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Mobile data consumption smashed past 16 000 Terabytes in Q4 2020

a 13.1% increase from Q3 2020

15 base stations to be constructed in rural areas – POTRAZ

fingers crossed these base stations are operational in the not too distant future.

ZOL ends free 30-minute ZOLspot access

End of an era…

Only 2864 schools of the nearly 9K in Zim have internet access

Progress is moving at a glacial pace.

TelOne finally introduces data rollover

Data Sharing plus Rollover data, well done TelOne

ZOL internet is a mess this morning

Here we go again…

Zim ISPs aren’t losing sleep over Elon Musk’s Starlink & here’s why

Starlink is great but that US$500 is a massive barrier.

Dandemutande CEO sheds more light on Utande LTE

There’s more to come from Utande LTE and Dandemutande in 2021

TelOne introduces data sharing, a first in Zimbabwe

One of those things that every ISP should have already been doing…

TelOne customers to face service disruption due to system maintenance

Earlier this year TelOne thanked its customers for bearing with it during the endless system upgrades the state-owned ISP held during the final half of 2020. Many thought that it was the last they would hear of a TelOne system maintenance or upgrade, but it seems like there are yet more kinks to be worked […]

[Updated] ZOL Wibroniks has an annoying WhatsApp problem

A rant about ZOL Wibroniks, it’s WhatsApp issues and the fruitless back and forths with ZOL’s customer support.

COVID-19’s influence on mobile internet and data usage in 2020

A look at the effect COVID-19 had on mobile internet and data usage in Zimbabwe

Breath new life into your router with OpenWrt

If your router has stopped receiving firmware updates, don’t despair Openwrt might be the solution you need to keep your router up to date.

Zero data costs for Stanbic bank platforms, zero rating first

Stanbic Bank has today announced that their customers who use Econet to access internet services will not be charged to access the bank’s mobile app and other platforms. The services are now zero rated on the Econet network. The bank will be paying for the connectivity costs associated with usage of their platforms. Stanbic Bank […]

Trouble on the way for internet censorship?

Cloudflare, the website performance and security company, have unveiled the latest iteration of TLS (aka https) security standards, called ECH. Cloudflare worked together with Fastly, who are another CDN and website acceleration platform, as well as popular software manufacturer Mozilla, to create the new ECH standard. ECH offers a number of performance and security enhancements over its […]

Why Zimbabwe should be wary of Huawei Technology

Imagine our entire telecommunications at the mercy of a communist nation that demands nothing short of compliancy.

DStv launches its streaming only service in South Africa, the pricing doesn’t make sense

DStv has launched its streaming only service in South Africa. Now, even if you take a cursory glance at the prices they don’t make much sense and here’s why.

ZOL has finally launched a USSD platform

ZOL finally launched a USSD platform *656# where customers can now access account information and pay thier bill without needing data.

TelOne’s scheduled network maintenance may affect internet services

TelOne has, in a tweet, notified customers that there is going to be scheduled network maintenance on Saturday the 21st of November 2020.

The truth about DroidVPN and other free internet tools

For more than a year now there has been a lot of people ‘hacking’ their way to ‘free’ internet on NetOne. Convince themselves it’s no crime

Network challenges the cause of ZOL’s internet outage

ZOL has released a statement regarding the internet outage.

ZOL internet is down!

ZOL internet is down as customers are reporting little to no internet access

NetOne silently adds new board members, whilst former member resigns

For 2 years now, NetOne has been engulfed in a cycle of administrative chaos- from board members being charged with lying under oath to facing expulsion and mass resignations, it has been something akin to a movie. The two most recent developments that are board related at NetOne are as follows; Winston Makamure resigned under […]

The top mobile phone brands in Zimbabwe – reloaded

In 2015, Techzim did a pool survey of the top mobile phone brands in Zimbabwe. Some of the data was also obtained from Statcounter. The data was collected by non-Zimbabweans hence some felt it was not comprehensive or a true representation of the local market. Welcome to the Top Mobile Phone brands in Zimbabwe – […]

The U.S. Govt sues Google & why you should care

A history lesson In 1998, The United States Government took Microsoft to court. It was the Govt’s case that Microsoft was using its dominant position in the tech industry to force Internet Explorer down our throats, while also stifling competition from Netscape Navigator. The verdict came back in favour of Netscape, although it was too […]

SABC to launch streaming service next year

South African Broadcasting Corporation (aka SABC) has announced that they are launching a Netflix/Showmax-like streaming service of their own in 2021. The SABC can confirm that it is planning to launch its video and audio streaming services in line with the ever-changing industry trends and consumer needs. At this stage, the SABC is not in […]

HP CEO says remote work will allow companies to hire more internationally

The future of work has been a huge talking point for the whole world this year. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work DRASTICALLY. The value of an office has been questioned more than ever and recently the CEO of HP also commented on the issue touching on two important aspects regarding how […]