100k is a crime The problem with this directive is that it is just a blanket […]

Econet Introduces A Cheaper e-Learning Bundle, Schools Buy It For Students & Teachers

Econet is nobody’s friend right now after the more than tippling in the prices of some of their internet access bundles. The MNO is hoping to warm up to schools and learners across the country with a new bundle tailored for the current reality of students learning from home. Here are the bundle options: The […]

Econet Asks Its Suppliers To Cut Prices By 20% Starting ‘Today’

So this happened: It’s difficult for everyone As much as we understand the argument given by Econet in this letter, the story is not that simple. They are asking suppliers to cut prices by a hefty 20% in an environment that they themselves admit is characterised by inflation and deterioration in the value of the […]

Slides: Digital Patterns During Zimbabwe’s Lockdown

We did an informal unscientific survey to look at how patterns have changed (if they did) during Zimbabwe’s COVID 19 necessitated lockdown. The respondents were mostly regular Techzim visitors. This obviously means the sample is not representative of the wider Zim society at all. However, this is a sample of individuals marketers call ‘early adopters’ […]

Download: Zim Gvt 2019 Financial Statements, Spending On Foreign Trips Was 22X Spending On Education Supplies

The spending on foreign trips relative to other government expenditure is not the only thing that caught our eye but it just seemed too ridiculous to us. The government spent 21.5 times more on foreign trips than it did on education supplies. How about health supplies? Foreign trips expenditure was more than 2 times what […]

Has Life Changed Due To COVID And Lockdown? Please Help Us Answer

The going theory is that the world is never going back to what it was before the COVID 19 pandemic. There are shifts happening all across the social and economic sphere. Some new patterns are being formed right now as lockdowns are effected etc. Mostly, what is happening is an acceleration of trends that were […]

Government Dumps Sensitive Employee Information On The Internet ZEC Style

Respect for data privacy and internet security is not well understood in Zimbabwe. The government is a major culprit in this crime of ignorance. Two years ago, the voter’s roll was accessed by some unscrupulous folks who just dumped the whole darn thing on the internet full of our names, ID numbers and residential addresses. […]

ED’s Law: 20 Years In Prison For Fake News During Lockdown

I still stick to my position that policing fake news is dangerous no matter the circumstances. Therefore the law just passed is in my book a deadly precedence (just like a coup DE tat for that matter). Besides being a very bad thing to do, policing speech is a losing battle. I guess a few […]

Hey President ED Laws Against Social Media Won’t Work, You Already Shared What Works

There is indeed a serious problem of misinformation, alarmist type information and general fake news regarding the COVID 19 pandemic. I am thus going to assume the president is sincere in wanting to protect the country from this ‘infodemic’ as the World Health Organisation called it. Towards the end of his address announcing total lockdown […]

President’s Lockdown Could Be Dangerous, Let’s All Make Sure It Works

I definitely believe that a lockdown was needed and could have been effected a little earlier. When signs that Zimbabwe was going to implement it soon started showing I was relieved. The actual announcement disappointed me a great deal though. First, why is a lockdown important? The important assumption regarding COVID 19 that leads to […]

Dictatorship And Police State, Price To Pay To Defeat Coronavirus?

The Chinese government screwed up at the beginning of the COVID 19 outbreak in Wuhan. However, after the fact of the mass public health crisis, China has been quite effective in managing and containing it. Taiwan is touted as one of the countries that really handled this whole pandemic well, it never got to be […]

10 000 School Heads Have To Go With Laptops To ZIMSEC Risking COVID 19

The Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (ZIMSEC), the country’s primary and secondary education examinations board is putting the whole country at added COVID 19 risk through a ridiculous registration system. From the Progressive Teachers Association President, Takavafira Zhou: Zimsec examination registration process that requires that 9159 school heads travel to Zimsec centres by 30 March 2020 […]

Hypocrisy: Gvt Wants Banks, Mobile Money To Reduce Fees But They Won’t Touch 2% Tax

Transacting is crazy expensive in Zimbabwe. In his communique on measure to ‘stabilise’ the financial sector during the COVID 19 pandemic the RBZ governor talked about the cost of transactions needing to stay the same or go down: The Bank also agreed with the banking sector to suspend increases in charges related to the provision […]

Everybody Said We Are Re-dollarising, THEY Said No, Today THEY Confirmed It

Kwanhasi uku kutaura kwevakuru. (This is just a way for ‘the elders’ to say it in a way that saves them face). This just about sums today’s announcement by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe that we can use USD again ‘to make things easier during this COVID 19 pandemic.’ Everyone was saying the Zimbabwean economy […]

Opportunists: Government, RBZ Discard Interbank Rate ‘In Response To Coronavirus’

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, John Mangudya has just published a communique in which he talks about ‘the measures the government through his bank have put in place for financial stability in light of the COVID 19 pandemic.’ What caught my attention was this line: Government, through the Bank, has suspended the managed floating […]

Coronavirus And The Value Of Zim Dollar VS USD

I have been trying to predict what effect the COVID 19 pandemic will have on the value of the local currency. The mental exercise has resulted in failure and even folks I consulted were not very convincing. I will lay out my thoughts here in the hope some smart people will help me with a […]

Countries Ban Selling Coronavirus Equipment To Other Countries, Global Village Be Damned

“The world has become a global village.” What a worn out cliche right? The spread of the novel coronavirus that leads to COVID 19 disease proves how true the cliche is. Responses to it though reflect that this might not be as villagy a world as we theorise. A number of countries around the world […]

Are You A Developer And Would Love To Join Techzim?

Hey, we are looking for driven coders who are interested in joining in the work we do. We are making this call for applications quite open, we are looking for broad skillsets in different areas of our business. This is a good opportunity for you to tell us exactly what you are good at, what […]