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All The 20+ Steps To Register To Trade Shares On C Trade Using Kambudzi (USSD)

We used a smartphone to go through the USSD registration on C Trade. Using a feature phone without a qwerty keyboard was too taxing, a colleague now hates me for asking that she goes through it. We also wanted to use screenshots so a smartphone was the only way. Please read the accompanying article that […]

President Launches C-Trade: Zimbabwe’s First Online Platform To Trade Shares Listed On Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

So, this is it, Zimbabweans can now trade shares listed on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange online. This is being made possible by C-trade, which is a platform that enables the buying and selling of shares online on a computer or mobile device. The launch was graced by President Mnangagwa who said; The establishment of a well-coordinated […]

President Opens Empowerment Bank, Zimbabwe’s First ‘Youth-Focused’ Bank

Zimbabwe’s first youth-centric bank, called Empowerment Bank (EB) has just been launched today by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The bank, which is a microbank, in essence, has “been formed with the purpose of providing social and financial solutions to the financially excluded population with a greater focus on the youth”. EB was launched under the auspices […]

The New Ecocash Business Wallet Is Not Only For Formal Businesses, Informal Traders Are Also Catered For

A day after the launch of the EcoCash Business Wallet, some people may still be wondering if the Business Wallet is only for formal businesses. But No. EcoCash Business Wallet serves every business, both formal and informal. Keeping in mind that Zimbabwe has a significant amount of trade that happens in the informal sector,I think […]

EcoCash Unveils A Business Wallet Dedicated For Business Payments

So this morning EcoCash stepped up its game by introducing its latest innovation called  EcoCash Business Wallet. The EcoCash Business Wallet is a wallet that is meant to give businesses more control of their funds. Essentially, businesses will now be able to make and receive payments directly into their EcoCash Business Wallets. The wallet is […]

Netone Celebrated Fathers Day By Giving Free Onemoney Debit Cards With $5

Netone yesterday took time to honor fathers by giving its customers (who happened to be fathers) free OneMoney debit cards as part of their celebration of Fathers day. The OneMoney debit card was launched last year in October to offer convenience to OneMoney users by allowing users to ‘Zip’ from bank accounts into the mobile account (mobile number). Netone’s […]

Mobile Trading On ZSE To Be Finally Introduced By The End Of This Month

By the end of this month, traders will be able to do online and mobile trading in securities listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and Financial Securities Exchange. The mobile trading platform will enable traders, both local and foreign to actively manage their portfolios even when they are away from a desktop/laptop. Mobile Trading is […]

OneMoney Clocks 1 Million Subscribers

The battle for dominance on mobile money platforms is increasingly getting exciting with Netone announcing that its mobile money platform, OneMoney clocked 1 million subscribers. this means that for every 4 subscribers of Netone 1 subscriber has a OneMoney account. Mobile money transactions are proving to be integral in Zimbabwe’s financial system, with these transactions making […]

Techzim Talks To Digital Payments Firm, Cellulant That Recently Raised $47.5 Million

As digital transformation continues to shift the way we think, live and do business, Fintech in Africa remains one of the fastest growing and innovating industries, capturing the imagination of both industry and consumers with topics like mobile banking being discussed across Africa Companies in Fintech and other technology sectors led Private investment firm TPG, […]

OneMoney Throws Punches At Ecocash

Yesterday’s proposed ban of the ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service didn’t go without NetOne’s notice. This morning NetOne posted pictures on their social media platforms (kind of) mocking the ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service and simultaneously promoting their OneMoney (OneMoney Card to be specific) as some kind of an alternative to ‘Swipe-into-Ecocash’ service. However, the sarcasm is misplaced. Ecocash is not a competitor […]

‘Card Cloning’ On The Rise: Steward Bank Warns Customers To Guard Against This Type Of Fraud

Steward Bank has issued a notice warning its customers about the increased risk of transactions involving credit and debit card cloning (card cloning). The Customer Notice is asking customers to be vigilant when using their cards and it went to great lengths prescribing habits customers can take to guard against card cloning. The increased use […]

UPDATED: Swipe Into Ecocash Here To Stay Says Ecocash, Econet And Steward Bank

So this is an update to the article. Earlier on I rushed to publish the press release from Ecocash without any context (and I was out of the office for most of the day at that). So now I am told that there was a squabble between Ecocash and ZimSwitch which got leaked to media. […]

CBZ’s Smartchash Now Charges A Monthly Service Fee

CBZ low-cost account Smartcash is now charging monthly service fees. Previously, Smartcash had no monthly fee charges thus offering low-cost accounts to consumers. But, customers are now having to pay $3 per month to service their accounts. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe introduced the National Financial Inclusion Strategy with the sole aim of improving financial inclusion. […]

Netone Silently Launches An Android Mobile App

You know the long boring process of responding to many prompts so that you can buy internet or WhatsApp bundles on Netone. You respond to at least 4 prompts just to buy the bundles.   Thank God Netone has introduced an Android App that dodges this long procedure. Econet and Telecel already had similar apps. It […]

City Parking To Introducing Pre-Paid Parking Cards To Help Drivers Save Time

City Parking is introducing a new Pre-Paid Parking Card and this will be available from the 16th of May 2018 (today, if you had not checked the dates). The card will be the same as an ordinary bank card in size and will parking in the CBD less of a chore. How can you get your […]

CABS Joins Others In Stopping Manual Transactions In Branches, They Have Done It Partially Though

CABS has issued a statement advising customers that they have stopped processing some specific transactions within their banking halls. They join the growing number of Zimbabwean banks that are moving to digital platforms exclusively. Growing up the fact seemed to be that CABS had the best real time systems in the Zim financial sector. I […]

Reserve Bank Acts Typically Zimbabwean: If You Don’t Understand The Technology, Fear It And Ban It

Some years ago I founded an EdTech (educational technology) startup. We had solutions for primary and secondary schools. The solution may have been not so good or maybe it was but that was not important because the roadblocks at schools that we wanted to sell the solution ensured we could not test that out even […]

Livestream: Chaka-chaya neEcoCash Monthly Draw In Bulawayo

Livestream of the EcoCash Chaka-chaya neEcoCash promotionmonthly draw that is happening inn Bulawayo                             Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to […]

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Bans Cryptocurrency Trading. Banks Given 60 days To Comply (Full Statement)

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has issued a directive to Zimbabwean financial institutions prohibiting them from working with Cryptocurrency exchanges or holding any accounts of people trading in cryptos. The central bank has given financial institutions 60 days to end their existing relationships with crypto-currency exchanges. Here’s the full circular issued on 11 May 2018: […]

NMB Customers Can Now Start To Make International Payments As It Partners A German Bank

On the back of failing to process international transactions, NMBZ Holdings has announced that it has entered into a partnership with a German bank, ODDO BHF to allow its customers to make international payments and receive money from outside Zimbabwe. ODDO BHF is an independent Franco-German financial services group, with branches worldwide and a history stretching back […]

Zimswitch Digital Payments Conference: The State Of Industry Interoperability

We are at the Zimswitch Digital Payment Conference in Victoria Falls and the conference will be covering many areas to do with ‘cashless’ solutions and how these can be optimized to offer more efficient solutions. Mr Saul Chin’anga, a certified Electronic Banking Specialist and the Head of Electronic Banking and Card Services at CBZ Bank, presented on […]

POS Devices Increase Drives First Quarter Electronic Transactions To 368 million

The uptake of Point of Sale machines has exceeded the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s expectations because of a 20 percent increase of POS devices in circulation. POS machines increased from 56 000 to 70000. The drive to have 100 000 devices hinges on the government’s objective to increase financial inclusion by having a cashless society. […]

CBZ Bank Going Exclusive To Internet And Mobile Banking, Looks Like Zimbabwe Is Going Paperless Not Just Cashless

CBZ Bank joins a growing number of banks in Zimbabwe that are no longer processing manual (paper) transactions for the transfer of funds whether internally or across to other banks. Here’s their notice to customers: Discontinuation of acceptance of manual RTGS and Internal Funds Transfers CBZ Bank would like to advise its valued clients and […]

Digital Payments In Zim Have Come A Long Way, What’s Next? Zimswitch Payments Conference Looks At That

Zimswitch Technologies is one of the most important companies in Zimbabwe’s economy right now. The business helps you and I to navigate everyday life seamlessly through their payments integration platform. The Zimswitch Evolution One thing they have managed to do over the years has been to evolve with the economy and every new reality in […]

Ecobank Invites African Fintech Startups To Apply For Their Funding Competition

Pan African bank, Ecobank has just called startups with Fintech solutions to apply for the Ecobank Fintech Challenge 2018. The competition is in its second year and last year over 850 contestants applied so competition will definitely be stiff. Ecobank Fintech Challenge gives African startups a chance to promote their fintech solutions partner or an […]

Tobacco Farmers Angered By Slow Processing Of Payments And Cash Shortages

Poor and expensive products are making Zimbabwe uncompetitive on the international markets and as a result, foreign currency generation capability has dwindled. However, Zimbabwe has been overly reliant on tobacco as its major foreign currency cash cow. This has forced The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to craft policies that encourage and support tobacco farmers. But […]

What Exactly Is In The Steward Bank Square 2.0 App?

On the 12th of April Steward Bank released their new mobile banking app to the public under the name Square 2.0. Now we say new because the first iteration of this app was to a number of people basically everything you got using their USSD *210#. Square 2.0 however aims to fix all that with […]

Check Out Steward Bank’s Square 2.0 Release Live

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PayPal Partners M-Pesa To Enhance E-Commerce, Will Ecocash Follow?

Mobile money service platform, M-Pesa users will soon be able to participate in global e-commerce after it announced a collaboration with worldwide online payments system, PayPal. The service will facilitate M-Pesa users to shop with PayPal merchants and smoothly transfer funds between M-Pesa and PayPal accounts consequently increasing commerce nationally and internationally. Qualifying M-Pesa users […]

Netone Donates Wi-Fi Devices In Rural Areas To Increase OneMoney Customers

Netone through OneMoney is donating wi-fi devices to councils in rural areas so that district administrators can make smooth OneMoney transactions whilst simultaneously increasing internet access to the remote areas. This comes after Netone introduced EasyCover late last month to propel the use of its mobile money platform, OneMoney.  The wi-fi devices called One-Fi have already been […]