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The new POTRAZ system: What’s in it for you and the government?

Instead of relying on MNOs for information, POTRAZ will soon implement a direct monitoring system for all mobile money and voice traffic. The main thrust being in billing and reporting. It has benefits for subscribers and government

What sort of chances does TelOne have with its Metro Wi-Fi?  

At the 2014 Broadband Forum, the conclusion was that the next frontier in broadband is retailing broadband right to the doorstep. Various ISPs made noise about FTTH promising to deliver services such as IPTV. Competition seems to be heating up with emerging solutions being rolled out including TelOne FTTH and ZOL Fibroniks. It’s even more […]

Hooked on promos

Readers may be familiar with an induction principle used by drug cartels. New drug lords wanting to penetrate the market would kidnap teenagers and force drugs on them and release them. This was done several times up to a point at which the kids became addicted. The teenagers are released eventually but drugs still made […]

The Netone-ZESA marriage- Pride goeth before a fall

A must-be-gleeful NetOne was granted an unexpected boost ahead of its competitors in the ZESA prepaid electricity retailing facility. They are the only MNO awarded the opportunity to sell prepaid electricity tokens. No surprises there if you have bothered to read a bit of ZIMASSET. I warn NetOne not to celebrate prematurely though. I have […]

I deserve money for my idea: The folly of developers

An advent enthusiast in mobile financial services I was more than eager to hear developers and VAS innovators alike fire away at Econet (Ecocash) for their “reluctance” to open up their network to applications and VAS at the recent Broadband Forum. Not surprisingly was Econet’s calculated responses since they have had to answer to accusations […]

Broadband Forum 2014 take home #ZimBroadband

I just thought I’d share a few notes that appealed to me from the second annual Broadband Forum held last week in Harare by Techzim. Appreciating this forum one has to understand the mix of attendees and panelists from whom some very serious lessons were learnt, positions explained and a general direction assumed in the future […]

Service providers should feel obliged to educate consumers

When a customer purchases a SIM card, they get into a contractual agreement with a network provider. However, the contract at the point of sale is a one page document with hardly any information that the customer could be curious to inspect. Nothing is particularly highlighted for your attention. This contract is as basic in […]

Of irksome Bloatware

Defined as the excess and unwanted junk that chews up your RAM, memory, battery and most importantly for us on prepaid bundles; data, bloatware this is one of the most irritating customer ring–fencing and brand visibility techniques that device and software manufacturers employ. This is basically the hordes of applications that are pre-installed on a […]

Of the EcoCash Android App and the elusive API

I am excited and disappointed at the news that EcoCash has finally released the EcoCash app. Excited because it was long overdue and this could be the much developer touted API. Much to my disappointed is the calibre of application they chose to release. The application is a simple UI onto which you capture all […]

Mobile Money in Zimbabwe: Of EcoCash, Telecash and …well, OneWallet

First, congratulations to the EcoCash team for winning the AfricaCom Best Mobile Money award. No doubt a few heads have turned towards Zimbabwe and we appreciate it. Congratulations as well to NetOne for the OneWallet re-launch. We hold our breath as we await Telecel’s Telecash launch. There has been quite some hype surrounding Telecash’s mobile […]

EcoCash… what’s next?

Following closely developments in mobile services provision, I predicted EcoCash’s savings account before it was launched. I even proposed a Mobile phone directory for my wish list which Econet launched recently. I did not see Ecofarmer coming, nor EcoSchool although EcoCashCredit was kind of obvious after the savings account. All this leaves us with the […]

Zimbabwe: Applications development, nothing new under the sun?

I am enthused by one author who sells the proposition, “Throw away your NDAs out the window”. He stresses one major point that I agree with, that is, what you thought was a unique brilliant idea might already be out there doing the rounds but what’s critical is how speedily and effectively you can implement […]

Zimbabwe: My applications wish list

Tomorrow applications developers battle it out at the TechZim / ZOL Surge and start-up challenge. If I were to have my way and incarnate a stanza of magic code to generate the most useful applications for the moment, I would fulfil the wish list below. Ecocash App – I have said this and I will […]

Zimbabwe apps review: Pay4App internet payments

Some very innovative people have sat down on this one. See, the relevancy of an app to the populace is not necessarily in the cutting edge technology (that’s for tech people), it’s also in the usability, the ability to accomplish the task in as simple a way as possible, as economic and just as secure. […]

Zimbabwe apps review: C2 Media’s TelOne directory

C2 Media has made some serious strides in the area of mobile applications. They have developed applications for iOS, Android and biNu in addition to other custom software design & development. They have a noticeably long track record of some renowned corporates and small companies that they have worked with.

Zimbabwe: Of banks, Mobile Money and EcoCash

Many like myself are probably wondering about the future of Mobile Money in Zimbabwe. On one side we have EcoCash bullishly rolling out merchant after merchant gathering enough momentum to fully implement a system perhaps even more speedily adopted than M-Pesa of Kenya. On the other hand we have the banks under the banner of […]