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Local startup puts TVs on people’s satchels, literally taking ads to the streets

They say there are many ways to skin a cat. I don’t know why you would ever have to skin a cat but apparently there’s more than one way to do it. One startup has a new and interesting way to skin the cat that is advertising.  VisionStrike is a startup looking to provide ‘exceptional […]

Zim partners foreign firm to collect taxes from companies like Facebook. Who is this partner?

Nothing leads to more delays and inefficiencies than a government department/parastatal trying to go it alone. It is therefore refreshing to see more and more public private partnerships in Zimbabwe.  We saw the Justice Service commission partner a globally known company to help establish a tech-first approach. Now, the government has partnered with another global […]

Zimbabweans left out of the Black Friday frenzy

Black Friday, a shopping event enjoyed the world over but businesses in Zimbabwe, for the most part, don’t really make a marketing push for it.

TelOne Centre for Learning to host webinar on digital marketing strategies

TelOne Centre for Learning (TCFL) is partnering with a local digital marketing agency – SocialMe to host a free online workshop on how you develop a digital marketing strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses understand that digital marketing is something they should invest in but aren’t sure how to get a good return on […]

Rubie Trader: The digital market on WhatsApp

Rubie Trader is an innovative digital platform that allows people to sell, buy products and to get tenders using WhatsApp anytime and anywhere. It is a one-stop-digital market for SME, informal market traders and corporates which saves you money, and time. Zimbabwe’s economy requires speed, connections and access to different options given the price fragmentation […]

International Diploma In Digital Marketing – NKDigital

NKDigital – a local digital marketing school offering their courses in partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute and Sabre World – is offering a 6-week Digital Marketing diploma. The 6-week US$1260 course will see students go through the following aspects of Digital Marketing: Introduction to Digital Marketing – This module introduces the core principles and […]

5 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Site Before The End of 2019

1. The business world has gone digital  But of course, you already knew this. The business world has evolved in more ways than we thought economically possible. Apart from your products and services, you also have to be online as a stand-alone personal brand. This reduces the odds of your business failing by, roughly, 25%. […]

7 Essential Skills For Digital Marketing Professionals

This is the second episode on digital marketing within the Zimbabwean/African context. If you missed the first one, you can check it out here. Enjoy the short clip from Trust Nhokovedzo, a digital marketing professional and trainer: Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy […]

Video: Digital Marketing in Africa, It’s Not The Future! It’s The Current Thing

Below is an instructional video from Trust Nhokovedzo, one of Zimbabwe’s authoritative digital marketing trainers and practitioners. Trust runs Afrodigital, a digital marketing training organisation. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime […]

[Updated] Digital Marketing Courses in Zimbabwe

There is no doubt that the number of ‘digital marketers’ is growing rapidly. This demand for digital marketing skills is rising and many marketers realise the need to upgrade. So if one wants digital marketing courses in Zimbabwe where do they go? Well, there isn’t one place. There are options and I will try to […]

Listing Your Business On As Many Online Directories As Possible Has Some Serious Benefits

Attending Afrodigital’s Google For Business BootCamp today was really eye opening for me when it comes to some really simple things you can do to increase your online presence. This is quite simple stuff… No seriously A lot of local companies are not even listed on Google My Business which means people can’t find them. […]

Afrodigital To Host Bootcamp To Help You Boost Your Business’ Online Presence

So you’ve probably heard this before; “If you are a business owner and you’re not online you need to get online ASAP!!” That or some variant of the statement. And though it has been said seemingly enough times, it still holds true. With competition being cutthroat having an online presence (or not having one) could […]

Hey Business Professionals, Not Everything Digital Is For The IT Department. You Have To Step Up Too

Welcome to the 21st Century where everyone is using  or should be using data to make informed decisions. So there are organisations that still fully rely on  the Information Technology Department for everything computer related. All other departments still have an ‘its got nothing to do with us’ type attitude. Digital transformation requires that you bury […]

Consumers’ Haven: Marketing Strategy Wars in Zimbabwe (Part 1)

Competition has always been there, whether on a personal or organisational level. Winning is materialised by competing. One cannot race alone without other contenders and claim to be a winner, racing alone is just mere exercising. A corporate cannot be called a market leader without market challengers, it becomes a monopoly. Hence rivalry is essential […]

Digital Advertising Convention 4 Africa – DACAfro 2018

I have noticed that as soon as I cross the border between Zimbabwe and South Africa by road, the adverts I start seeing on my phone become relevant. I see specials from Pick n Pay and offers from Woolworths, and when I travel a few metres after seeing those ads I can actually see the […]

Lead Generation: Digital Marketing Basics

When digital marketing was hyped – so many people and businesses jumped onto the boat. That is a good thing! Sadly there are some even today who are doing some digital marketing but cannot tell the ‘head or tail’ of it. If you are among these people, here are a few basics on digital marketing: […]

Digital Presence And Exposure To Cyber Criminals –  The Enigma Of Establishing A Digital Marketing Footprint

Reading through one of my friend’s profile on the LinkedIn platform worked as a setup for me to discover a world that I at no time thought I would find myself reading or writing about; Digital Marketing. Indeed, digging into his activity you encounter a young man enthusiastic about his marketing work and full of […]

The Framework Of Effective Digital Marketing

I was sitting in the boardroom of a respectable business recently when the boss said, ‘Trust, I want you to make sense of these digital things you’ll screaming about! Where is the money?’ At that point, the room was silent and everyone zoomed on me! You know that time when sweat is triggered from everywhere […]

Financial Gazette to stream Superbrand Awards 2017 live on YouTube

Zimbabwe’s leading business, finance and politics weekly newspaper, The Financial Gazette, will today be streaming the Superbrand Awards. The Marketing Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) organised awards event, which will take place in Harare on 8 December, celebrates Zimbabwean brands that “go beyond excellence in service delivery and those that are top in the minds of […]

Hey, please let us know: do you click?

You know we work closely with a number of advertising agencies and other marketing professionals right? Some of our friends in this space need your help. They just want to know whether you click and why you click. Click what? Click on adverts. First, when you do a Google Search do you click the search […]

Local email database peddlers turn to WhatsApp

There are all kinds of shady digital marketing methods in Zimbabwe involving email. It ranges from the outright digital tsotsis who sell so called “email databases”, essentially making businesses pay to get their hands on a list of email addresses to spam, to milder spammers who make it their job to build these databases, not […]