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From working in a factory to having an animated show on TV

Christopher Tsamba is a local animator who, through his company Mbasta Animation, got an animated show on ZBC TV. I recently had the pleasure of talking to him about the struggles of trying to make it as a content creator in Zimbabwe. As well as how he got his show on ZBC. You can download […]

Pro Evolution Soccer is now called eFootball and its free to play

After 20 years of the game being known as Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), Konami has decided to shake things up by renaming the game to simply eFootball. The change in name also comes with the announcement that Pro Evolution/eFootball will be digital only and free to play. This is a massive deviation from what we […]

Doc Online, a local WhatsApp chatbot that gets you in touch with medical professionals

Medical services have not been left behind in the rush to digital that has been brought on by the COVID -19 pandemic. Just this week we saw Cassava Smartech’s Maisha Health launch medical insurance registration via USSD to add on to the medical tips and advice the service was already offering. In line with this […]

Standard Chartered launches US$1000 Youth Startup Challenge

Standard Chartered Zimbabwe has launched a new community project to support the youth in Zimbabwe recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The programme is part of Futuremakers by Standard Chartered, the Bank’s global initiative to tackle inequality by promoting economic inclusion for young people for disadvantaged young people across its markets, including […]

ZOL internet package prices are going up next month

ZOL has announced that it is increasing the prices for internet packages in local currency starting August 1st 2021. This increase isn’t much of a surprise because the last time ZOL adjusted its package prices was towards the end of August last year. USD Prices remain unchanged The new ZOL prices are as follows: Package […]

Zimswitch’s bulk payments solution ZEEPAY has resurfaced

In 2018, Zimswitch, at its Payments Conference announced that it would be bringing a bulk payment solution called ZEEPAY. The product builds off the immediate settlement services we all use by way of ZIPIT. So we can all get caught up here’s what Zimswitch’s ZEEPAY can do. ZEEPAY is a secure, cost effective and efficient […]

Eddie Cross: Zim should have a 5% transaction tax, halve PAYE & no company tax

I was joined yet again by Economist and former member of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Monetary Policy Committee Eddie Cross to talk about financing a nation, tax collection and administration as well as electronic transactions You can play or download the podcast with the link below. Alternatively, you can download the podcast on WhatsApp […]

The price difference between in and out of bundle browsing

So, if you weren’t already aware mobile data is priced differently depending on whether you are browsing in or out of a bundle. These prices are set by the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) and the authority today put out a statement on the matter. In-Bundle and Out-of-bundle browsing. The mechanics of […]

Maud Chifamba: UZ’s youngest ever student at 14, now a Chartered Account

In 2012 and at the very young age of 14, Maud Chifamba became the youngest ever University of Zimbabwe Student and tertiary education student in Southern Africa. I recently got the opportunity to have a chat with her to talk about her journey and experiences. You can download or play the podcast with the link […]

Cassava’s Maisha Health launches USSD medical aid registration

Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe’s medical or health insurance division Maisha Health Fund has announced a new service that will allow anyone to register for medical aid via USSD. Anyone who needs medical cover can now find options through Maisha Health’s *147# USSD. The main motivation behind this is to increase the digital channels to those that […]

Africa’s 1st karate world champion now has a docuseries & here’s more about it from the man himself

Last week we reported on a docuseries that would detail the journey of Africa’s first Karate World Champion Shihan Samson Muripo. The production was done by a local content platform called Yakontent with the backing of First Mutual Holdings Limited. To get more on about the production I spoke to Tafadzwa Munyaradzi from Yakontent, Farayi […]

WhatsApp now lets you join group calls while they are in progress

WhatsApp has started rolling out a feature that allows you to join group calls while they are in progress. It’s kind of like what you can do with conferencing software like Zoom or Google Meet. So now you don’t have to be added to a WhatsApp call and you can flit in and out as […]

Is TelOne’s US$99.99 feature phone value for money?

Earlier on we reported on TelOne’s MLS Easy TS 4G feature phone that will go toe-to-toe with Econet’s Kambudzi lineup. In that article, it was clear that the MLS Easy TS 4G was a cut above the Kambudzi 4G Mi-Fi launched by Econet the last month. It is closer to a conventional smartphone than the […]

TelOne launches 4G feature phone to rival Econet’s Smart Kambudzi

TelOne has joined in on the feature phone game by announcing that it will be offering an MLS Easy TS 4G Smart feature phone that will go head to head with Econet’s Smart 4G Kambudzi. Introducing the New MLS Easy TS 4G Smart Feature Phone from TelOne. Access WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for less!#BringingYouTogether […]

Econet’s solar company DPA has secured a deal with Total to power its service stations

Econet Group’s solar subsidiary Distributed Power Africa (DPA) has announced that it has secured a deal with Total Zimbabwe to install solar panels at 15 of its service stations. “We are excited that businesses are taking such big steps towards adopting renewable energy, and we look forward to a great collaboration with Total Zimbabwe as […]

WhatsApp multi-device is now in beta, we are getting closer

One frustration that I have with WhatsApp (and I think I am not alone in this) is how you need to have your phone connected to the network in order to use the desktop or web app. Sometimes my phone would be out of power or might be having connectivity issues even though the same […]

Election integrity, music royalties & other use cases for cryptos and blockchain technology

Part two of our discussion on the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is a more focused one. In this episode, we look at the use cases for the blockchain and cryptos that go beyond financial services. And I was joined yet again by Financial Services Lawyer and Blockchain Technology Analyst, Prosper Mwedzi. You can […]

Mureza Auto to roll out its first 100 vehicles in Zim and SA

Mureza Auto has announced that it will be rolling out 100 vehicles into the market starting next week. The countries that will be the first recipients are Zimbabwe and South Africa and the news follows of the company being granted a licence to produce cars in South Africa. “Mureza Holdings (Pty) Ltd now a licenced […]

Local production house to release a docuseries on one of Zim’s greatest sportsmen

I am sure that anyone reading this has watched their fair share of biopics or TLC styled documentaries of a notable person’s life and exploits. These productions are quite common in western countries, to the point that the most famous people already have a couple made or some that are in various stages of production. […]

Econet is having issues with calls and USSD

It looks like all is not well at Econet. Over the course of the day making calls and accessing the USSD have gotten progressively harder to do. When I tried to make a call just now there was no connection, even though my network reception was good. Anyone else struggling with making calls or accessing […]

Zim entrepreneur named among top 100 automotive leaders for super car design

Zim businessman/entrepreneur Devine Mafa was named among the Top 100 World Innovators at the International Transportation and Automotive Summit (ITAS) Annual Conference in Las Vegas, USA. If the name Devin Mafa sounds familiar it is because a couple of months ago his company Hende Moto announced that it had secured a US$ 1 million deal […]

Thumeza, the local logistics startup that is a finalist in a US$750K accelerator

Thumeza, is a local startup that offers financing to small scale logistics operators. It was recently named as one of the 10 finalists for the Telecel Group under its Africa Startup Initiative Program (ASIP) and Startupbootcamp Afritech US$750K accelerator along with another Zimbabwean startup called Dawa Health. I got the opportunity to “virtually” sit down […]

Eddie Cross: I’m excited about the Zim economy

Today I was joined by the former member of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Monetary Policy Committee, Eddie Cross. We explored the recently launched ZWL $50 note, the contrast in policy and environment from Rhodesia to present-day Zimbabwe. The forex auction system and if it has been a success, his current capacity in financial policymaking […]

Econet dismisses claims that it is disabling the hotspot feature on customer devices

Local journalist Tichaona Zindoga this afternoon made a fascinating claim on Twitter. He said, in a 4 part tweet, that Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is disabling the hotspot or tethering function on their customers’ phones to encourage the purchase of the recently launched 4G MiFi Smart Kambudzi. Robbery…So, @econetzimbabwe has decided to disable people’s gadgets from […]

From cassettes to WhatsApp MP3s: How music distribution has evolved in Zimbabwe

Who remembers the days when you had to use a pen or pencil to rewind a cassette tape? It feels like a lifetime ago, and for good reason. The production and distribution of music in Zimbabwe (and the world over) has been liberalized to the point that anyone with a laptop can be a producer […]

Econet says 20% bundle price increase was prompted by soaring operating costs

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s new data bundle prices take effect today (8 July 2021). And as you would have seen from the new tariff sheet there is a 20% increase in the prices across the board save for the Sasai Bundles which remained unchanged. The bundle price increase isn’t something that Econet did capriciously. The mobile […]

Shumba Money removes fees & adds US$10 bonus for funds sent to Zimbabwe

Shumba Money has announced that it has cut all fees or transactions charges for anyone in the diaspora who wants to send money to Zimbabwe. Diaspora weeee this one is for you, send money for mahala to Zimbabwe!! Send at $0 transaction cost and on top of that your recipient receives $10 complimentary on your […]

New ZWL $50 note comes into the market almost valueless

Earlier this year, former member of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s (RBZ) Monetary Policy Committee Eddie Cross said that Zimbabwe will soon get a ZWL $50, $100 and $200 note. “The only new note which is due to come in shortly is the $50 note, and I’m not certain when that is going to be […]

Liquid Intelligent Technologies & Facebook partner to build fibre network in the DRC

Fresh off its 100,000 km fibre milestone, Liquid Intelligent Technologies has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Facebook to build a fibre network in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The new network will help improve internet access for over 30 million people and aid in meeting the increasing demand for regional connectivity across […]

Hotbox the WhatsApp chatbot that replaced Duta is now at 300K users

The was once a WhatsApp service called Duta that shut up shop on WhatsApp in late 2019. This service was particularly useful because you could get sports news and many other updates through it. When it went away it left a void in the market that needed filling and up stepped Hotbox which has been […]