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Author: Victor Mukandatsama

Want to cash in on digitisation? Here are 7 business ideas you can try

All this fuss about Digital Migration often overlooks the fact that the whole exercise comes with a wide range of opportunities for all stakeholders, unemployed youths included. Here are a few business ideas that can work in a digital television setup.

What’s the story with Alpha Media’s newspaper apps?

Newspaper readership is undoubtedly on the decline. Alpha Media Holdings, parent to Newsday, Southern Eye, The Standard and Zimbabwe Independent has made more significant inroads into the digital divide launching a series of applications to support their online presence.

Is Zimbabwe really that much out of touch with tech?

The way we celebrate and endorse some Zimbabwean products has really gotten me thinking whether or not we are in touch with the modern day technologies. Sure, it’s ok for a fast follower mentality to facilitate progress, but we can’t be celebrating mediocrity in ICT, which is the cornerstone of innovation and ingenuity in this age, when the world is now an open place because of the internet.

Besides reducing corruption, what else does ZINARA’s e-tolling card offer?

ZINARA has taken the leap and decided to upgrade the tollgates to use modern payments technology that is more convenient for both ZINARA and customers. The prepaid tolling card system which was launched last week will be rolled out nationwide over the coming few months.

UK based Bureau de Change Chitoro integrates with EcoCash

Chitoro, an international money transfer agency based in the UK, has just announced that it recently connected EcoCash to its receiving channel for diaspora payments targeting Zimbabwe.

What’s the latest on Zimbabwean e-commerce? Check out these 12 e-platforms

If you thought we don’t have any attempts at online trading and commerce in Zimbabwe, think again. Take a look at these 12 platforms that have been around for a while. Some very big companies like Food World have setup online shops with a variety of payments options you could find anywhere across the world.

Whatever happened to Astro Payit anyway?

The Astro brand is constantly aiming to define its name when it comes to local innovation. The team there has conceptualised some cutting edge solutions in tech, but sadly others have failed to go market. Hre’a a look at Payit and possible reasons it failed.

HIT to host Technovation Day tomorrow. What can we expect from Zim talent?

The Harare institute of Technology will hold a Technovation day tomorrow (Friday 19 June) which looks like it’s going to be an exhibition for companies and organisations in science, engineering and technology.

The 2015 edition of Zimbabwe’s RoboFEST to be held next month

This years RoboFEST robotics and automation competition will be held from 31 July to 1 August at Gateway High School. Confidence will be high this in this edition after last years event attracted 10 teams, some from underprivileged backgrounds who designed and built robots after only having learnt how to use a computer 4 weeks before.

Spar embraces m-commerce, introduces PayZone and Loyalty Points

Spar has introduced a payments area within the shop and a loyalty program meant to reward customers for their business. It will provide a booth where the main Mobile Wallets (Ecocash, Telecash and One Wallet) and CBZ bank are available for customers.

No surprises as Zim misses digitisation deadline. What does it mean for you though?

Nine years down the line Zimbabwe has missed the ITU digital migration deadline for a host of reasons that include delayed funds release, lack of skill and low prioritisation. What does this mean for you and me? Well, it’s business as usual with your first, permanent and only choice in local broadcasting.

Local company, Goodrich Analytix develops Credit Rating System for Zimbabwe

Goodrich Analytix Ltd has brought in a solution that offers credit rating to the wider players in the economy. This system provides intelligence for risk management at a national scale by monitoring credit scores of individuals and companies through electronic records. When used extensively, it will help weed out potential credit defaulters.

You need internet to get Powertel internet

The highlight of ISP information deficiency to customers is the inability to relay tools that not only satisfy the customer but create loyalty. My continuing experience with one provider, Powertel, brought to light a peculiar shortcoming; You need to have an internet access to recharge you Powertel account.

Yes, Dokora is right, bring your cell phone to school.

Minister Dokora sparked a genuine discussion on the use of cell phones in school but parents were just emotional in their responses without looking at the bigger picture. Dokora is right, devices should be allowed in school.

Challenges in telecoms highlighted as POTRAZ cancels 3 operators’ licences

Zimbabwe has just lost three networks that have been peculiarly silent after having made a lot of noise about disrupting the telecoms space at their launch, proving that telecoms is not for the quick or the loud.

As Africa moves towards regulating the Internet should Zim follow?

Africa seems to be awakening from the internet ignorance slumber that has seen some countries connecting to the world wide web with no restrictions. This situation has its pros as advocated for by Internet Freedom activists and its cons as is evident from the demage that can be attributed to social media as an example

BYOD: Is Zim ready for Enterprise Mobile?

The advancement in technology has seen Zimbabwean companies trailing in the type and quality of devices available at the work place. As a result employees have tended to bring their own devices into the workplace. Whether that indeed increases productivity and companies should adopt BYOD is a good point to ponder.

Is your TelOne ADSL connection down? You’re not the only one complaining

Unconfirmed reports indicate that there is a TelOne ADSL blackout across the whole of Zimbabwe. Though we have only managed to confirm with a few users, sources within Telone seem to indicate the network is down due to an interconnection link. TelOne’s official statement however is that this is not a nationwide problem

EOH takes over Zimbabwean enterprise firm, Twenty Third Century Systems

The move by EOH to take over 49% percent of Twenty Third Century Systems (TTCS) to expand its African Enterprise Systems footprint leaving TTCS a minor controller is conspicuously for its detail on the resulting shareholding. This leave EOH as somewhat of a monopoly SAP partner in the region. What does this mean for TTCS?

No home grown mobile games? Here are 4 Zimbabwean titles to consider

There is no mobile gaming industry in Zimbabwe unlike other African countries with world recognised development studios such as Nigeria and South Africa. This may be attributed to lack of app culture which in itself is a result of data costs and mobile phone penetration statistics. This is in addition to the possible fact that this is not an idea that has been seriously pursued as well.

Devil in the details: What these service providers won’t tell you – Powertel

Powertel reintroduced a lopsided version of their unlimited data promotion. In the continuing series of what these service providers don’t tell you, we explore more of how the data promo is structured and how it caters for the average citizen.

6 things NetOne’s OneWallet needs to do to get my money

NetOne has a fair subscriber base of just under 30% of the market, which has however failed to translate into a healthier OneWallet. Accounting for less than 1% of Mobile Money subscribers, it needs to overhaul the product or face extinction.

Kenya OKs the Slim SIM. When will this telecoms monopoly disruptor get to Zim?

The Slim sim introduces mobile number and anti-monopoly disruption and makes it possible for MVN operators, Financial Services Providers, Banks and other players to offer all the usual services plus more sophisticated VAS in addition to the services provided by your current operator

The new MVendr app: Excellent for vendors, but not for Zimbabwe.

Mvendr’s revamped app is an excellent improvement on their previous version and could have been a good solution for vendors today. It will, however, predictably, face the same challenges its predecessor faced in Zimbabwe like data affordability.

Isn’t it time we did more than mobile and internet banking in Zimbabwe?

Most banks have Internet and Mobile banking solutions but the industry is heavily dominated by Mobile Network Operators. Banks have not gone beyond the ATM cards to develop solutions that are in tandem with today’s consumer’s technological socialisation.

Econet offers clarification on WhatsApp & Facebook bundles

Econet says all Whatsapp bundles allow downloads at the same speeds but have different download caps

First impressions of the New EcoCash App: It’s much ado about nothing

Always refreshing to see a new product launch especially from a Company like Econet. There is not much to expect however from this new data App from EcoCash. It feels like just a channel change from USSD to Data.

Data’s too expensive? Here are 9 Android Apps that won’t hurt your balance

These apps are especially designed to conserve data usage in a typical environment like Zimbabwe where the price Mobile data is rather steep.

The 7 things I like about the upcoming Windows 10

The new Windows 10 will be released July 29. Here are a few things we found interesting in the pre-release preview.

Devil in the details: What these service providers won’t tell you – TelOne

Telone advertises its packages as low as $15 a month for the Home Basic package but they do not prompt potential customers about the setup costs.