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How To Find Your Lost/Stolen Cellphone In Zimbabwe?

Losing a possession is never easy. Heck, losing anything can cost a tear or two. With the way that we have become so dependent on our devices the loss of a cellphone can severely impact one’s life, not just socially but financially as well. There a few tips as to precautions one should take prior […]

Of Lists, Cows and Masturbation…

The initial title of my article was meant to be “We’re All Just A Bunch Of Wankers”. Absurd right? I know. However, I’m one to take offence for being labelled based on the actions of others and so I opted to title my article something tamer but still go with the same thought process. Lists Every […]

“We’ve Never Accepted Payments” Says Multichoice Zimbabwe…

Over the last couple of weeks, Techzim has commented a bit on the cash crisis and how it affects various players in the economy, though of great interest to us has been DStv. It’s entertainment ka! Anyhow, we’ve commented from an angle as if the satellite media provider once used to offer a means for […]

BREAKING NEWS: Ecocash Suspends International MasterCard. To Reintroduce It Funded By USD’s Only

Mobile money payment solution Ecocash has sent out an announcement that they have suspended international transactions on their MasterCard debit card with immediate effect. It is not all doom and gloom though as they reassure people that come November 1, 2017, they’ll be back up and running, though you’ll need to pre-fund that card with […]

CBZ Touch Pulls The Plug On DStv Payments…

There are a limited number of options of how one can use money in their bank accounts to pay for their DStv subscriptions. Among that list, you won’t be seeing CBZ’s Touch as an option any longer. Effective immediately CBZ have stopped the processing of DStv payments using their mobile money solution most likely to […]

iPhone X Coming To Zimbabwe. Get Your Kidneys Ready…

Apple iPhones have been known to cost an arm and a leg in Zimbabwe. When the price of the iPhone X was gained by Techzim recently, after picking ourselves up from the floor, we realised that maybe, just maybe, this was a phone not for us. Scheduled to launch on 3 November, 2017 around the […]

Thank You For The Reduction DStv. Now Please Accept Bond Notes…

Dear DStv, It was with a gleeful heart that I learnt yesterday that you’d heard the cries of the people of our land and because of your generosity, decided to oblige and offer a price reduction for your packages. We’re also happy to note that unlike previously where Zimbabweans would pay a substantial amount more […]

Here’s What the $7 DStv Lite Package Contains…

Yesterday Techzim announced the reduction in prices of DStv packages by Multichoice, while we also did a comparison to what we’re being charged locally and what those in South Africa are paying as well. When one scrutinises the list of packages, a $7 bouquet stands out as the new entry-level point for someone to start enjoying […]

Bitcoin Fetches 85% Premium In Zimbabwe

Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency, reached a high in Zimbabwe today as more people look to convert their bank balances to “real money” as well as getting their money out the country. Today, Monday 25 September 2017, on BitcoinFundi, the local Zimbabwean cryptocurrency exchange BTC traded for as much as $7,200/BTC translating to an 85% […]

DSTV Zimbabwe Prices Compared To South Africa – 2017

This afternoon Techzim broke the news that DSTV will be reducing their bouquet prices with effect from Tuesday 26 September 2017. Many are meeting this announcement, which is similar to what the satellite offering did in other markets, as a response to the Strive Masiyiwa owned Kwese TV, but we seem to think their competition […]

Kwese TV to go back on air latest TOMORROW…

After the recent court ruling that Dr. Dish’s licence was not cancelled, Techzim has been informed that Kwese TV will be back on air any time now, with the latest being tomorrow, Saturday 9 September 2017. The much-awaited satellite tv service will also re-start selling their decoders and satellite dishes, which they’d halted after BAZ […]

Ecocash Attempts To Keep It All In Their Ecosystem

An announcement that has come through from Econet, the owners of the Ecocash services company is that they have reduced their merchant ‘merchant fees’ for their customers by ‘as much as 50%’ with immediate effect. This is a follow-on to their ‘no merchant fees on Thursdays‘ initiative that they ran from April up to end of […]

Udemy Courses reduced to $10 each again! Ends 26 May 2017…

If you missed the promotion that took place early January to get people started on online courses, then here is an opportunity to get in on the fun. Starting immediately if you visit Udemy, you’ll see that all you can enjoy any course for just $15. However, if you join through our referral link here, […]

Ecocash Ups Local Limit To $20,000 Per Month…

For some time now, since launch actually, Ecocash have been limiting their customers to a monthly transaction limit of $3,000 per month and $1,000 per day. Some of us may not have noticed this, well, because we never really transacted with those kinds of monies. Up until last year, that is. See, with the coming […]

“As Long As We Are Not Evolving Our Businesses… we are businesses of the past” – #DigitalFutureZim CEO’s Breakfast

CEOs and senior management from organisations in various sectors gathered on 5th April 2017 for the Digital Future Megabyting Session– a fireside breakfast meeting with an opening from Agrippa Mugwagwa, Executive Director of Retail and eCommerce at FBC Bank, and insights from AMH Group Managing Director Vincent Kahiya. Steward Bank CEO Dr. Lance Mambondiani delivered […]

Zimbabwean Crowdfunding Campaign Raises Over $8,000 To Sue The Police…

A local crowdfunding campaign that started about two week ago (24 March 2017 to be exact) has raised over $8,000 to date in order to get legal action taken against the Zimbabwe Republic Police and their police roadblocks for the “restoration of our constitutional rights through a class action lawsuit in the Constitutional Court.” What […]

Ecocash Zero Rates Merchant Payments On Thursdays…

Ecocash, arguably the biggest ‘bank’ in Zimbabwe, with probably well over 4m subscribers, has zero rated merchant payments every Thursday up until the end of June 2017. I’m not too sure whether this incentive needed to be thrown, as due to the cash crisis that has been prevailing in Zimbabwe, a number of us have been […]

GOING SOLAR: Understanding The Equipment – The Solar Battery (Part 2)

Last week we started looking at one of the major components of your solar power system, the battery. In summary last week we looked at the types of battery’s available, how they are sized, capacities and their life span. As we continue the discussion around the solar battery this week, we have been asked to […]

Facebook User Numbers Drop In Zimbabwe

Over the years media and marketing professionals have been highly interested to know the numbers of users that use the various social media platforms available in Zimbabwe. At Techzim it’s almost a weekly question we either get directly or we enter into a discussion where these stats are needed. The case was the same this past week […]

Techzim Announces Digital Future 2017. Here’s Why You Should Attend… #DigitalFutureZim

Techzim and TBWA will be presenting the 2017 edition of the Digital Future conference – Zimbabwe’s largest gathering of digital and marketing minds – on the 11th and 12th of May 2017. The conference will bring together professionals from various sectors to address the marketing and public relations challenges presented by growing digital advancements globally. […]

Econet Re-enables 100% Wifi Data Promotion

News coming up online show that Econet Wireless are reactivating their ‘100% wifi promotion’ that was initially suspended last year in August. The promotion affords subscribers 100% value of their data purchase, a lot similar to Telecel’s Mega Juice promotion that ran for a number of years, albeit this targets wifi data and not voice calls, with […]

9 Facts Gained From The New TelOne Data Centre Launch

Yesterday TelOne launched their new data centre, amidst much pomp and funfair. Techzim covered the event and besides witnessing Plaxedes Wenyika serenading the crowd, a clearer insight to what POTRAZ are implementing in regards to the National Internet eXchange Point (IXP) was established. Techzim are yet to establish new data surrounding the establishment of the IXP, however TelOne have been […]

GOING SOLAR: Solar Power Design Basics – Solar Charge Controllers

The Article below is a sponsored article with content supplied by Clamore Power. Please see our policy on sponsored stories. In our mission to understand GOING SOLAR, last week we started looking at solar power systems major components. The four major components we are looking at before we design a basic system are the following: Inverter Battery Charge Controller […]

TelOne Launch New Data Centre

Techzim attended the TelOne Data Center and Cloud Solutions launch this morning, held in Harare, where the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira officially opened the centre. This was touted as the “first phase of the National Data Centre” and current capabilities of the centre not only include the ability to host huge amounts of data, but […]

DStv Payment Methods As Of March 2017

A lot has been happening in the ‘payments of DStv subscriptions’ arena over the last couple of months. First, Ecocash reduced the amounts that subscribers could pay for their subscriptions, then they outright stopped taking payments (well, they moved to accepting from their Rand accounts). Then Telecash followed suit by cancelling, and more recently CABS revised their terms of […]

Moto Republik Saved The Noose…

In the latest update in regards to the #SaveMotoRepublik campaign, the City of Harare and the creative hub have managed to reach a compromise that will allow the structure in question to remain standing, while Moto Republik works on adding “modifications to its structures in order for them to resonate with Council bylaws. The hub […]

Announcing Techzim Events 2017…

In a not so distant past Techzim hosted a number of events. From the Broadband Forum to the Digital Future. Not forgetting the well received Startup Challenge, that was hosted for 4 consecutive years. We believe that the efforts we put into it are still lingering as a number of startups who won in the competition are […]

Ecocash launches ‘Ecocash Home Wallet’ in UK

Techzim was recently alerted to the launch of Ecocash’s Home Wallet, a service that essentially allows those in the diaspora to access and enjoy local Ecocash services, acting as if they are here in Zimbabwe. Their announcement states that those in the UK would be able to register for the service on the Cassava Remit website, the remittances […]

City of Harare investigating Moto Republik’s “pseudo-approval,” claims containers are illegal

While Moto Republik hosted their open day on Thursday, and filed their court application, the City of Harare have come out issuing a statement in regards to the building plans that were approved and used to build the structure at the creative hub in Harare. Their statement seems to insinuate that Moto Republik used clandestine […]

It’s An Open Day At Moto Republik #SaveMotoRepublik

Today is exactly a week since the City of Harare visited Moto Republik. Much has gone on since then, with a petition being signed and handed to the Minister as well as. The guys at Moto Republik have made today an ‘open day’, opening their space to anyone and everyone (well except, City of Harare I […]