Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

Astro Mobile to setup mobile phone, television assembly plant

Astro Mobile plans to set up a mobile device and television assembly plant in Zimbabwe by the end of 2015. Should these plans succeed, Astro has potential to create employment and reduce the cost of production for their Astro brand.

RBZ Mid-Term Monetary Policy shows a slowed growth in mobile money

There is a slowed growth in Mobile Money according to the RBZ’s Mid Term Monetary Policy Statement. This is probably a result of the turbulence in both the banking and telecoms sectors.

Astro Mobile continues to grow, opens new branch at Joina City Harare

Astro Mobile has just commissioned a branch at Joina City Mall in Harare, where it’s showcasing some of its products including the flagship Astro V2+.

Here’s a case for mobile money services through football clubs

There is an opportunity for induced Financial Services adoption in mobile money via the use of popular sports such as soccer. Through the use of simple technology, banks can motivate deposits and operators can activate inclusion beyond just sending and receiving money.

Powertel to connect 55 schools to the internet for free

Powertel has unveiled CSR plans to bring internet connectivity to more than 50 Zimbabwean schools for free in a bid to compliment government e-services projects and in the process activate communities to fend for themselves.

Windows 10 is not so Zim friendly, and here’s why

Windows 10 has been received with open arms even in Africa but after using it a couple of days you begin to understand how it is hungry for your bandwidth especially as it comes with forced security updates and P2P sharing among other features.

Econet threatened by AnonymousZimbabwe, the outfit behind the hack (update)

Anonymous Zimbabwe has claimed responsibility for hacking the e-commerce website while lobbying for net neutrality. It has also threatened Tengai and the mobile operator Econet, giving both parties until the 8th of August to issue a press statement or face unspecified action.

Here’s how Nettcash’s app is a solution for ZESA’s prepaid voucher problem

The Nettcash app offers a simple user interface and brings the ability to purchase ZESA tokens to mobile better than the NetOne OneWallet utilities. Except for it being a data consuming app, it is handy tool especially for vending.

@AnonZW outfit claiming responsibility for hack issues press release

We have been contacted by individual(s) purporting to be behind the hack. We unfortunately could not get the press release to confirm whether this is true or a simple prank from someone seeking attention.

Kids dabble in robotics in Zimbabwe : RoboFEST 2015 in pictures

We attended the RoboFEST 2015 edition which ran from the 31st of July to the 1st of August. Themed Agriculture in the 21st Century”, the event’s challenge was to simulate the planting and harvesting in agriculture using miniature robots assembled from a prepared toolkit.

RoboFEST 2015: Zimbabwean children develop tech solutions for agriculture

The RoboFEST Challenge’s 2nd Edition held in Harare recently brought together 8 different teams of students to compete in creating a robot that solved a real problem in agriculture.

UZ team exhibits automated irrigation system at RoboFEST Science Fair

A UZ Computer Science team has developed a prototype of an automated irrigation system that uses sensors in the field to control water supply. The system was made with new farmers in mind and has the capacity to reduce water usage by up to 30%.

Zimbabwe’s mobile money legislative void: DPC not in control

The Deposit Protection Corporation (DPC) has a mandate to ensure deposits held by the banks and its role is tested in the mobile money trust fund insurance. As it turns out there is lack of clarity or clear cut answers in terms of how this fund is dissolved in case of the operator or bank failure and how exposed subscribers are.

Mobile money legislative void: regulators like the NPS must do more

The sentiments from the recent Mobile Payments conference are that there is no awareness or adequate legislation in mobile money on the part of all the authorities involved. Even though most of them indicated that there are discussions, the delay will result in the exploitation of and burdening of users at the bottom of the “food chain” due to ignorance.

Now that Windows 10 has been officially launched, here’s how to get it

Windows 10 has been made officially available to the whole world. If you are on the Windows Insider program Windows 10 should be fairly simple to upgrade to the official release if it has not done so already, otherwise a few simple steps will get you the free upgrade available for the next one year.

Nettcash continues on the offensive with introduction of DStv payments

In a bid to catch up with competition and lock steady revenue streams, Nettcash has unveiled the DStv payments facility through its mobile app which was recently launched and made available for download on Google Play.

Nettcash cries foul over mobile money agents, accuses other operators of nudging them out

Nettcash has complained that other mobile money operators are muscling Nettcash out of the agency network and going to the extent of taking over some agents and stripping their signage from the kiosks and premises.

Zimbabwe’s Mobile Money & Digital Payments Conference in pictures

The inaugural edition of the Mobile Money and Digital Payments Conference and Awards drew the who-is-who of banking and telecoms. See the event in pictures below

Nettcash officially launches mobile app & ZESA payments option

We have just attended an event organized by Nettcash where they launched their Android mobile application and announced the enhanced ZESA Utility options developed for their platform. We will be reviewing their application shortly but meanwhile, here is the launch in pictures.

These are the winners at Zimbabwe’s Mobile & Digital Payments Awards

A whole day of discussions around digital and mobile payments that brought together banks and mobile network operators, was concluded with the Awards Ceremony that recognised the best performing companies and products.

Econet still uninterested in interoperability (updated)

It seems Econet, banking on its market share and business interests, is still unwilling to enable interoperability in some aspects of their services, particularly hand to hand wallet to wallet interfacing. This is unlike the competitors OneWallet, Telecash and Nettcash.

Saith Technologies : What is the real innovation / invention?

In a recent discussion of Saith Technologies’ “innovations” a raging debate ensured about whether true innovations were indeed exhibited. In the interest of objectivity we go through some of Saith Technologies claims and try to clear some misconceptions.

POTRAZ prepares to deploy quality of service system

At the Broadband Forum, we learnt that POTRAZ will in the near future deploy Quality of Service monitoring equipment to ensure operators adhere to service agreements that ensure acceptable service standards. At the present moment, consumers are at the mercy of operators in the absence of regulations and in the wake of weak consumer protection.

Maxwell Chikumbutso explains some of his technologies

In this podcast, Maxwell Chikumbutso of Saith Technologies takes us through his innovations and explains his the technology behind the car in very simple terms. The Greener Generator, EV and communications solutions are explained to some degree.

Mozido acquires Nettcash, adds utility services

Mozido, a global payments provider recently acquired local mobile payments provider Nettcash. They have announced through their website that they merged the two wallets and immediately made available a new feature that allows users to buy prepaid electricity from their credit stored in the mobile wallet.

Got questions for Zimbabwe’s inventor? Saith Technologies is inviting you to ask him anything

We have organized an Ask-Me-Anything session with Saith Technologies and we are inviting your question as we try to shed light on his inventions. Please sent us your questions so we can relay them to Maxwell Chikumbutso and the team. We would also like to invite those interested in visiting the exhibition. Saith Technologies has agreed to host, courtesy of Techzim, you our readers between 12 and 3 pm today and the same time tomorrow.

Sangulani Maxwell Chikumbutso, the Zimbabwean inventor tells his story

Zimbabwean Innovator Maxwell Chikumbutso showcased his prototypes at Saith Technologies Open Day. He shared his journey from his early days to the implementation of some of his ideas.

Zimbabwean inventor showcases his own drone, electric car and green generator

A local inventor, Sangulani Chikumbutso, who is part of a company called Saith Technologies, has come up with prototype inventions that will change the way communication and energy is known in the field of science. He showcased his own electric car, drone and generator. Here are some of the pictures.

Mambo Press goes online with virtual shop but…

Mambo has adapted to the power of the internet to move volumes on their publication by launching a virtual shop online via This is a noble move, but they definitely need to do more if they are to upset and guard against piracy.

Saith Technology Open Day to exhibit Zimbabwe’s locally produced drone

Saith Technologies Open Day set for tomorrow at Bluffhill Industrial Park will exhibit technologies that include a locally manufactured drone, electric car and the green machine among other innovations the company has been working on.