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36 Afcon Games Pirated By DStv-like Broadcaster

The 4 weeks party in Egypt is now ending this Friday with Algeria and Senegal facing each other. Unfortunately CAF (Confédération Africaine de Football) has been a victim of what’s said to be one of the biggest state sponsored piracy. CAF has recently complained that 36 Afcon games have been pirated by a reportedly Saudi […]

Here’s Where You Can Watch Zimgems Playing & Social Media Pages To Follow

Just a week after our boys were kicked out of Afcon, now our girls, ZimGems are representing us at the Netball World Cup. We hope they break the dominance of Australia and New Zealand and come back with the trophy. Here’s their schedule and where you can watch them playing: July 12: Zimbabwe vs Sri […]

Popular Former Supersport Presenter Launched A Fast-Growing YouTube-TV Channel: Marawa TV

Football fans, in particular, know Robert Marawa, the guy who electrified the Champions league nights with his conduct and commentary on Supersport channel. To the surprise of many, Robert Marawa was fired through a text message last month by his employer Supersport. The reason why he was fired has been a mystery but a report […]

Will Econet Struggle To Convince People To Use New Products/Services After Kwese Play?

It looks like Kwese Play service is all but gone even though Econet assured users that the service will be restored. I think some of you can agree with me if I include Kwese Play on the list of failed products out of Econet’s factory. The failure of Kwese Play comes 7 months after the […]

Econet Issues Statement About Kwese Play Service Disruption

No worries for Kwese Play users, the streaming service us still around. Earlier on we reported that Kwese Play users woke up to find a chilling message on their TVs saying that “Econet no longer offers Kwese Play”. Luckily, that’s not the case. Apparently, they are experiencing technical problems which they are working on resolving […]

Kwese Play Down In Several Countries, Error Message Says “Econet No Longer Offers Kwese Play”

Kwese Play users in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Ugandan woke up today finding the streaming service down. Kwesé Play, which was launched last year, is Econet’s Roku powered streaming platform that uses the internet to deliver entertainment. Econet hasn’t yet issued a statement on whether they are experiencing technical issues or the service is gone […]

Check Out These Social Media Pages You Can Follow For Latest Afcon Score Updates And Highlights

The most prestigious football tourney in Africa is now underway in Egypt. Sadly we have already lost a match but we hope the boys will bounce back on Wednesday. Anyway, with electricity not around for the better part of the day, you may miss watching some matches. So its only wise to follow certain social […]

Here’s Where You Can Watch The Afcon Tournament In Zimbabwe

Afcon kicks off later in the evening today and the first match being between our beloved country versus Egypt. It’s such a shame that ZBC is failing to broadcast the match and the rest of the tournament to the millions of football fans in Zim. So let me just let you how you can watch […]

Disappointing: ZBC Highly Likely To Fail Broadcasting Afcon

All eyes from all over the world will be on our boys tomorrow as they take on Egypt in Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) tournament. Sadly, it’s looks like those fans that were hoping to see the match on ZBC will miss it. In fact, there is a highly likelihood that they will not watch […]

World Health Organization Now Recognizes “Gaming Disorder” As An Illness

The World Health Organization (WHO), the has officially added “gaming disorder” to its registry of officially recognized diseases. All 194 members of WHO unanimously agreed on this resolution. According to WHO, the disease (gaming disorder) is characterized as “impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming […]

More Than 740 000 Angry Game Of Thrones Fans File Petitions

Game of Thrones’ latest episode hasn’t exactly gone down well with many fans, so much so that there’s already a petition to remake the whole season. SPOILER ALERT! In case you missed it, the latest episode saw Daenerys Targaryen torch King’s Landing with her last remaining dragon Drogon, a development that has got many viewers […]

Interesting! Watch How The Epic Season 8-Episode 3 Of Game Of Thrones Was Made

My interest in the Long Night, the latest episode of Game of Thrones Season finale, led me to this behind-the-scenes video which shows how that epic battle was made. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your […]

Magic Time! If You Google ‘Thanos’ Here’s What Happens

Thanos destructive ‘snap’ can now be felt in your Google searches. As we await the release of Avengers: Endgame, Google has added a Thanos easter egg to their search engine. In Google, search for the word ‘Thanos’. Once your results show up, click on the Thanos’ thick glove/gauntlet (shown below) that should be shown in […]

DStv Launches An App That Helps You To Manage Your Account On-the-go

DStv has launched MyDStv, its app that will help you to manage your account wherever you are on your handheld device. MyDStv app is both available for Android and iOS users on their respective stores. The app has a very sleek interface that’s quite appealing. For those who value aesthetics of apps, MyDStv app will […]

Here’s Where To Watch Game Of Thrones Season Finale

It may be a bit too late to let you know where you can watch Game of Thrones season finale considering that the premiere episode already aired last week. But lately, I have encountered and also heard some people asking where can they watch this long-awaited season 8. I even heard some folks asking whether […]

6 Websites To Watch And Download Movies Legally

Illegally downloading movies isn’t an option if you’re looking to support the actors and actresses who give you a reason to chill on your couch for 2 hours whilst glued to the screen. If you don’t want to (financially) prejudice them but incidentally you don’t have money to subscribe to DStv, Netflix and other streaming […]

Pay Your DStv Subscription In RTGS Dollars

Having to go in the street or to bureau de changes and banks to buy US Dollars for paying your DStv subscription to Multichoice Zimbabwe can be somewhat a hassle for some folks. Good News! Techzim is here to spare you that hassle. You can now pay for your DSTV subscription in RTGS Dollars right […]

Thinking Of (illegally) Downloading Game Of Thrones? You Will Probably Regret it

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is nearly upon us, which means that winter is finally coming. That also means an invasion of malware. As people, who don’t have access to HBO (those who live outside the US) or don’t have money to subscribe DStv, turn to illegally download Game of Thrones, […]

Avengers Endgame Tickets Sold Out At SK Sam Levy!

Avengers Endgame is the most anticipated movie of 2019 picking up from the brilliant cliffhanger left in Avengers Infinity War. Our very own Sterkinekor announced availability of tickets today. As of the time of writing Sterkinekor Sam Levy is fresh out of tickets to the heavily anticipated movie. SK105 is 45% sold and SK Bulawayo […]

Video: Watch Second Teaser Of ‘Avengers: Endgame’

This April, series’ lovers are being treated to 6 episodes of Game of Thrones and moviegoers have Avengers: Endgame to flaunt with. The third instalment of the Avengers movie franchise will be screened on the 26th of April. To make us impatient for the premiere of the movie, Marvel Studios has given us another teaser. […]

Kwese Goes Local With Wedding Diaries

Today Econet subscribers received a message telling them to buy iFlix bundles so they can watch a show called Wedding Diaries. This appears to be a new local show sponsored by Kwese which is available on their streaming platform: iFlix. Local is lekker! Catch the Zim show, Wedding Diaries on Kwese iflix where couples share […]

It’s Not Just ZBC, SABC Is Also Struggling To Pay Musicians

Many artists, I mean musical artists here, relied on radio and TV in addition to cassette sales back in the day. In case you were wondering, a casette was like this giant thing, the size of a laptop hard rive, that you had to stick in your radio in order for it to play music. […]

Delhi Crime Is A Rivetting And Heart Breaking Story

Apple’s Apple TV+ are the new upstart crows in the game and Disney+ is expected to arrive this year. They are shiny new and exciting but I have to say Netflix is the deserved champion of the streaming wars. One of their latest originals Delhi Crime is just even more proof of this.   The […]

Tired of Chatting On Facebook Messenger? Start To Play These Addictive Games With Your Facebook Friends

Facebook is the number one social networking site where you can get connected with family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. On the platform, you can share your favorite pictures and videos, make text chats and videos calls and more. Apart from this, Facebook is becoming one of the best places to play games online through its […]

One of Zim’s Biggest YouTube Channels Shut Down Over A Copyright Wrangle, Over 1000 Content Pieces No Longer Accessible

Two days ago I wrote an article in the Newsday focusing on how Youtube is changing and shaping showbiz and entertainment in Zimbabwe. The riveting yet revealing piece touched on the silent but raging storm and battles amongst artists, managers, content creators, and Youtube bloggers. I made reference to an ensuing tiff between a leading […]

How YouTube Now Shapes Zimbabwe’s Musical Landscape

A decade ago radio and television were the main platforms pushing music and artists to stardom, but it is no longer the case as we witnessed a bloodless musical coup with the emergence of the internet that now owns and controls the power matrix in Zimbabwe and the world over. The Google-owned American video-sharing website […]

Danai Gurira’s Name Was Left Out Of Avengers’ Endgame Poster And People Were Angry

The internet went berserk (in a good way) last week when the trailer ofAvengers: Endgame got out. However, some were disappointed by the exclusion of our beloved Danai Gurira’s name on the official poster of the blockbuster. Look at the cast on the official poster And see all their names were written but not Danai’s name […]

The Widow Is Another Barely Watchable Insult To Africa

I have to be honest when Amazon gets it right they do it right. Case in point their take on Tom Clancy’s character Jack Ryan. It is a riveting tale of deceit, murder and terrorism. Usually nowadays when T.V shows dish out episodes on the subject of terrorism it usually involves handsome, fearless macho American operatives […]

Here’s Whats REALLY Happening With South African DStv Accounts In Zimbabwe

First of all, we would like to APOLOGIZE for publishing an article earlier on which said that DStv was banning South African-registered Accounts (SRA) of customers who are in Zimbabwe. DSTV never said what was written in that document. In fact, DSTV (be it Multichoice or DSTV South Africa) hasn’t said anything at all of that […]

Watch: Trailer Of Zimbabwe’s Latest Movie, The Letter

In January we wrote about a local movie, The Letter, that made the giant and unprecedented step of being exclusively distributed online. Well, I’m sure you would want to pay to watch it if you are somewhat certain if it’s worth your hard-earned money. So that’s why you should check out its trailer. The Letter […]