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Econet vs Telecel vs NetOne new data bundle tariffs, who has the best Packages?

All mobile network operators NetOne, Econet and Telecel reviewed their data bundles tariffs for what is the umpteenth time this year. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at how the three stack up against each other and find out who has the better deal. Before we get into the price comparison, […]

Guy hacks UZ and allocates accommodation to students, netting US$3000 in the process

It’s fitting that on the day we are celebrating Computer Security Day we talk about the hacking of UZ. It is reported that one Martin Magomana (36) unlawfully gained access to the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) computer network recently. We are not sure how much access he had and so cannot know the full extent […]

As we celebrate Computer Security Day let’s remind each other of these good habits

Every single one of us relies on some computer for our daily activities. For some, work means sitting in front of a computer. And with the work-from-home shift, this number is quite large now. For some, entertainment is the goal in this era of social distancing and limited gatherings. So pocket computers have been a […]

TelOne is inviting bidders for tenders stretching from engine oil to fibre cables

TelOne has announced that it is looking for suppliers for tenders stretching from engine oils all the way to fibre optic cables. The full list of tender bids on offer is as follows: TENDER NUMBER DESCRIPTION CLOSING DATE & TIME COMPETITIVE BIDDING TENDERS DOMESTIC (CBTD) 1 CBTD 115-21 For Consultancy Services For The Recruitment And […]

Android 10 still most popular (in Zim too,) even as Android 12 is rolling out

Zimbabwe, like all of Africa, is Android country. Just over 85% of the mobile devices in the country run Google’s Android operating system. That is no surprise, Android is great. It is also helped by the fact that there are many options, at every single price point. Whatever your budget, there is an Android phone […]

ZOL internet package prices are going up in December

It was just September when ZOL announced a price adjustment for internet packages in local currency (ZWL$). That increase came after a very marginal uptick in local currency prices in July. ZOL has announced that as we enter December 2021 its customers should brace for yet another local currency price increase. “This serves to notify […]

Former ZOL Zim CEO takes over Liquid’s Tanzanian ISP

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a subsidiary of Cassava Technologies, announced today the appointment of Denny Marandure to the post of Chief Executive Officer for Raha Limited, Tanzania. Liquid acquired Raha Limited in 2016 and at the time made the pan-African provider the biggest shareholder in the entity, further expanding its reach in Africa. Marandure joined Liquid […]

ZOL extends LTE service coverage to 4 new cities

ZOL has yet again added new locations to its LTE network. Our LTE service is now live in more locations near you! Explore without limits. Turn It Up with Zimbabwe’s Leading LTE service. ZOL on Twitter Our LTE service is now live in more locations near you! Explore without limits. Turn It Up with Zimbabwe’s […]

Road Angels has new mobile app, let’s talk about apps

For the three out there who don’t know, Road Angels is a roadside assistance company. A towing company in simple terms. If you ever have problems with your vehicle while on the road, it’s one of the companies you want to have on speed dial. If you have that ex-Jap approaching 200,000km on the odometer, […]

IFC partners with Liquid Intelligent Technologies to improve Africa’s digital infrastructure

The IFC (International Finance Corporation) has partnered with Liquid Intelligent Technologies to expand data centre capacity and the rollout of fiber-optic cable on the continent. The partnership with Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Africa’s leading independent fiber and digital services provider, strives to increase digital connectivity and inclusion in Africa and to support the region’s growing digital […]

Copy and paste between Windows and Android now possible

Oh my friend, our technology masters keep sweetening the deal for us. I know most of us Zimbabweans have Android phones and Windows PCs. To be honest, we have been a smidge jealous of our Mac/iOS users and the way the devices link together. However, bit by bit, Windows and Android are becoming best buds, […]

TelOne is using locally assembled devices at new customer experience centre

Yesterday state-owned telecoms company TelOne unveiled its new customer experience centre in Highlands, Harare. The facility is yet another step in TelOne stepping up its customer services offering. “We are on a journey to assert the business around Client Centricity, which is one of TelOne’s core values. Most certainly, without our clients we cease to […]

Liquid & Orange partner to expand network reach across Africa

Liquid Intelligent Technologies and Orange, today announced a new partnership to leverage each other’s existing networks in Africa, allowing them even greater access and opportunity to build their businesses throughout the continent. This partnership will give Liquid access to Orange’s extensive network in West Africa, including the new Djoliba network. Likewise, it will give Orange […]

ZOL pokes fun at TelOne over best provider poll on Twitter

ZOL’s Twitter Admin woke up and chose violence because the local internet service provider (ISP) had this to say to the final results of Cerevita Guy’s (@cypd_) best mobile ISP poll. Pisa 🔥zvema sure ne ZOL simcard. TEL^ONE of your many friends kuti we can now bring them together online zvemasure in more than 60 […]

Liquid named best African Wholesale Carrier for 10th year in a row

Liquid Intelligent Technologies was awarded the Best African Wholesale Carrier for the 10th consecutive year at The Global Carrier Awards ceremony in London last night. The annual awards are the most prestigious in the wholesale telecoms industry and the most prominent global celebration of the wholesale market. They recognise innovation, vision, and excellence to award the best companies, projects, and partnerships […]

ZOL announces scheduled maintenance from 12 October

ZOL has announced scheduled maintenance between 12 and 13 October; Dear Customer. There will be maintenance affecting service from 12/10/21 22:00 hours to 13/10/21 04:00 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Message sent by ZOL Zimbabwe to customers As always, should you experience connectivity problems after the stated maintenance times, kindly contact their Support […]

Home fibre internet subscriptions increased by 3.2% in Q2 2021

According to POTRAZ‘s Q2 2021 Sector Performance Report, active fibre internet subscriptions increased by 2.9% from the 53,965 recorded in Q1 2021 to 55,549. Fibre was one of four types of internet and data services that saw an appreciation in Q2 2021. Q1 2021 Q2 2021 Difference 3G/HSDPA/LTE 8,847,103 9,020,133 2.0% Leased Lines 1,135 1,194 […]

Mobile internet usage remained unconquerable in Q2 2021

The charge of mobile internet usage and traffic continued its upward in Q2 2021 according to the latest Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe’s (POTRAZ) sector performance report. Internet Traffic (Terabytes TB) Q1 2020 6,661 Q2 2020 10,407 Q3 3030 14,878 Q4 2020 16,383 Q1 2021 21,865 Q2 2021 23,436 POTRAZ Mobile Data Traffic […]

I’m sorry, but published accounts for ZSE companies are almost useless for many

When a company is listed on a stock exchange like the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) there are reporting requirements meant to give potential investors the information they need to make informed decisions. As it stands in Zimbabwe, there are too many moving targets for accountants to hit that reporting target.  The very first thing to […]

95.2% of Zimbabweans still rely on phone calls, besting WhatsApp’s 38.3%

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStat) in conjunction with the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), today presented the 2020 ICT Access by households and individuals.  ZimStat collected the data from the 16th of November to the 10th of December 2020. The findings were gathered through a survey of 10,325 households, both rural […]

ZOL rolls out Wibroniks to 28 new locations

Fresh off a price increase in both local currency and USD, ZOL has announced that it has extended its Wibroniks LTE service to 28 new locations. Our LTE service is now live in more locations near you! Explore without limits. Turn It Up with ZOL for just $100 RTGS.Click the following link to sign up […]

TikTok overtakes YouTube in some countries, what of Zimbabwe?

I am a millennial by every definition of the word. This means I know TikTok exists, I have it installed on my phone and even have an account. I occasionally scroll through the feed, hiss under my breath a couple of times and then exit to return weeks later. Yet, I don’t really get TikTok. […]

Do you have an SA DStv account? You can watch all SuperSport channels for free this weekend

South Africans are starting the weekend early as it’s Heritage day tomorrow so today is the last day they are going to work. There is also a bit of cheer for them and those Zimbabweans who “illegally” have DStv South African accounts-you can watch all SuperSport channels for free no matter what your package is […]

ZOL follows TelOne & will increase package prices next month

Yesterday state-owned telecoms company TelOne announced that it would be increasing package prices at the end of the month. This move has stirred local competitor ZOL to do the same. However, if you remember ZOL increased their package prices marginally last month but this one seems to be closely aligned with the hike that TelOne […]

TelOne internet package prices are going up month-end

State-owned telecommunications company TelOne has announced that it is increasing its package prices from the 29 of September 2021. This price increase follows a month after TelOne’s close competitor ZOL announced that it would be revising prices for its packages in local currency. TelOne internet packages as of 22/02/2022 The new prices are as follows: […]

ZOL is now offering MARS ambulance rescue with internet packages

Local internet service provider (ISP) ZOL has announced it is now offering Medical Air Rescue Service (MARS) through monthly internet subscriptions. The service is open to all ZOL customers be they on pay-as-you-go or uncapped bundles. MARS subscription via ZOL costs ZWL$171.00 or US$2.00 per month. To get on the plan you’ll need to sign […]

DStv South Africa ventures into the internet with enticing packages

While we have been busy writing DStv’s epitaph it seems it’s the tidings about the satellite provider’s impending death has been greatly exaggerated indeed. Once again Multichoice has shown that while it is indeed in the fight of its life with streaming companies like Netflix eating into its market share it’s far from done. Over […]

ICT Minister’s remarks on NetOne’s 5G mobile broadband plan

Yesterday, state-owned mobile network operator NetOne held an event where the National Mobile BroadBand (NMBB) Phase 3 was launched. This program would see NetOne install over 300 base stations across Zimbabwe including the capacity for 5G. Below is the speech delivered by Minister for ICTs Jenfan Muswere: Your Excellency, as your Ministry, we are fully […]

700TB of data sent via lasers in 20 days, Liquid and X announce

Last year we covered the partnership between Liquid Intelligent Technologies, the Econet Group and Alphabet subsidiary X. The goal is to connect remote places to the internet, affordably and reliably. Quick recap X has tried various solutions in pursuit of that goal before. For example Project Loon which involved beaming lasers between balloons 100km apart […]

Dandemutande has more on the way on top of Facebook powered Wi-Fi hotspots

Dandemutande is probably the most soft-spoken internet provider in Zimbabwe. Most would be forgiven for thinking that the mobile internet, broadband and VSAT market only consists of ZOL and TelOne. This is of course incorrect because, in terms of market presence, Dandemutande is up there with the other players. The company yesterday held a launch […]