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DStv Pays Taxes In Zim, Why Not Netflix, Amazon, Alibaba..? – Mthuli Ncube

In his maiden budget presentation before parliament in November last year, Finance Minister, Mthuki Ncube bemoaned the fact that companies like Netflix provided services in Zimbabwe but did not pay taxes locally. In his Mid Term budget review, the minister has repeated this thinking: Income earned in Zimbabwe by foreign domiciled satellite broadcasting services and […]

Paying DStv Via Standard Bank In SA Is ‘Complexly Simple,’ It’s ‘Simply Simple’ With Techzim App

So DStv and Standard Bank in South Africa are running an advert for paying for DStv using the Standard Bank App. They claim the process is easy and simple. However, the process is so complex that it needs a whole 40 seconds for them to explain just how simple it is. This did not go […]

Rapid Tickets Allows You To Buy Tickets For Movies, Sports, Transport & Other Events Using USSD

[Image source] Rapid Tickets / Twitter e-Ticketing is pretty convenient. Now that data has become so much more expensive, the next logical step would be the ability to get those tickets on your phone without using your data. Rapid Tickets is doing exactly that by offering their tickets through USSD. The ticketing platform allows you […]

[Download] Zimswitch Digital Payments Conference 2019 Presentations

The second annual ZIMSWITCH Digital Payments Conference running under the theme Digital Economy For Africa was a success. With both local and international speakers sharing their knowledge on the payments landscape, those who attended benefited immensely. If you didn’t attend but you were following the Livestream on our Twitter page, you might have been interested […]

You Can Now Buy Movie And Soccer Tickets Via Your Phone’s USSD (Without Internet)

Courtesy of RapidTickets, you can now buy tickets for many upcoming local events straight from your phone, via the USSD. Anyone familiar with the USSD knows that the platform doesn’t need internet connection to use it. That means even if you have a feature phone (popularly known as kambudzi) you will be able to buy […]

Google Is Using Your Gmail Account To Track Your Purchases

Google’s business model relies on the information gathered from its users, so they don’t miss any opportunity of harvesting data and information from its users as much as possible. Apparently, Google tracks plenty of what you shop online, even if you obtain it someplace else, like in an eCommerce store or from Amazon. Google uses […]

Video: Watch How To Buy Airtime Of All Networks On WhatsApp Using EcoCash

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page will not work. {{error_message}} {{error_message}}

Buying NetOne, Telecel And Other Airtime On WhatsApp Is Now Too Easy

Update: We have changed the WhatsApp number to 0717684274 Too easy? Yes. Here’s all you need to do: Send one word: Airtime to Techzim Market WhatsApp number 0718049280 The Techzim Market bot will reply to you with instructions on how to buy airtime of any network using EcoCash. Follow the instructions which are simply to […]

Facebook Introduces 3 Helpful Tools For Small Businesses

There are currently 90 million small businesses on Facebook, and they seem to be integral to Facebook’s overall strategy. That’s why the social media giant is creating new tools to draw small businesses to do their business on the platform. Facebook is rolling out three new tools for businesses: Automated Ads, appointments and new video […]

How To Bid And List (Buy and Sell) On Bid Buddie

Econet has entered the scene of e-commerce with its online auction Bid Buddie. Folks who were desperate to get rid of their of preloved stuff will now head to Bid Buddie to earn some money from those who need them, buyers. If you were wondering how you can work your way around Bid Buddie (to […]

FAQ: Answers To All Your Questions About Bid Buddie

As we promised earlier on that we will provide you with a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of Econet’s Bid Buddie online auction. Well, here are the answers to many of your questions. How do I set up an on online bidding account? Go to (the) Bid Buddie registration page for account creation. This can be […]

Meet Bid Buddie, Econet’s New Online Auction App

Bid Buddie is Econet’s e-commerce baby that will rival the likes of Bidding Wars. It a nutshell, Bid Buddie is an online auction. If you have possessions that you no longer need, Bid Buddie is the place where you put it up for sale through bidding. Unlike the traditional auctions where the auction does business […]

Zimbabwe’s eCommerce Indicators: 9.5% Of Zimbabweans Make Online Purchases

Whilst going through We are Social’s 2019 state of Zimbabwean Digital report. One of the more intriguing sections of Zimbabwe they looked at was the eCommerce indicators assessing how prepared our country is for eCommerce. So here are some of the indicators We Are Social and Hootsuites highlighted: The data being used is from the […]

Video: Watch How To Buy Tickets Online On Click n Pay

Also read: How To Buy E-tickets For The ‘Zimbabwe Vs Congo’ Match Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page will not work. {{error_message}} {{error_message}}

Choose How Much You Want To Pay A Lawyer On LawBasket- A Platform To Hire Affordable Legal Services In Africa

Digitization is creeping in even in sectors which have historically been perceived as untouchable by technology. One such area is the legal world. Of course, technology/digitization hasn’t yet got crazy to the point of having robot lawyers, but technology is now popping up in the workflow of the legal world. LawBasket is a platform that […]

How To Buy E-tickets For The ‘Zimbabwe Vs Congo’ Match

Last month Zifa made a giant step of starting to sell tickets on online for, at least, the upcoming Zimbabwe Vs Congo. Let me not waste time talking about the benefits or disadvantages to Zifa for selling tickets online as I have already pointed that out in last month’s article. Instead, let me take you through the […]

NUST Students Come Up With E-Commerce Grocery Store For Fellow Students

A group of university students studying at NUST have come up with Yonkeyonke– an eCommerce store that aims to make fellow student’s grocery shopping much easier than it’s been before. Speaking to one of the leads working on this idea -Takudzwa Machingura- it becomes clear what problem they were trying to solve. With no shops nearby, […]

The EcoShopper Site Lives On As A Forgotten Zombie

When Kwese closed their satellite TV we took a look at the products that Econet had launched and closed over the years. One of the services that we could not definitively place on the dead pile was EcoShopper. If you had forgotten or don’t know what EcoShopper is then you are not alone. EcoShopper, the […]

[Survey]: Impact Of Social Media On The Customer Trust And Intention To Purchase Using E-businesses

Theo Magaya is a student working on his dissertation MSc Strategic Marketing at the University of Bradford and his research is focusing on The impact of social media on the customer trust and intention to purchase using e-businesses in the Zimbabwean context. The aim of the research is to explore the impact that social media has towards customer […]

Press Release: Conhub, A Marketplace For Construction Related Products, Services And Labour

Below is a release from Conhub: In the ever changing and disruptive environment people are increasingly becoming connected everywhere through the internet and mobile applications. All industries are moving towards giving their customers everything that they need on a touch or swipe. Moved by the desire to have construction clientele purchase and buy at ease […]

Besides Cars, Here Is What You Can Also Buy On BeForward

Beforward, which is perhaps the largest site to buy second-hand cars has been the go-to platform for Zimbabweans to buy pre-loved Japanese cars. The affordability of the cars and the easiness with which one can make a successful purchase on Beforward has made it the most preferred platform to buy cars for Zimbabweans. This has […]

Ownai’s Valentine’s Promotion Could See You Win One Of 10 Handsets

Cassava SmarTech’s eCommerce subsidiary is hosting a pretty cool competition that will see 10 winners walk away with handsets as if they participate in Ownai’s Valentine’s promo. Fortunately, the news came from the much more popular EcoCash Twitter account who tweeted: Log onto & register either as a buyer or a seller. We will […]

6 Phones Under US$140 You Can Buy In The Techzim Store Right Now

Before we begin, if you haven’t browsed through our Marketplace you might be missing out on a couple of Valentine’s discounts on selected products. Whilst you are there you may want to get a quick overview of some bargains in our store but not know where to start. Maybe I could lend a hand. These […]

Valentines Discounts On Selected Smartphones!

Unless you are living under a rock somewhere you’d know we are 3 days away from Valentine’s day. In case you were out of ideas for a gift you’ll be happy to know we have put up discounts on select smartphones as well as added a couple of new smartphones and tablets to our online […]

Here Is A List Of The Spar Supermarkets You Can Buy From Online

So we just discovered that Spar, one of the largest retailers, is now offering customers the option to buy groceries online. At the time of writing the service is available within the capital and customers have two distinct options to pick from; Store pickup and Home delivery. Which shops offer the pickup option? When you register on […]

How To Check Your Water Bill Online

Gone are the days when you had to wait till the end of the month for the City Council personnel to come with your bill at your house. Since the internet is within the reach of many people, City Council thought it wise to make it possible for people to check their bills online. As a […]

[Updated] Spar Now Offering Customers The Option To Buy Groceries Online And They Deliver For Free

Everyone wants a piece of the eCommerce cake and now one of the largest retailers in Zim, Spar, is joining in on the action too. After going through their webshop, I must say I was quite impressed with how easy it is to use and how fluid the process is. So how does it work? […]

How Foot Analytics Can Help Retailers In Developing Countries Understand Customer Behavior

Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the most common buzzwords that are often thrown around even by some novices in the tech industry just to sound smart or to evade having to explain the things they don’t even understand themselves [ I hope it’s not the case with me here 🙂 ]. Nevertheless, […]

Now You Can Shop On Ownai And Get Your Deliveries With Vaya Express

Cassava SmarTech is not relenting in its effort to take lion’s share of all emergent business models like e-commerce, ride-hailing etc. In its quest for domination, it is leveraging on partnerships and collaborations between some of its companies. The latest collaboration is not only between 2 of its subsidiaries but 3 (ownai, EcoCash, and VayaExpress). […]

The Ecocash Debit Card Is Only Available To Current Holders For Now

So last week we woke to the exciting news that the Ecocash Debit card was back. Instead of using your normal Ecocash balance as it did back in the day it will suckle from your FCA balance. We were even able to generate a VCN although since we had nothing in our FCA wallet we […]