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A closer look at the Astro Virtual 2+; our first local phone with an 18MP camera

This is a review of the Astro Virtual 2+, the latest midrange mobile device from Astro Zimbabwe. Its biggest claim to fame is an 18MP camera and some other specs that will entice any Android aficionado. But is this enough o make the phone a runaway hit?

Hands on with the battery friendly Gtel A718 Xplora Plus

It’s hard to be a very visible phone brand, especially in a world where everyone knows how good a deal they can get from all these Android devices that are out to chew into markets “owned” by household names. Which is why brands like Gtel and Astro that have done that locally try, in their own […]

The Gtel T 9000: Windows device at its core, or a tablet with choice ?

While the bulk of manufacturers and suppliers are focusing on Android devices, local company GTel has once again opted to be unique. It has done this by giving customers a chance at using Windows as an OS for their tablet.  The merits of this are that most of us are already familiar with the Windows […]

The masses need an affordable phablet; give them the Hisense Pure 1

The last time we had our hands on a Hisense phone, we were handling their claim to the elite 5 inch/big screen league that has become the battle ground for all serious mobile manufacturers. However, the mobile landscape also includes a comparison of phablets; that new age quintessential device that gives tech fans the best of […]

Hisense Prime 1: Part of the 5″ league and yet somehow still a budget phone

After the last two Hisense phones that we got for testing, I was going to recommend that the brand goes back to doing appliances and leave the phones to more knowledgeable companies out there. Then I was given the Hisense Prime 1 aka the HS U970 to look at then, to be honest, my opinion […]

How to get Android Lollipop on a Samsung Galaxy S4, while everyone else waits…

Anyone that’s up to date with the developments of Android will know that the latest flavour out there is Lollipop 5.0.1. Unfortunately for most of us, knowing this also means that we know how slow the process of modifying and distributing of the OS is done by manufacturers. For once Sammy (Samsung) has been timely […]

The Hisense HS U939: when all that is needed for now is an “adequate” device

  What’s the world without another Android smartphone? it wouldn’t be the same, right? There’s so many of these phones and tablets popping up that keeping track is a bit of a chore. Probably that’s why all these devices are differentiated by unique and “epic” names. Joining in the process of giving their products “catchy” […]

The Hisense HS U820: When a phone just covers “the basics”

Like many players in the mobile industry, Hisense has its “entry level” section. This is the section where a phone is given the bare minimum to function, and the tendency in economies like ours, is that this is where the money is. Most people, after all, are not after the flagships that are priced for […]

How the Astro Goat is trying to find Zim relevance, without WhatsApp

When the Astro Goat entered the market at the end of 2014, which was a few weeks ago, it was playing on two features that most of the people are looking for in a phone; affordability and the ability to use WhatsApp. This has changed in light of developments from WhatsApp, although this little bargain […]

Astro Funbook 2 review: How does the Zim tablet for locals by locals perform?

Local is lekker , homegrown is the best pick, Proudly Zimbabwean or Buy Zimbabwe. There’s a slew of these mantras that communicate the same message really. Support local brands. When it comes to tech hardware that herd is pretty thin though. Not many entrepreneurs want to service this market in terms of hardware. In the […]

Device and OS review 2014: What was worth the mention

We are fast approaching the end of this year. Like every other year before it, there have been both hits and misses from the tech world. From awesome devices and software slip-ups here is a quick run through at what was worth the mention  in this device and OS review for 2014. A for Apple The […]

The Gtel SL 5.5: slimmer and still giving you more

Gtel has continued with its onslaught against the established flagships on the local market, bringing  to the table a new device with specs similar to the big time marquees. The latest offering is the Gtel SL 5.5 a phone dubbed as the second slimmest in the world (at the time of launch) and the slimmest in […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: the return of the screen king

The gadget for the following review was sponsored by Goldtech Electronics Zimbabwe. The world of tablets has been filled with budget and mid-tier spec devices and every so often we see a tablet rising above the rest to battle it out with Apple on the high end side of things. This time around it’s Samsung […]

Apple: good things come to those who wait…

The Apple event has come and gone, and all that can be said about the whole thing is, wow. They took their “do it late but do it right statement”, and went all the way home. Not only have they made their phone faster, but they have managed to listen to their customers and make […]

Karbonn Titanium Octane Plus, does bigger mean better?

Karbonn is an up and coming Android device manufacturer from India, and it has released the Karbonn Titanium Octane Plus, successor of their last device the Karbonn Titanium Octane. Physically, the Karbonn Titanium Octane Plus is a rather massive device made to take on the 5” greats like the Sony Z1 and Galaxy S5. It […]

Nubia Z5 mini, small phone big package!

Today we have a device from one of the fastest growing phone manufacturers in the world, ZTE. ZTE has been in the past associated with entry level and mid-tier phones. However they have been making strides towards penetrating the high end market. The Nubia Z5 mini, which we have with us today is one such […]

The GTel A750 Xplora MX1, one camera to rule them all!

GTel, formerly G-Tide is a name that at one point in time became popular for providing cheap phones for the masses. However with time the company has matured and now provides reasonably priced devices with decent specs. Last night they launched their latest offering called the GTel A750 Xplora MX1. It has been priced at […]

Huawei Media Pad Youth 2 review: great quality at just the right price

Huawei has started selling the update to their Huawei Youth tablet in Zimbabwe through Econet Wireless, called the Huawei Media Pad Youth 2. The Media Pad Youth 2 joins Huawei’s contingent of budget offerings that have since gained some considerable market presence in Zimbabwe. It brings with it an upgrade on its processor and today […]