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ZEC Website Is Back Online. Is It Being Hacked A Sign That We Are Lacking As A Nation?

ZEC’s website was hacked on the 1st of August. The hackers were protesting to the delay in publishing of results. They posted some images on the site that depicted the events of the 1st August and what had happened during the protest. Zec took down the website after just 11 minutes and confirmed that this […]

Stand A Chance To Win $2 500 By Coming Up With An Insurance Innovation

The Nicoz Diamond think tank competition was launched on Friday the 27th of July. Think tank represents a pool of ideas, thoughts etc. We got a lot more details but those mentioned in the previous article were the essentials. The competition is one to come up with innovative insurance solutions for Nicoz Diamond, a short […]

My Voting Experience; More Technology Would Be Nice

Yesterday we had a power cut and my sister jokingly said they had channelled all the electricity to the polling stations but of course that is impossible because there was absolutely nothing that needed electricity at the polling stations at least there was nothing at the one I went to. The queue was moving at […]

Facebook Share Value Drops By $123 Billion In An Instant: Here’s what $123 Billion Dollars Means To Zimbabwe

Facebook lost 123 billion dollars in just two hours after it announced its slowest-ever user growth rate indicating that its revenue growth would go down. It’s share price fell by more than 20 percent (huge) after it announced its Q2 results.This has happened before but not to this extent. The stats that led to this […]

Nicoz Diamond Think Tank Competition To Be Launched Tomorrow, This One For Student Innovators

Nicoz diamond in partnership with BOOST Fellowship is hosting an innovators competition launch tomorrow the  27th of July 2018 at Nicoz Diamond HQ  from 1 p.m- 3p.m. They will have a workshop and give more information about the competition. So far we know that it is a competition targeted at but not limited to attached […]

How To Come Up With A New Business Idea

I have been to many business workshops and everyone says that for you to be successful you need to solve a problem. Which is true but I think now our thought process is how can I make money? Oh yes by solving a problem. Which problem can I make the most money from in the […]

Ecocash Agents Shocked To See Tax Deductions From Their Commissions, Ecocash Explains

Ecocash agents were shocked to find 10% deducted from their accounts. Some said this was the first time this was happening and accused Ecocash of stealing from them. Below are messages some of the agents received.   We reached out to Ecocash and this is what they had to say. Here’s the position: Agents have […]

Whatsapp Admin In India Spends 5 Months Behind Bars For A Message Forwarded By Someone Else

A 21-year-old student in India has been in prison for the last 5 months because he was the admin in a group that an offensive message had been forwarded. The message was then reported to the authorities. The person who sent the message and the admin were arrested. His family has tried to argue that […]

[Updated] Here’s All There Is To Know About US Dollar Cards That Work Online

A lot of people have been asking us about means with which they can buy online. This article is for you. For all those who would like to make online payments (yes even buy things online) and those who want to travel but do not want to travel with large sums of money you can […]

Econet To Pay Out A Dividend Of $20 Million; Possibly Excess Cash And No Forex Contributing To The Decision

Charles Banda, Econet Secretary says Econet has declared a dividend of 0.77 cents per share amounting to $20 million for the first quarter ended 31 May 2018.The dividend will be paid out on 7 August and will be levied a 10% withholding tax Companies in Zimbabwe. The shares will trade cum-dividend till July 31 while […]

MyCash Customers Speak Out

So the people who use MyCash did not feel I did justice to MyCash in my article. I am always happy to receive feedback especially if it helps others make more informed decisions. Let me highlight what MyCash customers are happy about. Ability to pay bills You can pay bills on MyCash. You can pay […]

How WhatsApp Is Aiding Criminal Activity, We Should Copy The Shady Guys

The ease of communication provided by WhatsApp is a blessing to all of us. The messaging app has made it much simpler and cheaper to stay connected even with relatives across the globe. This has also brought its share of problems. WhatsApp is allowing criminals to be isolated from each other but at the same […]

Introducing Divathon: A Hackathon For Women

This post has been updated: We had mentioned that each team must have at least one female participant when in fact teams can be all-female or a max of one male per team is allowed.  Plans are underway to have a female centric hackathon in November (date to be announced) in Victoria Falls. Divathon is […]

Banks Dish Out USDs

Maybe now is not the time to give up on spending hours in the bank queues waiting for cash you can get yourselves some US$ (United States Dollars). Some banks have been giving out US$10 and 30 bond notes  The RBZ has been giving out allocations of US$ to the banks to give to individuals. […]

Is MyCash Any Good?

If like me you have seen MyCash somewhere but have not bothered much about it thinking.. “They probably don’t have cash anyway and I certainly do not need another debit card’’. But in this day and age it does not hurt to investigate, you may save yourself a significant amount of money. Here’s what’s great […]

ZBC Launches New Radio Station In Gweru

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has launched a new radio station in Gweru. Central Radio is set to target the middle aged and elderly. It will be broadcasting programs on sport, business, industry, news and giving the residents of Gweru and the mining towns of Kwekwe, Shurugwi, Mvuma, Shangani a platform to interact. Central Radio […]

Disturbing Internet Content? How To Protect Your Child

With our children using the internet more and more to watch their favourite cartoons or do their homework, we worry that as they are doing this they will stumble upon disturbing images or videos. Lucky for us  we can minimize the likelihood of this happening using a kid search browser called Kiddle What is Kiddle? […]

Can Your Sim Card Be Hacked?

The message below has been circulating on Whatsapp. SIM SWAP FRAUD Dear All, Please lets be very careful.. There is a new HIGH TECH FRAUD in town called the SIM SWAP FRAUD and hundreds of persons are already VICTIMS. How it works 1 A new fraud called SIM SWAP has started. Your phone network will […]

Zim’s Very Own Space Agency Launched -Now We Wait & Watch

Zingsa (Zimbabwe National Geo-Spatial and Space Agency) was launched yesterday. It promises the discovery of new minerals and renewable energy sources, wildlife monitoring and investor attraction. The president said: This programme is expected to enhance Zimbabwe’s capabilities in global policy discourses on generation, access, use and regulation of the application of space technologies and innovations […]

Econet Turned 20 Today-Their Journey So Far

Econet turns 20! It has been quite a journey since it was launched in 1998. Here is what Econet has been doing each year. 2005 Higher Life Foundation Supports under privileged students as well as those academically gifted by giving scholarships to study locally and abroad. 2009 3G Service Service that allows mobile phone users […]