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Ease of Doing Business in Zimbabwe: Are We Leveraging the Internet?

When processes are done online; time is saved, queues reduced, distance barriers and human elements like corruption eradicated. The internet is ubiquitous and an ideal technological platform to make life easier for all of us. This also applies when you want to start your own business. A lot of effort has been made by stakeholders […]

Good Surprise! The Disruptive Role of Technology Given Centre Stage by the Competition and Tariff Commission

I have been to a number of business conventions and conferences in Zimbabwe and in most cases I have been left with the question: on what planet does Zimbabwe reside? Developments in tech have been largely ignored in our economy more so by regulator types. That is why I am impressed by today’s event being […]

Strive Masiyiwa Changes Tactics As He Seeks To List Econet Global

We recently learnt that Econet Global is looking to list on the London Stock Exchange with an $8 billion valuation. It comes as a bit of a surprise really, not because it doesn’t make business sense, because it does. It is surprising because of the comments Strive Masiyiwa made about listing in the past. Back […]

Econet Wants To List On The London Stock Exchange With An $8b Valuation

In what is the logical next step in Econet’s fascinating journey, the company is seeking to list on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and also to seek a secondary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE.) Bloomberg reports that they obtained this information from people familiar with the matter. They say the company will seek […]

DStv’s Declining Profits Mean Naspers Has Been Making Operating Losses For Last Two Years

We all are familiar with DStv, the pay-TV service provider we have a love hate relationship with. DStv is part of the Naspers group and unfortunately for Naspers, DStv is not contributing enough to group profits. Fortunately for Naspers their other investments are coming through. Naspers made the investment of the century when they bought […]

Econet Revenues and Profits For 2017 The Lowest In Five Years And Fell For Third Year Running

If you needed further proof that the Zimbabwean economy is harsh, well, here it is. Not only is Econet announcing their lowest profits in 5 years, those revenues and profits have been falling for three years running. The last time there was growth in revenue and profits was in 2014. In an economy where most […]

Remember Price Controls? Govt considering implementing not too dissimilar strategy

As you have been shopping over the past few months, you have no doubt noticed the steady increase in prices of commodities. Or maybe it wasn’t even steady but sudden. What triggered the price increases is that social media (WhatsApp) episode that eventually saw the creation of a Ministry of Cyber Security. If your memory […]

How To Complete Technites Registration and Become A Technite maybe even start installing Kwese

Techzim recently wrote about you could earn up to $1500 per month working as a Technite. This was mainly centred around installing Kwese TV, a satellite entertainment service, which has recently seen high demand from Zimbabweans. Today, we’re going to look at how to complete Technites registration so you can become a Technite and potentially […]

Wanna be a ‘technite’ but earn more than a Technite? Yes, a Super Technite

Kwese TV recently launched in Zimbabwe and has seen a lot of demand which has created jobs for people to install the satellite entertainment service. Technites are the ones who install Kwese TV among many other things they do. Techzim recently wrote about how to complete Technites registration and become a Technite but to be one, […]

NMB Says Downtime Is Because Of A Planned System Upgrade, Should We Believe Them?

Last Friday CABS and ZB Bank notified their customers that there would be system downtime because of a planned system upgrade. CABS’ system upgrade ended up taking longer than expected. While we could not really fault ZB Bank because they had communicated earlier we were not pleased that CABS’ upgrade took longer than anticipated eben […]

CABS’ system upgrade stretches beyond the anticipated time frame

Last Friday, we notified CABS and ZB bank customers of some downtime that had been scheduled due to some system upgrade. ZB bank had promised the system upgrade to occur from 14th to the 15th of October while CABS’ upgrade was to take slightly longer that is from the 13th to the 17th of October 2017. Turns out CABS’ upgrade […]

ZIMRA collecting only 30% of potential revenue, claims it’s the reason for the economic distress we face

In other news, the sky is blue. Okay, in all seriousness, ZIMRA is still struggling to collect revenue and its struggles unearth a bigger problem in Zimbabwe. There simply is not enough production. We all have walked the graveyard that is Willowvale Industrial Area. Warehouses are bolted up and the open factories are operating at […]

Kwesé Not Being Zimbabwean Is NOT A Bad Thing, Pointing It Out Is Not An Attack

We recently wrote an article pointing out that Kwesé is not a Zimbabwean company. Responses to that were surprising. You can go read the comments if you haven’t already and you’ll be entertained at the very least. There were so many comments they could not be responded to individually and so here goes Many did not […]

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange gained $5bn market cap, but what does that mean?

“ZSE gains $5bn market cap” I saw this in the Sunday mail and failed to perceive if this was a bad or good thing. I mean I tried reading the report but all I could see were a bunch of percentages and figures that failed to make sense to me. Do you happen to also […]

As a Technite, you might earn up to $1500/month installing Kwese TV

Kwese TV recently got permission from the High Court to continue broadcasting after 2 weeks of suspended operations. Before the suspension, a Technite would come to your house to install Kwese TV and you managed to get a taste of new entertainment service while it broadcasted but that was cut too quickly. As the demand […]

Tired of waiting for Econet customer care to answer? Call Back Assist could be the answer…

Today, Econet announced a new service called Call Back Assist. It aims to help reduce some of the frustrations that you may have faced when you called Econet customer care and didn’t get a solution immediately. Usually, when you call customer care, you will have to wait for some time and some people have even reported […]

How are foreign investors coping in Zimbabwe? Maybe we can all imitate them

Foreign investment giants like JP Morgan Chase are also feeling the heat in Zimbabwe as far as the foreign currency shortages are concerned. These guys hold stocks in some companies that are listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and like everybody else they can’t move that money easily out of the country if they decide […]

Zimbabwean exports to Iran fall from $4.8m to $1000 in a year

Speaking to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs, visiting Parliamentary delegation from Iran, Mr Mostafa Kavakebian lamented the low volume of trade between the two countries. In the meeting, where members of parliament from both countries were present it came to light that volume of trade had fallen to a measly $1000. This is […]

How do I protect my idea in Zimbabwe???

Of late, there’s been a lot of talk on ‘corporates stealing ideas’ mainly being sparked by the latest story on how Econet is being sued for more than $870k for allegedly stealing a local business man’s idea. Truth is, the talk has always been there, but it’s been quite difficult to sift claims from facts. […]

Buyer beware: the basic risks when investing

Caveat Emptor is the cute Latin term that is translated “Buyer beware.” This is legal mambo jambo to let you know that whatever you are about to buy, you are buying at your own risk. It is important to move our discussion of investing on capital markets to the uncomfortable subject of risk. Risk is […]

Econet being sued for US$870 375 over ‘stealing’ business idea

So the last time Techzim wrote about being robbed of your ideas by corporates, it sounded far-fetched to some. Well, maybe here’s a classic case of what we meant. I say maybe because as we all know, you are always innocent until proven guilty (on paper that is – quite unfortunate). You’ll remember Techzim wrote […]

Cost of living in Zimbabwe goes up by 0.52%

The figures came to light in the latest report by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) which consistently publishes reports on the cost of living in the country. CCZ in measuring the cost of living looks at an average family of six. They look at the low income urban earner. The cost of a monthly […]

Econet Wireless declares a cash dividend of $10m

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe declared a dividend of 0.386c per share, which amounts to US$10 million, for the first quarter ended 31 May 2017. The dividend payment date is the 4th of October and withholding tax of 10% will be deducted where applicable. The record date is the 29th September which means to receive the dividend […]

Econet launches Elevate Virtual Agent Programme – buy $50 airtime & potentially earn $600/month

Today at Meikles Hotel, Econet launched a new program under their Elevate community which they launched in June. The new offering is called the Elevate Virtual Agent Programme and it aims to create employment for Elevate members. These members will just need a laptop and an internet connectivity for them to work from home and […]

Liquid Telecom partners Microsoft to sell cloud products; Azure, Office 365, Windows 10

Liquid Telecom has announced a partnership with Microsoft through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider programme. Basically this means Liquid Telecom will now be selling Microsoft cloud solutions directly to customers on behalf of Microsoft. Specifically the following cloud services: Windows 10 – Microsoft’s latest operating system whose Enterprise version is offered on a cloud based […]

2008 is back again. You better hack your way past it #MyZimbabweHustle

‘Winter is coming!’ That was Ned Stark’s cry throughout the first season of Game of Thrones and this theme carried through to the end of season 5. Now we are in season 7, indeed winter has come and it came first for House Frey. Don’t worry, I will spoil no further. ‘2008 is coming again!’ […]

Old Mutual Zimbabwe publishes impressive half year results

Old Mutual Zimbabwe Limited (OMZIL) and its subsidiaries announced their half year financial results which showed a revenue growth of 175%. This in turn led to an 11% growth in the adjusted operating profit. The remarkable feat was attributable to life assurance and asset management profits. The OMZIL group’s subsidiaries are in the banking, life […]

ZB Financial Holdings reports growth in profits

Group chairman, Prof. Manyeruke, announced the stellar results in his maiden report. The major highlight in the report was the 38% increase in net profit after tax compared to the comparative period in 2016. The banking operations remain the biggest contributor to group bottom line as most of the net profit increase is attributable to […]

You should consider investing: learn from my wisdom and foolishness

The saying goes, “The older you grow, the wiser you become.” Not so with me, I was wiser when I was younger. I once shared my university experiences here and sparked a raw debate but one thing I didn’t mention that was a positive during my university days was that I was an investor on […]

CBZ Holdings publishes half year financial results and they are interesting

The CBZ Holdings group announced the results today, the 3rd of August and with the current economic climate, the chairman, Mr Matimba can understandably take pride in them. The group performed well despite the negligible increase in profit after taxation which when you consider the adverse environment is quite impressive. The chairman noted that the […]