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WhatsApp’s “view once” messages are better than nothing

For the past few months, I have been complaining about the way WhatsApp implements its disappearing messages feature. Recently they updated the options you have and now you can send and receive “view once” WhatsApp messages. The feature is kind of self-explanatory. You can choose to send a message that can only be viewed once […]

There is a naughty malware that’s blocking people from visiting torrent sites

Malware software programs are often known as viruses for good reason. In most cases the virus once it gets on your computer or any other devices proceeds to wreak havoc. Some payloads are created just to create chaos including trashing/deleting files or they could be crafty and for self-gain as we see in ransomware that […]

Why Zimbabwe should be wary of Huawei Technology

Imagine our entire telecommunications at the mercy of a communist nation that demands nothing short of compliancy.

TelOne’s car tracking service Teltrack launch event

TelOne has officially launched its vehicle tracking service Teltrack. At an event that was attended by representatives from the Ministry of ICT, Car Track, Zimoco, the Truckers Association of Zimbabwe and the press. The event shed more light on what Teltrack is about and what it does. Teltrack Teltrack is a service that is using […]

Bulawayo based firm partners with Chinese company on facial recognition systems

In a report by The Chronicle, Bulawayo based firm Brains at Work Consulting Pvt Ltd has entered into a partnership with a Chinese company called Clou Global Technology to be the sole distributor of Clou Global’s facial recognition and temperature scan systems. Who are the players in this deal? Brains at Work Consulting They are, […]

ZOLs Staffers Ask Subscribers To Share IDs Via WhatsApp – A Ticking Time Bomb

Zimbos are a pretty relaxed bunch when it comes to guarding our privacy on the internet. I got a gentle and unwelcome reminder of that a few hours ago. What happened? A ZOL staffer or someone with access to an official ZOL support line initiated a call to one of my colleagues. On the call, […]

Government Dumps Sensitive Employee Information On The Internet ZEC Style

Respect for data privacy and internet security is not well understood in Zimbabwe. The government is a major culprit in this crime of ignorance. Two years ago, the voter’s roll was accessed by some unscrupulous folks who just dumped the whole darn thing on the internet full of our names, ID numbers and residential addresses. […]

Utopia Peer-to-peer Ecosystem: Find A New Freedom

If the term “Big Brother” has been around for more than thirty years, it is even more current these days. Any click, any search, any purchase, any ad are recorded to create a profile of you that can at best be used to expose you to ads and content relevant to your interests and, at […]

Registrar General’s Website Hacked By Someone Who Can’t Spell ‘Hack’

Looks like someone’s Passport was delayed one too many days and they decided to hack the Registrar General’s website or perhaps it’s a disgruntled employee? The hack is just one of those nuisance hacks. Perhaps someone who thinks it’s cool and wants to brag to their friends that they are a ‘genius.’ Before we talk […]

Uninstall/Delete These 15 Malicious Android Apps

Researchers at Sophos recently uncovered 15 apps that don’t seem to do anything other than aggressively display ads on Android devices. What makes these applications even more insidious is that they hide their icons to make them more difficult to remove from the phone. Some of them even camouflage themselves in the settings with different […]

Hidden Dangers of Public Wi-Fi and How to Avoid Them From The Mouth Of Hackers

In the era when cybercrime is flourishing, public Wi-Fi has become a golden opportunity for various types of criminals. The latest survey shows that 79% of public Wi-Fi users take significant risks when choosing their Wi-Fi connection. They select a hotspot for its Wi-Fi strength, go for a name that sounds appropriate, or simply pick any free […]

Infographic: How Safe Is Your Online Data?

Infographic supplied by Tech Jury. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page will not work. {{error_message}} {{error_message}}

Cyber Security Workforce Gap Is Huge: Over 2.9 Million Workers Needed

(ISC)²’s Cyber Security Workforce Study for 2018 had some interesting revelations regarding the state of the cybersecurity workforce. There might a be a cybersecurity crisis on the horizon is action isn’t taken anytime soon. There’s also a pretty sweet silver lining. Worldwide there’s a shortage of nearly 3 million workers in cybersecurity. Europe, Africa and […]

What Can Be Done About Cyberbullying & Cyber Harassment?

I was approached by a fellow executive on how he could legally pursue and remove malicious information that is online. For years, Zimbabwean high profile individuals, executives and business owners have fallen victim to cyberbullying, Cyber Harassment and revenge p*rn. The internet has had a massive impact on many areas of personal and professional life, […]

A New Wave of Attacks Targeting Financial Services & Online Services In Africa

During Kaspersky Lab’s annual Cyber Security Weekend that took place in Cape Town, Kaspersky Lab experts discussed the widespread growth of mobile payments across the globe and the many cyber risks that surround such technology. Especially the recent SIM swap fraud wave, which has become very common in Africa and the wider region. In South […]

Card Cloning Epidemic Continues As Cloning Crew Steals $69 000

By going cashless the government was supposed to end the gruelling queues and demand for cash and make it easier to transact. What’s happened in reality isn’t that simple. Transacting has gotten prohibitively expensive and card cloning has become an issue that authorities have simply failed to deal with. Rarely does a month goes by […]

When You Install A Local Banking App, What Data Are You Giving Away?

If you have tried your hand at internet banking – using the banking apps specifically- you’ve probably had a convenient experience thus far. It’s certainly better than what you get using USSD anyway. But what do these banks ask for in return? Most of us (myself included) download an app and quickly allow the app […]

Econet Agent Asked My Colleague For Email Password Over The Phone, Not Cool!

So my colleague just got a call from a person who said they were calling from Econet. The conversation went like this: Econet Person (EP): Hello, my name is X I am calling you from Econet. My Colleague (MC): Hello, how can I help you? EP: We have noticed you downloaded Vaya but you have […]

Video: Here’s How You Can Notice An ATM Machine That’s Been Tampered With By Fraudsters

We’ve been complaining about card cloning for a while now and since our police force is not exactly prepared to deal with the crime, you’re pretty much on your own when it comes to protecting yourself against card cloning and most other cyber crimes. Thankfully we came across this video that shows a skimming machine […]

Steward Bank Warns Customers Not To Fall For Websites Pretending To Be Them

There can only be one Kalife kepurple. Steward Bank has sent out a message through their social media platforms, informing customers to stay away from websites claiming to be the banking institution. The bank sent out a customer notice that reads: Dear Valued Customer Please be aware of the fraudulent phishing websites that claim to […]

Apple Finally Fixed That FaceTime Bug

So last week one Facetime user discovered a bug that allowed callers to spy on their contacts and the internet went into a frenzy. Apple has always prioritised privacy so having something this devastating happen was obviously a big deal. Apple promised an update within a week and last night that update started rolling out. […]

ZRP And HIT Strike Partnership To Lower Crime Rates

Zimbabwe’s police force (ZRP) has come to an agreement with the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) to develop staff and enable the police force to deal with crime more efficiently using technology. Apart from staff development, the agreement signed last week will also factor in some software. The Deputy Commissioner-General, Stephen Mutambi expressed worry over […]

Windows 7 Users Are Left With One Year Before The OS Self Destructs

Ok, that headline is louder than it needs to be. But seriously, if you are still using Windows 7, now might be as good a time as any to know that support for the ageing OS is ending in a year’s time. That makes the software a ticking time bomb… Microsoft is ending support for […]

Social Media In Zimbabwe Now Inaccesible To Those With VPNs As Well

Internet access has been restored but it seems the lockdown on social media is still going strong and though earlier you could access the social media sites along with YouTube and WhatsApp if you had a VPN installed it seems that government has taken things further by blocking most VPNs as well which means most […]

Here’s How To Continue Online If The Zimbabwe Government Shuts Down The Internet

Of course this will only be helpful if they do a soft shut down of the internet (in simple terms by using software to keep you from connecting). It’s madness if the government even considers shutting down the internet as some reports suggest and it will be full blown lunacy if they do it the […]

ZRP Says They Are Far From Ready To Fight Cyber-Crime

2018 has been the year of card cloning. With Zimbabwe’s rapid acceleration to ‘cash-less economy’ status the amount of cyber-crime that has come with this cashless-ness has been a clear indicator of the fact that the government did not deliberately plan for a digital economy but instead stumbled upon one. “Our hands are tied” ZRP […]

Ditch Your Password & Unlock Gmail Using Your Phone Instead

I mean keeping track of your passwords is a serious chore. Especially when you have signed up for so many different services. Instead of just having one password you might have resorted to services such as LastPass to manage your passwords but if your experience is anything like mine then even that isn’t too perfect. […]

There Have Been 154 Cases Of Card Cloning In Zimbabwe So Far In 2018

Card cloning has slowly become a phenomenon for most of 2018. The cyber-crimes are on a rise and because the public was never prepared to actually safeguard themselves criminals are making a killing. The Zimbabwe Information and Communication Technologies (ZICT) has said in 2018 there have been 154 cases of bank card cloning reported. The […]

Facebook Accounts Being Hijacked: Here’s How To Protect Yourself

There’s been a recent trend on Facebook, and if you don’t like missing out you might have just been the victim of a clever browser hijacking tactic. Here’s how you can avoid the problem if you haven’t been caught in the crossfire and if you have here’s how to cleanse yourself of this cancer. How It […]