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2014 in review: The winning apps for the year

We are at that time of the year when we decide to take a step back and try to get a better sense of what was really going down in 2014. It’s the end of 2014, and I have had my fair share of experiences this year with quite a lot which includes apps. I […]

How to get rid of WhatsApp’s blue ticks

WhatsApp, the famous messaging app released an update a little while ago to its app that received some pretty heated feedback. It enabled the sender to not only know that their message has been delivered but also that it has been read. Obviously, the feature itself sparked huge debates over privacy that it eventually coined […]

Details of Microsoft’s first smartphone, the Lumia 535

The tech community has been largely anticipating Microsoft to make its shift to mobile that truly felt like the company is really serious about the future of mobile computing, so it made sense when Microsoft acquired Nokia for a deal that struck US$7 billion. Longtime purists can now see this future as the Microsoft Lumia […]

WeChat introduces a VoIP service as standalone app

Messaging is pretty much in WhatsApp’s hands now, Mxit COO is also acknowledging it, and 600 million is just the start. So what else is there to do, are there any chances this can be taken to the next level? Maybe with VoIP. Although VoIP (voice over IP) is not new, it seemed most top […]

Facebook’s makes its way to Tanzania

A little over a few months ago, the Facebook owned, non-profit organisation, debuted a service in Zambia via an app that allowed locals to access a curated list of services on the web for free. Part of the promise included the expansion to other countries across Africa and standing true to their promise, that […]

The Apple SIM a step closer to killing off single and dual-SIM cards

Last week, Apple unveiled their latest generation tablets to the world. While the iPads didn’t seem to have a lot going for them, there have been a few subtle technologies that came along with them that have gained special attention, one in particular called the Apple SIM. This is not to say the iPhone-maker wants […]

What to expect from the new Android Lollipop OS and Nexus lineup

While Econet was announcing its connected car service, halfway across the world Google was contemplating the biggest releases of Android since the mobile OS inception, aptly named Android Lollipop (version 5.0) The announcement was pretty low-key. There was no press event, cameras or protests. Actually, the announcement was handled via blog post to a drooling […]

Meet Ello, the social network promising to be the anti-Facebook

At this point in time, building a social network from the ground up seems unlikely. We still have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, a complicated relationship with Twitter and a small house with a few others (hi Google+, looking great). But someone out there has had it with the way these corporations are turning us […]

Samsung embraces a better design with the Galaxy A5

Samsung has always championed function over form, it shows all over their software from Air View, Smart Stare and the ilk. While a no-frills strategy has worked in so many ways for Samsung, most OEMs have finally caught up with features of their own and more. This has led the South Korean chaebol to look […]

Want to send money, how about via Bluetooth?

Have you ever stumbled upon a thought, thinking just how possible it could be to send money using Bluetooth technology, how easy your life would be if it only meant not going through the banking process or other money transfer services? Well, this is the twenty first century. The only time when spending money is way […]

Is Google creating its own WhatsApp?

While most software companies find it hard to replicate success from its competition, arguably the best company to follow through with an equally competitive product is Google. They’ve done it with search, email clients, social and mobile computing (cue Android) and now they could be doing the same with mobile messaging. Facebook just closed its […]

Here’s how you can run Android apps on your Chrome Browser

It used to be that when you wanted to port Android apps to your laptop, the best way (if not the only way) to do it was to install the infamous Bluestacks software. Yes, it did get the job done for the most part but it slowed down your laptop, sometimes going as far as […]

Microsoft announces it’s new OS, Windows 10

Yesterday, Microsoft announced its latest iteration to the famous operating system, named Windows 10. It’s quite an interesting take on the future of the software giant because it packs a few adjustments and tweaks that are modeled at creating a fresh and livened up Windows experience. Windows 7 ‘eight’ 9, so here’s 10 The first thing […]

Google is demanding more from Android, local OEMs in trouble?

Android has always been praised for being kind of open and highly versatile. However at the same time Google hasn’t been generating that much profit from the OS. By these means and many others, no one outside of Samsung has seen enough profits from the open source software save for a few non-publicly traded vendors. […]

Blackberry Passport: the (old) new entrant for the enterprise

Picture this. A large phone, a really large phone. With a wide, physical keyboard. A rather squarish body with nothing else going for it except it only looks weird. Runs Android apps, sans Google apps, Snapchat and Instagram. That, is the Blackberry Passport in a nutshell. It doesn’t hail itself for being your everyday Android […]

Should we reconsider online ads in Africa?

Mobile phones have enabled so many people to connect over the past few years. They have become so ubiquitous that a greater number of people can be reached with such a limited number of resources and a new medium to communicate, which is why it is essential to have a new way of thinking when […]

My visit to Astro’s new Masvingo store

Local tech startup Astro recently set up shop in Masvingo in a very discreet location. The place is still unsightly familiar, located on the same street that seems to have nothing going for it. At first glance, you’d notice what remains of a large chain supermarket, a little further down the road is a new Great […]

5 features that could make WhatsApp even better

Technology is extending our reach in ways that we never thought possible, boundaries be damned. In a way, we’ve grown to understand that talking to the next person no longer involves traveling through distances. It’s just a call, text or WhatsApp away. It’s no doubt WhatsApp is a part of this change. It has won […]

Farewell Nokia

There’s this nostalgic feeling tied to the name Nokia that brings back all those memories that you once had, those memories that made you believe in mobile phones. Like the billions of people out there, I used to own a Nokia phone. It was my first personal phone to be frank. It had no email, […]

IFA Berlin 2014: reimagining consumer technologies

Taking place in parallel with our ZOL Startup Challenge meet-up Week, the annual IFA was taking place in Berlin halfway across the world. We may have not been there but trust me when I say I was keeping a watchful eye over the event this past week. The IFA can be taken as the ITF […]

The Moto G is breaking new ground for cheap phones

I like to call this phone, “the people’s phone” One of our own writers called it, “A phone after my own heart” last year. What is so special about this device anyway? Why give so much credit for a phone that is barely in the hands of many Zimbabweans? The answer here is simple. This […]

2014’s celeb leak that bears a lesson on security

There are a lot of topics with regard to security, attempting to paint a picture that everyone is entitled to it. And everyone is. When security is breached, it takes a whole new meaning depending on what has been mined. On 1 September, an account on the website 4Chan posted hundreds of A-list celebrity photos. […]

Why Google Now is the best launcher for your Android phone

Customisation – It’s probably one of the many reasons why Android has become so ubiquitous. Android allows you to tinker with your phone as you please, to tailor it to your own needs. As a result the choices have become so abundant. For a person who has played with just about any launcher out there […]

Skype ceasing support for older Android devices, permanently

With technology developing faster than ever, you kind of expect older technologies to wane out into the abyss, making way for newer, better technologies. Skype is stepping it up by ceasing support for older devices running Android 2.2 (Froyo, short for frozen yoghurt) and below. The OS in question dates back to May 2010 when […]

Legalising Information – Should Zimbabweans have the “right to be forgotten”?

Back in May, the European Union’s Court of Justice ended a legal spat that binds Google to pay attention and where possible, comply with an individuals’ request to erase information from its search engine. Search engines in their entirety were tied to this ruling all of Europe, allowing people to censor data when searched on […]

My two cents on Econet’s “free” Twitter

Just recently we reported that Zimbabwe’s leading carrier, Econet, launched a new service that allowed its subscribers one month access to the micro-blogging site Twitter for free. Now days into it, I’ve been second guessing my vocabulary, prowling the internet trying to look up what “free” actually means because since I’ve been using this service it’s […]

Android Fundamentals – Google’s plan to lend developers a hand

As part of it’s push to bring more Android developers on board, Google is teaming up with Udacity to offer a free course on mobile development called Android Fundamentals. Android Fundamentals is an online course that is made to walk you through the necessary steps required in building Android apps, the best practices in mobile […]

19 EconetZero weeks later…

Yes, it’s been 19 weeks since Econet treated us to a surprise that promised to change the way we go online. We took the chance to take a step back, think this through and get a better sense of what this means now that we’re 19 weeks into it. If anything, EconetZero has had some […]

Privacy is heading for its demise

A considerable number of people are a lot less informed over what could happen if their privacy is compromised online. They don’t even perform any action to beef up their security. As technology rapidly changes this perception is bound to change because wearable technology is setting a whole new precedent. A recent report claims that […]

Facebook for Android app gets a performance bump

  Last week social media giant Facebook issued an update to its app that has a much needed performance tweak. It’s now more lighter, more faster than ever. It goes all the way down to the detail. This is a major refresh since it’s very first incarnation. The app is now 50 percent faster to […]