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ICT 2010 Achievers Awards Businessman of the Year: Douglas Mboweni

Mr Mboweni is an exemplary Zimbabwean businessman that has shown strong entrepreneurial orientation in finding creative solutions to the challenges of operating and developing a business that delivers convenience to the people of Zimbabwe during a time of considerable economic challenges.

ICT 2010 Achievers Awards Young Innovator of the year: Verengai Mabika

Young Verengai Mabika is the Director of the ICT based NGO – Development Reality Institute (DRI) and his volunteering skills has earned the organisation a prestigious World Summit Youth Award Best Innovative and Creative e-Content Addressing the MDGs.

ICT 2010 Achievers Awards Project of the Year Public Sector: NetOne

This project had a positive impact to society in that NetOne bridged the communication divide in all ten provinces of Zimbabwe were power outages are frequent. NetOne set up solar powered base stations in hard hit areas such that there is constant connectivity for the masses in the affected areas.

ICT 2010 Achievers Awards ICT Civil Society/ NGO: Childline Zimbabwe

Childline Zimbabwe’s core function is to provide children with counselling services via the telephone. This ICT basis forms the foundation on which all awareness raising is conducted. Through promoting the toll-free 116 crisis line, Childline is promoting the use and access to ICT for all children across the country.

Zimbabwe’s Google Top Searches of 2010

Today, Google posted this year’s Zeitgeist, an interactive visual tool showing what the world searched on Google in 2010. Google’s version of the world’s list of 2010’s most trending topics. We should be getting a Twitter one and possibly a Facebook one as well before the year closes.

Yes, Africom too is connected to international fibre

Following Tuesday’s post about TelOne’s connection to the Mozambican fibre cable, there have been some questions about a statement in the story that Africom has already connected to the TDM fibre cable in Mozambique.

Full text of keynote address by Zimbabwe ICT Minister at 2010 ICT Achievers Awards

We managed to get the keynote address delivered by Zimbabwe’s ICT Minister, Nelson Chamisa at the inaugural Zimbabwe ICT 2010 Achievers Awards. We post it here as it contains information relevant to Zimbabwe’s ICT entrepreneurs and the general non-ICT business community

Press Release: Zimbabwe Internet Entreprenuer Launches website to profile Orphanages

Richwell Phinias, renowned internet marketing consultant and the co-founder of has partnered with a number organisations in Zimbabwe in an innovative ICT project meant to give hope and support to more than 2 500 children in at least 50 orphanages in Zimbabwe starting this Christmas. developed a website christmas2009 where people with access […]

Econet connects to SEACOM undersea fibre cable

Econet just announced some 3 milestones today. The first and most significant is that Econet has established a direct connection to the SEACOM undersea optic fibre cable in Durban and is ready to connect customers once given the green light by the regulatory authorities.

TelOne connects to international optic fibre cable through Mozambique

The Herald reports this morning that TelOne, the state owned fixed telephone operator, has completed the fibre backbone project to connect Harare directly to an Internet fibre cable coming out of Mozambique.

Candid Consumerism, a Zimbabwe platform to complain.. and praise

If you are reading this post from Zimbabwe or you have been in Zim these past 2 years then you’ve probably had your change held back at a supermarket a number of times. If you’re like me, this has happened so many times you have lost count. Typically, you’re offered a credit note or asked to buy lollipops, choc, a box of matches, or some other small item to use up your change.

The Winners of Zimbabwe’s ICT 2010 Achievers Awards

Some 3 weeks ago, we posted that nominations were underway for the inaugural Zimbabwe ICT Achievers Awards. The awards ceremony was held last night at a hotel in Harare. This year’s ICT achievers were announced and recognized for their shining contribution to the country’s ICT sector.

Econet to lay fibre all the way to Jo’burg

At the Econet’s Experience Expo held some 2 weeks ago, Liquid Telecom (an Econet subsidiary) made an interesting mention, which from previous discussion with Liquid, we were not aware of.

The Zimbabwe 2011 National ICT Budget Statement

We share below the IT excerpt of Zimbabwe’s 2011 National Budget Statement presented on 25 November 2010 by Zim Finance Minister Tendai Biti.

Econet Wireless’s Apple Partnership

When we posted an article about Econet’s Experience Expo last week, we mentioned the following about the event:

Telecel Slashes International SMS Costs, Begins Per Second Promotions

Telecel Zimbabwe on Saturday switched all its customers to per second billing. Promotions only available previously with per minute billing are now available in a revised form as per second billing promotions.

Africom To Pull Plug on Free Internet, Readies ‘Integration’

The free internet browsing some lucky Africom subscribers have been enjoying for a little more than 2 months is coming to an end in a few days from now. Apparently, the techies at Africom have caught up with the runaway broadband.

When PowerTel’s Backbone Breaks, Zimbabwe’s Internet Grounds To A Halt

The PowerTel fibre internet backbone broke this morning. This backbone carries most of Zimbabwe’s traffic so when it goes down, it’s a really big deal. Service Providers are forced to reroute traffic via limited satellite capacity and this create enormous congestion for the country resulting in what may be referred to as tortoise internet.

Google Launches Website To Promote Google Technologies in Sub Saharan Africa

For a little more than a year now, Google has been holding a series of events for students, software developers and entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa. It started with the G-Mauritius Day in 2009, then Nigeria a few months later, Senegal, Nigeria again, Ghana in June this year, and most recently in Kenya and Uganda in September.

The Month Of Free Mobile Broadband In Zimbabwe

Some two weeks ago, we posted that Africom is still giving away free internet despite the expiration of the gratis internet promotion. Africom subscribers are still getting fast internet for nothing as we write this, and it’s emerging they’re not the only ones enjoying free stuff this month. Some Econet subscribers are too.

The Telecel Website Construction Job That’s Taken 10 Months

It’s been 10 months since this website went down for reconstruction. When we asked Telecel about it then, we were told:

We are redoing our website in line with a change in our communication and because of these changes to the design it has become necessary to temporarily put the site on hold. Our site will be up as soon as we complete our work.

Some Details On Telco’s Recently Launched VoIP Services

Like most of you in Zimbabwe, we’ve seen the adverts and the articles in the print press about Telco’s launch of the first public VoIP network. We wanted to find out more, for you our dear readers so we contacted Telco and got some details.

MXit, A Mobile Social Network For Africa

I’ll confess that I only came to know about MXit just a few weeks ago. I should have known it earlier, like a few years back maybe. In this age of Facebook, the influence MXit has on social interaction in South Africa is nothing short of a phenomenon.

Nominations Underway For Zimbabwe ICT Achievers Awards

Back in February this year, when the Zim Minister of ICT launched the country’s ICT strategic plan, he promised Zimbabwe would have an annual ICT Achievers Award program to honor Zim’s ICT achievers. Well, this promise is being delivered right now.

Econet To Explain Itself At An Expo

We’ve been following up some kind of response from Econet to the open letter posted here 4 days ago. We’re still to get it, the formal response anyway. But yesterday, we got something that might help clarify issues raised in the letter.

The Winners Of The 2010 AfricaCom Awards

If you have been following Africa tech news lately, you’re probably aware that the annual AfricaCom Awards ceremony was held yesterday in South Africa. For those of you reading about AfricaCom the first time right now, AfricaCom Awards are like the Grammys of Africa’s telecoms industry and this is the third year running.

Africom Suspends Adding More Customers Until System Is ‘Integrated’

Last week, we wrote that Africom was giving away free bandwidth to subscribers. Free, not because Africom loves giving away internet gratis, but some “outstanding integration aspects” sort of forced them into this not so desirable situation.

Axis Takes Delivery Of More Fiscalisation Devices As Deadline Approaches For Business

You will remember that back in August when talk about Fiscalisation in Zim took center stage, there was an outcry about the unrealistic deadline for companies to ‘fiscalise’. Business was required to change over to the fiscalised devices by the 1st of October. This of course wasn’t possible and the deadline had to be extended some three months.

Econet Subscribers Now 4.6 Million, Targets 5 Million By Christmas

This week, Econet Wireless reached another milestone in its mission to consolidate its top position as the biggest (and most profitable) telecommunications company in Zimbabwe.

Africom Still ‘Giving Away’ Free Mobile Internet

If you made a decision to buy Africom’s broadband service during the one month free trial, or soon after the paid services launched, you’re probably patting yourself on the back for making one of the wisest connectivity decisions you’ve made this year.