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Now that Gearbest is gone, here are some alternatives

A few days ago Gearbest’s website went down and the site hasn’t been back up since. There were no announcements or explanations from the owners of the once vibrant Chinese e-commerce store. In fact, a lot of customers who had placed their orders with the site in recent months and weeks are now scrambling to […]

Noted and good day, here is why we use them

Zimbabwean Twitter or Zwitter as it’s sometimes known is an interesting place to be. Unlike the “real world” where people are sometimes afraid to express themselves or engage in certain subjects on Zwitter people are more liberal with their opinion, more fearless and candid. All sorts of topics including politics, health, personal finance, business ideas […]

Selling on social media? Don’t frustrate customers, display your prices

To say Zimbabweans have responded well to the pressures of the pandemic would be an understatement. The adoption of online stores, sellers peddling their wares on social media and WhatsApp are fantastic examples of how adaptable Zimbos are. On top of that, we have seen a number of new e-commerce marketplaces that have sprung up […]

*405# now offers Nyaradzo Life and Funeral packages

You can now top up your Nyaradzo Life and Funeral Plans on Techzim Market and USSD *405#. All you need to do is click the link here and: Enter your Nyaradzo policy number The amount of months you want to pay for and your EcoCash number then click ‘Pay’. Check your EcoCash phone to confirm […]

Buying Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn & more from the diaspora with Wa-Faya

I am sure we are all familiar with Gift Vouchers. At some point, you may have come across them even in passing be they for popular services like Apple Music/iTunes or for those of a certain age who remember when Edgars Vouchers were a big deal. It appears that there is a new service that […]

Looking for headphones or a soundbar? Here are some local special offers

Over the weekend I was scouring the interwebs looking for what is on offer from local gadget stores both online and physical. I came across two product promotions/special offers/deals from stores advertising their wares on Instagram. The first is Medians Legacy that is offering the Oraimo OBS-91D soundbar for US$38 The soundbar has dual 8W […]

Delinq, the latest entry into the Zim online job marketplace

I don’t remember who coined the phrase “the new normal” but whomever that was they are very wise indeed. Even though data prices are speeding away from the average income, the need for online services grows by the day. We have seen this with the deluge of new online services like e-commerce sites, real estate […]

Without proper local payments API, Zim’s eCommerce & Fintech companies resort to workarounds

If you are South African or in South Africa and want to buy something from a local eCommerce shop such as Takealot you have so many payment options when it comes to checking out. Besides the standard Visa/MasterCard options there is: The option to pay locally using Visa/MasterCard. By locally I mean the transaction is […]

Kumba Store is a specialist e-commerce site that has ticked most of the boxes

Before 2020, e-commerce was a dream that was just beyond the horizon in Zimbabwe. Many still preferred to do their shopping in the traditional manner, by going to a physical outlet and collecting whatever it is they wanted to purchase. Now, this isn’t to say that there are those who wanted to shop remotely but […]

*405# Easy way to buy NetOne, Telecel, Econet airtime and ZESA

Dial *405# Techzim Market is now accessible via USSD. This new channel is useful for folks who need to recharge their airtime or prepaid electricity even when they don’t have an internet connection. Even though customers loved the fact that they could top up using WhatsApp, some of them would complain that if they forget […]

Coffee Republik now has an online store

Online is where it’s at…

POTRAZ to give malaichas/runners courier licences

The hustle will become mainstream

Zimswitch needs to strike a balance between ZWL & USD e-commerce

The local merchant should not be left behind in the e-commerce boom.

Zimswitch partners with VISA to accelerate digital payments in Zimbabwe

There is just one niggle though…

Otarkie co-founders want Zim e-commerce to thrive

e-commerce is the future!

Kuda Musasiwa is bullish about Fresh Ideas’ e-commerce platform

@begottensun gave us more information about the e-commerce business builder Fresh Ideas recently launched.

Otarkie gives you the tools to build an e-commerce business

No developer needed, mostly plug and play.

Has Zim begun the conversation on social justice in the age of digital economies?

Social Justice in the new age of digital economies.

Yaita a delivery startup now looking to be the complete e-commerce business partner

Yaita is a local logistics startup that is about to launch a product called the Fulfilment Centre which it hopes will make the complete e-commerce partner

You can now sell your goods on Fresh in a Box-like site for a fee

You can now have an e-commerce store like Fresh in a Box but it will cost you a pretty penny a month and even more for all the bells & whistles

Local e-commerce site Mutapa joins forces with CBZ for online USD payments

CBZ Holdings and local e-commerce startup Mutapa have joined forces seeing the former enabling VISA and Mastercard payments for the latter.

Skrill to stop serving Zimbabwe in April

Digital Wallet Skrill has announced to its customers in Zimbabwe via email that it is pulling out of the country completely. launches e-commerce platform for local traders & businesses is the newest entry into the e-commerce game in Zimbabwe. The site already has more than 50 vendors already registered.

3 ways Zimbabweans in South Africa can send groceries back home

Late last week Vaya and Thumela eKhaya announced a partnership that offers Zimbabweans in South Africa an avenue to send groceries back home. This service (and services like it) offer Zimbabweans abroad an alternative to the middlemen and runners who usually carry goods across the border. Besides avoiding the irregular and high fees charged by […]

Lafarge’s building supply outlet Binastore now has an online store

Lafarge, the makers and supplier of cement, aggregates and dry mortar mixes also has a retail store. The shop called Binastore is in line with LaFarge’s core business of construction. The building supply outlet now has an online store. Binastore is, of course, offering the same products that the physical store is offering. However, looking […]

Rainbow Tourism CEO says multiple factors encouraging eCommerce adoption locally

In their most recent financial reports, Rainbow Tourism Group CEO Tendai Madziwanyika positioned Gateway Stream as a big part of the company’s future. In the same report, RTGs CEO also spoke about local eCommerce and how the company views the field. Mr Madziwanyika noted that eCommerce is booming right now, writing; Zimbabwe has a combination […]

Yaita, a Zimbabwean package delivery e-commerce model in step with the times

A couple of weeks ago we featured an article that looked at ZimPost’s e-commerce aspirations. ZimPost has the infrastructure to make the most of the e-commerce bloom caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This isn’t to say they have sat on their hands. They have made strides in roping in outlets as partners but there is […]

Facebook is inviting African e-commerce startups to their accelerator program

Facebook recently posted an invite for African e-commerce startups to apply for their accelerator program. The 12-week long non-equity program focuses on networking, training, and mentorship for entrepreneurs. “In this critical time, Facebook is doubling down on commerce and accelerating its work to enable every business to sell online and help people gain inspiration, discover […]