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You can now buy ZESA tokens on credit using EcoCash

EcoCash recently made it possible to buy ZESA tokens on credit. By simpling dialling *179# you can access the new service. You can get ZESA tokens on credit valued at ZW$50 using the service and you’ll back at 26% interest. This means you’ll pay back ZW$63 bucks for your ZW$50 token. The interest seems a […]

Here’s how to calculate how many ZESA units you’ll get every time you purchase

When you think of Techzim, what comes to mind? Do you think we are a news publication first or a tech company first? Well, WE think, no wait we are a tech company first and we love to build things. That’s why we have built the ZESA Calculator. The calculator as you’ve probably assumed by […]

ZETDC releases new tariffs, a slight increase in prices

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has released new tariffs for electricity. They have, like most establishments, increased their prices. Old prices Consumption Bands kWh Price (ZWL$) First 50 0.49 51 – 200 1.08 201 – 300 2.94 301+ 4.61 ZETDC New Prices Consumption Band in kWh Price per kWh (ZWL$) Total Price […]

ZERA releases new fuel prices

Following the Forex Auction giving Zimbabwe an Official Exchange rate of 1:57, ZERA has released fuel prices with effect from the 24th of June 2020. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime […]

A look at Microgrids, the pros and cons of localised power generation

Most countries rely on a large infrastructure and grids in order to power homes, schools and businesses. In most cases across the continent those power generating facilities are overwhelmed by population explosion. Even in places like rural areas where population figures haven’t changed and could be decreasing because of people moving into urban areas, electricity […]

Chiredzi Solar Plant Approved.

A local independent power producer, Triangle Solar System (TSS) has received approval from ZERA to build a 90 megawatt solar installation in Chiredzi. What is TSS? Triangle Solar Systems is an independent power producer that got a licence from ZERA this May for the Chiredzi Plant. In October of last year they were one of […]

ZESA Gets Approval For New Tariffs, Electricity is Cheaper…

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority has revised its tariff structure and has announced the following with effect from the 11th of June. The New Tariff Consumption Bands kWh Price ZWL$ First 50 0.49 51 – 200 1.08 201 – 300 2.94 301+ 4.61 The Old Tarriff Consumption Bands kWh Price ZWL$ First 50 0.49 51 […]

DStv Loses Nearly 100k Subscribers In Zim, Economic Woes & Electricity Crisis To Blame

Multichoice recently announced financial results for their financial year ending on the 31st of March 2020 and the situation in Zimbabwe is “sub-optimal”. That’s if sub-optimal can be used as a euphemism. Put plainly, DStv is actually haemorrhaging customers and lost 92 000 subscribers in that period placing the blame on power outages and economic woes […]

Your Zesa Charge Will Not Be Cheaper If You Pay At The Beginning Of The Month

Zesa’s systems were overloaded yesterday because there was some confusion surrounding the Lifeline Charge. What is the Lifeline Charge? “ZETDC further advises customers that the lifeline tariff is enjoyed once a month when they make the first token purchase of units ANY DAY during any calendar month, therefore it is not true that electricity is […]

ZESA Payments Back Online

You can now purchase ZESA tokens. After the difficulties they faced over the last couple days, their payment system is back up and running. Update: If you can’t get through on your mobile device or any other remote payment, check in with your supermarkets, reports are that payments were being processed there. Buy ZESA tokens […]

ZESA Apologises & Announces Solution For System Congestion

Earlier today we wrote an article regarding ZETDCs prepaid token system being down. ZETDC has issued a statement addressing the situation. In its statement, ZETDC confirmed the sentiments echoed by our community that the delays are due to congestion caused by people attempting to buy tokens en masse on the first day of the month. […]

Trouble Buying Electricity Tokens? ZESA Prepaid System Down

A number of people have been running into challenges trying to buy electricity tokens this morning and last night. It seems the challenge is on ZEDTCs part as Paynow have put up a notice on their website informing customers of the challenges Increased errors from ZETDC We’re currently receiving a greater than normal number of […]

Masiyiwa’s Re-Imagine Rural Initiative Completes 100KW Solar Project

Strive Masiyiwa’s Reimagine Rural Initiative has been pretty active over the last few years. The mandate of the initiative is to promote entrepreneurs with solutions to improve rural Africa. The US$100m fund was set up last February. Most recently, Reimagine Rural managed to build a 100KW solar plant which will support 70 businesses in Ndolwane. […]

Govt Working On Net Metering For ZESA, But What Is It?

Minister of Energy and Power Development tweeted earlier today about net metering for ZESA in an open dialogue where he asked for public opinion on the matter. Net metering is a pretty technical term that a great many are not too familiar with. So what is it anyway? What Is Net Metering? Net metering allows […]

ZESA Debt To Eskom Paid Off – Hon Fortune Chasi

Minister of Energy Fortune Chasi is famous for many things, from making Zim Dancehall to being a Minister – he’s also known for his “mushonga webasa kuriita” statement. A jovial Fortune Chasi took to Twitter to revise that statement to, “MUSHONGA WE CHIKWERETI KUBHADHARA CHETE” (loosely translated to the only way to solve a debt […]

ZESA Announces First Tariff Hike For 2020

ZESA has announced a new 19% tariff hike that will be effected on the 1st of March: The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has adjusted the electricity tariffs by 19.02 per cent. This is in accordance with the Tariff Award of 2 October 2019, which approved the implementation of monthly tariff indexation formula, […]

This UPS Device Helps You Keep Your Internet Connection On During Load Shedding

There’s nothing new you can tell a Zimbabwean about load-shedding… Our current electricity crisis has been ongoing since April/May last year and we’ve become accustomed to having no power or looking for alternative sources of power. One of the not-so-shocking things that happens when citizens in a country don’t have power for 16-18 hours each […]

SDG500 Will Invest $500 Million In Businesses Addressing Sustainable Development Goals

A new investment fund; SDG500 will begin investing $500m in businesses working to achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals. The fund was launched earlier this week in Davos. SDG500 will be backed by “a coalition of public and private organisations, NGOs and a private equity firm.” Capital from the funds will be used to make debt […]

[Video] Zimbabwe’s Electricity Situation Part 2

In this final part of the Electricity situation we take a look at the state of ZPC power stations, the contribution from private players as well as the fate of Zimbabwe’s power situation in the short term. File footage of Hwange Power Station Courtsey of AP Sources: Chronicle Zimbabwe Energy Regulation Authority DPA AfricaBritannicaGoogle Books […]

Tech Highlights From The President’s 3rd 100-Day Cycle

Ever since President Mnangagwa became President (officially in August 2018) he’s set out 100-day cycles where targets are set and at the end of 100 days we can follow up on which targets where met and another cycle begins with new targets. The 3rd 100-day cycle just ended and the most recent Cabinet Decisions Matrix […]

Fortune Chasi Says Eskom Still Supplying Us With Power

Whilst many have speculated that the ongoing South African power crisis is affecting us and has resulted in 24-hour power cuts, Energy Minister Fortune Chasi has said that imports from Eskom are yet to be impacted by the crisis in SA. I’m happy to report that although South Africans are facing challenges in the power […]

Former Eskom CEO Supposed To Invest In 100MW Local Solar Plant Says Corruption Stalling Progress

You may remember Engineer Koko Matshela -Former CEO of Eskom- whose company was awarded the licence to set up a US$250 million solar power plant that was supposed to generate 100MW back in July with work beginning the following month. Four months later nothing has happened and Matshela recently blamed the lack of progress on […]

RBZ Instructs Exporters To Pay For Electricity In Forex

A recent statutory instrument issued out by the RBZ will ensure the never-ending currency confusion in Zimbabwe… never ends. The statutory instrument orders exporters to pay the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) in forex for the next 6 months. Yuhp, remember the use of foreign currencies for local transactions was banned a few months ago? […]

ZESA Says We’re Not Stealing Electricity Units During Loadshedding

ZESA has come out and dispelled rumours that customers are being charged for electricity usage during load shedding periods when they have no access to electricity to begin with. ZETDC took to their official Twitter account to announce that they aren’t stealing consumers power: The Zimbabwbe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company has noted with concern […]

BancABC Partners DPA Africa To Provide Loans For Solar Installations

The chronic load shedding is now pushing people to turn to solar energy as a alternative means to power up their homes on a daily basis. With that in mind, BancABC has struck a deal with Distributed Power Africa (DPA) to provide loans to people who want to go off-the-grid with home solar solutions. Power […]

How To Sign Up For ZESA’S Online Portal

ZESA has a pretty comprehensive Self-Service portal but the only problem is the fact that ZESA hasn’t educated consumers on how to use the thing! After signing up for the portal I realised it’s really useful and contains information and functions such as: Token purchase trend from 2014 A service statement with all electricity purchases […]

ZESA – Social Media Claims That Electricity Is Cheaper On The 1st Day Of The Month Are False

It seems there’s a lot of confusion regarding ZESA’s new tariff system and with that confusion, people are failing to understand how the tariffs actually work. With electricity units being sold at tiered rates it seems some people misunderstood this to mean that if your purchase electricity on the first day of the month, you’ll […]

It’s Taken 9 Days For ZESA To Increase The Minimum Token Purchase Again

On the 19th of October ZESA announced that the minimum token purchasable through EcoCash, OneMoney and other platforms was being raised from $10 to $20. 9 days later, on the 28th they announced that the previously announced minimum purchase would no longer be in use. The new minimum token purchase is now $50. Considering that […]

ZESA Prepaid System Down Countrywide

ZESA spokesman Fullard Gwasira took to his Twitter account last night to announce that the prepaid vending system is currently down. Zetdc would like to advise its valued customers countrywide that it is experiencing system challenges with its prepaid vending system. We thank you for bearing with us during this inconveniencing but temporary situation & […]

ZESA Says They’re Going To Disconnect Post-Paid Customers Defaulting On Bills

ZESA has spent a number of months encouraging customers to pay their bills – remember that time when it seemed like the Energy Minister’s vocabulary only consisted of the words “pay your bills”? Well, those days are gone and ZESA will now take a tougher stance. The official ZETDC circular notifying defaulter of whats to […]