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The ‘Dokora Curriculum’ Under Review Says New Minister, What’s Your Take?

“It’s the back to school promotion!” For a long time, my heart always sank whenever these type of adverts started. Not that I hated school to be honest, but I hated waking up early – I still do! Anyway, it’s that time of the year again when schools open. The period which stresses parents a […]

Should Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Be Regulated?

Currently, there are no laws that directly govern Internet Service Providers (ISP) e.g. Frampol . You might have assumed that these are being regulated by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), but no. However, it is the Internet Access Providers (IAP) which are regulated by POTRAZ . IAPs are the companies that provide […]

ZACC Clears Supa From Corruption Allegations; Kangai Responds And Says But…

Kangai has responded to ZACC’s decision to dismiss his allegations against the minister of ICT and Cyber Security, Hon Supa Mandiwanzira. Well, we can’t possibly have expected the whole #SupaGate saga to end at ZACC dismissing Reward Kangai’s claims just after a few months of investigating such a complicated matter, yet past experience says it […]

Ghanaian Prof Recommends WhatsApp Be Banned During Working Hours, you agree?

Are you one of those whose new year’s resolutions are “to be more productive by cutting out on social media”? something you’ve been telling yourself you were first introduced to social media. If we were in Ghana, I would be saying no worries right now, but oh well… I’m sure we agree that the most […]

Is Minister Supa Really Building A Cartel In The ICT Sector In Zimbabwe??? #SupaGate

So there is a craze that is going on that can potentially change a lot, by a lot I mean a lot. We talking board re-appointments, job dismissals, jail time for some, and most importantly how we will view the president from hereon. Whatever move His Excellence makes in response to this matter is going […]

Magaya Launches A WhatsApp Alternative: Let’s Chat

So a couple of days ago I came across the Let’s Chat app by Yadah Connect, I’m sure by now you’re familiar with Yadah Connect. Frankly speaking (or typing), I took a look at it and didn’t see anything screaming “write about me”. I just thought of it as a standard application that most religious […]

Kangai Responds To The Lawsuit Against Him By NetOne

Operation Restore Legacy continues… It has been an interesting few days or shall I say month as Kangai, Mandiwanzira and NetOne have been going back and forth on some corruption scandals. Today, the NewsDay published a response from Kangai to the suit that was leveled against him by NetOne. Before I get there, a little […]

NetOne Signs A $71 Million Deal With Huawei

NetOne has signed a deal with one of the leading tech companies in the world, Huawei Technologies International. The deal (a funding agreement to be precise) of $71 million was signed on the last day of 2017 i.e. on the 31st December. So far, NetOne has a number of times been called out for underperforming, along […]

ZimTrade Secures A $100 Million Fund For SME Exporters

As the year begins and the reign of our new president continues, efforts to revive the economy of our country continue… Most recently, the export agency of Zimbabwe, ZimTrade, announced an export development fund of $100 million. The fund is being made available to Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Which of course makes sense since […]

What Will Work Best For MNOs In 2018, Competition or Collaboration?

“Competition makes us faster; Collaboration makes us better.” Anonymous To compete or to collaborate? To say these are mutually exclusive would be quite inaccurate. However, it’s important to note that most times when we choose one, the other suffers. I chose to look at this dilemma with a special focus on Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) because […]

What The Heck Are Content Bundles For?

You know how every time you come across Option 2 aka “Content Bundle”  whenever you’re trying to check your WhatsApp or Facebook bundle balance? On your Econet line that is… Yea that, what is that? Well, to be honest; I don’t know. I don’t know the proper use of Content bundles but what I do […]

Boy Severely Injured By Mobile Battery Explosion And What We Can Learn From It..

When we talk tech, advancement is what comes to the minds of most… which then makes it sad that the very same thing we celebrate much, is the very same thing that can cause more damage than we can ever fathom. An 11 year old from kwaZvimba is reported to have suffered serious injuries following […]

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) site hacked

Apparently, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) site has been hacked. We received a tip alerting us to this some minutes ago (two actually, one came as I was already writing this). Nonetheless, we’re not sure how long it’s been like that maybe because our own internal ‘Equities Analyst’ who faithfully checks on it every now […]

Wanna Learn Photography and Video Editing on Your Phone? Register For This Citizen Journalism Workshop.

I just came across a flier sent in one of the WhatsApp groups that I’m in and I found it interesting. The flier was advertising a workshop on “Mobile Reporting For Community Journalism In Zimbabwe”. I remember during the coup-not-coup, Techzim wrote on how technology particularly smartphones, the internet and social media had played a […]

Someone’s Phone Won’t Be Supporting WhatsApp In A Few Days Time…Question Is Whose???

It’s almost the end of the year; while some celebrate, some are wishing they could slow down time just a little bit more. Yes, imagining life without WhatsApp can be motivation enough for one to want the year to last a little longer than it should. Hopefully, you’re not one of those people! In September […]

You Want To Freelance For Steward Bank But Need To Know More? Here’s More…

So the first time we wrote about collaborating with Steward Bank we described a bit about the bank. Needed to just give you a better feel of what they are about so you can better decide if that’s what you’re interested in. Last time we discussed who exactly they are looking for. Today, I will try […]

USA Tells Zimbabwe To Drop USD And Use Its Own Currency

“Zimbabwe used to be the bread basket of Africa” Boy, am I tired of that statement. I’m tired of us reminiscing on the good old days. At least now thankfully, I won’t have to continuously endure the “lest we forget” statement that always used to be thrown at us each time some kinda propaganda needed […]

DStv To No Longer Broadcast Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League…

In terms of entertainment in Zimbabwe, DStv is (or was) quite big, chiefly because we have/had very little options. ZBC tv did that to us. Not only do we have one national channel, but the national channel is terrible! Repeats, propaganda, poor quality and it goes on and on. So eventually, people had enough and […]

Facebook Now Lets You Know Of The Photos You Appear In, Even Without Being Tagged

If at some point in your Facebook life have for some reason discovered an ugly photo of yours which was uploaded by a friend (because they looked okay in it) way too late i.e. after it had done enough rounds to be seen by everyone that matters, then this is for you… Facebook has unveiled […]

WhatsApp Warned Against Sharing Data With Facebook

Just read an article on Bloomberg Technology talking about how WhatsApp and Facebook are in ‘data trouble’. Reports say that France’s data protection authority CNIL served WhatsApp with a formal notice stating that they (WhatsApp) only have a month to get their house in order and stop sharing data with Facebook. Last year, WhatsApp announced to […]

Activists Pushing For ZEC To Allow The Public To Access Their Servers. Good Idea???

Of late, the Zimbabwe Electronic Commission (ZEC) has been under pressure from civil society organisations to give the public access to their servers. Turns out ZEC is not too keen to do that. The Herald today published a response from a ZEC representative, ZEC commissioner Dr Q Moyo which said  Zimbabwe has millions of people and […]

ZIMRA’s Online System Breaks Down, Causes Long Queues At The Border

Just a few days ago, ZIMRA (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) revealed how it had surpassed the revenue it had projected for the month of November (2017) by almost 30%. We had mixed emotions concerning this announcement. Anyway, judging from their e-service downtime this month and the report that Newsday published today, that might not be happening again… well […]

Facebook Now Allows You To ‘Mute’ Posts From A Friend/Page/Group Temporarily

Over and above the hide post, unfollow and report post options, Facebook has added snooze to the list. Snooze allows you to hide the posts from a facebook friend, page or group for 30 days at a time. While the hide and/or report post options are focused on performing an action over a specific post, the […]

ZIMRA Records 30% More Revenue Than Projected In November

ZIMRA (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) is reported to have done well in the last month. In fact, they did almost 30 percent better than they had expected for the month. See with entities like ZIMRA it’s hard to establish what emotion to tie with such news. Yes, we’re glad that whenever ZIMRA generates revenue, the country […]

Social Media Isn’t for that. You Must Stop It!

So I know of late I’ve been on and on about how great social media is, even recommended it to the government. I mean it’s no secret that social media has totally turned around the way we interact with each other, it has enhanced it on the most part but look, everything under the sun […]

Here’s What We Discussed At The Zimbabwe Internet Governance Forum 2017

In the afternoon we highlighted that we were attending the Zimbabwe Internet Governance Forum (ZIGF) 2017. In case you’re wondering what ZIGF is; well, ZIGF as defined is a multi-stakeholder forum for public policy dialogue on issues of Internet Governance in Zimbabwe. It is at such forums where policies are shaped… and in this case policies […]

Instagram Introduces The ‘Hashtag’ Feature

What about our lives has social media changed? Well, honestly that’s a big question because social media has done tonnes; talk about how it has eased the flow of information, how it has defied the geographical limitations to communication, how it has enabled the otherwise ignored voices to be heard and the list goes on […]

Here Are The Answers To Your eMAP Application Questions

We realised that there are still a lot of questions around the eMAP applications platform and decided to go to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to get some answers. So below, we’ve created a little Question and Answer section… hope it helps.   Q: How many schools can I apply for on eMAP? […]

Now You Can Tweet A Twitter Thread All In One Go

Back in September, Techzim wrote on Twitter’s plans of introducing a feature that makes tweeting threads much much easier and it’s here now! If you’re a Twitter user and your English teacher didn’t do well in teaching you how to summarise (yes, not your fault), you probably were super excited when Twitter increased the character […]

Will WhatsApp for Business be big in Zimbabwe?

We’ve been talking about WhatsApp for business for a while now. We were quite excited about the whole idea but now to be quite frank the hype is dying down (or rather, let me speak for myself, my hype is dying down) and the reason is probably that I don’t have access to it yet ? WhatsApp […]