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Press Release: Pastel announces dates for Evolution upgrades

Pastel Software Zimbabwe will launch two upgraded versions of Pastel Evolution this year. Version 6.60 will be launched in Zimbabwe in July and Version 6.70 in October, participants in a series of seminars held in Harare were told.

The seminars, which focused chiefly on Pastel Evolution and various applications of Evolution, such as Branch Accounting, Retail Point of Sale and Municipal Billing, were held on March 8 and 9.

Introducing our Question & Answer site, Techzim Answers

Sometimes people visit a site like Techzim because they’re looking for some specific information. Sometimes they find it, sometimes they don’t. We see it all the time from the Google search terms that land visitors on the site. Some visitors even email us their questions. “How can I get internet in Chipinge?” for example.

Mobile operators to start disconnecting unregistered subscribers

There’s been silence on what happens now that the registration deadline has expired. Emails to POTRAZ didn’t yield anything, and asking the mobile operators left us no closer to the answer. Only NetOne responded yesterday with “POTRAZ is yet to give us a clear position on what course of action to take now that we have passed the deadline for SIM registration”

Press Release: Sage Pastel Payroll software sees strong growth in Africa

With business partner representation in 18 African countries, payroll and HR software developer Sage Pastel Payroll is extending its international business and providing focused sales and support infrastructure through a well-established business partner network.

Let Google dress your email for business

I don’t know about you folks but I haven’t had much success finding certain products and services from local businesses on the Internet. Not that they don’t exist, but I suppose advertising on the Internet is something that most of us seem to still be tentatively exploring. Because I usually don’t have time to leaf through other traditional advertising media, each time I’m driving through town I’m on the lookout for billboards, informative company cars and such. Maybe not the most effective method but it has rewarded me enough times to keep at it.

Press Release: Zimbo Jam to launch mobile site

Zimbabwe’s leading arts, culture and lifestyle website, Zimbo Jam will on Tuesday March 1, 2011, officially launch the mobile version of its site. The launch ceremony will be simple; The Zimbo Jam editor will stand in front of the Econet offices in Harare’s First Street and at 1330hrs on the day Tweet: “Zimbo Jam mobile is launched. Snip, Snip.”

Press Release: Econet Launches ‘Econet Energy’

Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s largest telecoms company, has launched a ‘green’ campaign that will see the company invest in alternative energies, raising environmental awareness and alleviating the crippling impact of worsening power cuts on service.

Econet Puts A Hand To Mobile Phones

Econet, it seems, has decided to go all the way in providing mobile services for subscribers. It has officially joined the cell phone mad rush, flighting adverts for mobile phones and accessories in the local papers.

Econet started out about a year ago with the ‘Buddie Lite’, a ZTE manufactured low end phone with basic telephony and SMS features. Later in the year it introduced another range of Econet branded mobile phones, moderately basic this time. Both ranges were bundled with the prepaid subscriber lines. With this new offering Econet has unbundled the package; it’s a just a mobile phone now, no line. They’re making a bold statement here to all mobile phone dealers; that they’re seriously interested in a piece of the pie. And that’s no small piece we’re talking here, it wouldn’t be worth their while if it was.

Why Sanii Makhalima’s Got It All Wrong

Today, an interesting article posted on Zimbo Jam two days ago caught my eye. It carried news on how one of Zimbabwe’s most popular musicians, Sani Makhalima, has found a solution to close the door on the music piracy problem. The solution:

He has set up a new company that is marketing a software product that makes it impossible to read an audio CD on a computer.

What in the world is that? Seriously, in this day and age, why would anyone want to propose a music format that cannot be played on computers and portable media players? Is the big picture even in sight? What a disaster in the making!