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Getting the golden ticket for the new Gmail Inbox

I have an exceedingly messy email inbox! There I have said it. I have 999+ unread emails that always hang in the corner of my eye as I read the one or two emails that I can read before the guilt gets too much and I have to close the app. They say that admitting […]

Leaked Pics! Its happening in Zimbabwe too!

You would think with the sheer number of the revealing pictures floating around the internet the whole concept would have lost its appeal by now or people would have learnt a thing or two. I’m talking about exposed celebrity photos and I guess by now you are familiar with this scandal . One starlet has over […]

Bendgate: an Apple orchestrated conspiracy?

It is now officially an annual tradition for Apple to present a “something-gate” scandal just after releasing their phones. In the last week internet is awash with pictures of bent iPhone 6 Plus phones. Most of them are photo shopped for memes and humour at Apple’s expense, but there are some that are genuine and […]

Econet’s Platinum Status: What does it mean to me?

I got the call a couple of weeks ago…  “You have been awarded Econet Platinum Status!!” How did I get jumped into this elite club? The letter said it was in recognition of the massive excesses I have demonstrated when it comes to buying airtime, specifically data bundles. Well not in those exact words but […]

Welcome to 2012, Apple

Recently, I was looking for as many NFC capable devices as possible to pair with an audio system just for cheap geek thrills. Having noticed a young man carrying a tablet I politely asked if his device was an NFC capable android. It was an iPad he proudly pronounced (but more like scoffed) that Apple […]