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How did an EcoCash agent steal over $12000, are new security measures needed?

Tafadzwa Taziveyi was (is?) an EcoCash agent in Hwange who worked (works?) from Shanduka Econet shop. Tafadzwa is 23 years old and as all young adults probably feel, he felt he could do with a little more money in his life. He decided the law was a hindrance and found himself a friend who felt […]

Bitcoin basics: From layman to layman

Quick question: what are your greatest fears on cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin to be precise? Maybe we can start there, but before that let’s go through 1 or 2 things together shall we? I know we’ve written a number of articles on Bitcoin here on Techzim, but whenever we do there’s always a comment from someone asking […]

How To Pay For Tollgate Fees Using EcoCash

EcoCash recently partnered with Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) to allow you to make payments for tollgate fees using the popular mobile money platform, EcoCash. The payment method is now available at all tollgates across Zimbabwe. So if you’d like to start paying for tollgates using EcoCash, you might be wondering how to do it, […]

CABS Mobile Banking Goes Offline, Throws Blame on Econet

The mobile banking of CABS Bank went offline today and people were not able to use the mobile banking platform to make transactions. CABS has sent out a notice to people who use the bank notifying them that the technical challenges that the mobile banking platform is facing are not their fault. CABS attributes the […]

Are Zimbabweans ready for exclusive internet banking?

So three banks have gone exclusive with internet banking or mobile banking when it comes to processing RTGS and internal transfers. First, it was NMB when they switched to just internet and mobile banking then ZB Bank followed along in early September and for them, transfers are now only done through internet banking. Recently, Steward […]

Steward Bank goes exclusive with mobile and online banking, no more manual transfers

So recently, ZB Bank announced that they are no longer going to be processing manual RTGS and internal transfer application forms instead, these transactions will be done exclusively on their internet banking platform. On the other hand, NMB Bank was one of the first banks to move to exclusive online banking and mobile banking for […]

Press Release: BitFinance changes name to Golix

BitFinance the bitcoin company is rebranding as it moves away from just being a bitcoin company to be a digital currency company. The previous name BitFinance was appropriate when they launched as a bitcoin company. Golix is the new name. Hey there, We’re thrilled to have you as an integral part of our vision and […]

EcoCash and ZIPIT should know the power they have, these system outages are not acceptable

Since yesterday EcoCash users have been facing some challenges making payments. EcoCash acknowledged the system problems on Twitter in response to frustrated Twimbos who were asking. It is frustratingly slow to load if it even loads and EcoCash communicated that they are working to resolve the issue, on Twitter. Why not SMSs advising people that […]

You are not the only one, EcoCash is down

People have been reporting that EcoCash is facing some challenges since last night. Service was restored a bit since then but it seems to be facing challenges again today. Several people have shared that EcoCash is not working for them as they are trying to make some transactions using the mobile payment solution. For some […]

Ecobank introduces Scan+Pay, a way for you to make payments much faster

Ecobank recently announced that they’re launching a new service called Scan+Pay which will be available in 33 countries across Africa. Scan+Pay is a service that will allow you to scan a barcode image (QR code) using your smartphone so that you can pay for goods or send money to someone else. The service is the […]

What the heck is this bitcoin? Bitcoin 101 Ep1

So the new kid on the block is Bitcoin but what is it anyway? We look at the definition of bitcoin hopefully in its simplest form. We relate bitcoin to the classic paper style money we all are familiar with and touch the slightest bit on it being a Fiat Currency. Quick NetOne, Econet, And […]

How do I stay safe when using internet banking?

Most banks in Zimbabwe now offer you online banking. Some banks like ZB Bank have completely stopped processing manual RTGS and internal transfer application forms. So given how you might already be using internet banking or will soon start using it, you might be wondering how do I stay safe when using internet banking? Here […]

Looking for a job? You in the right place…

A Fintech company in Zimbabwe, Golix ( Update: previously known as BitFinance) has some fresh vacancies… 4 to be precise! This is obviously good news, I mean it goes without saying. There isn’t much formal employment available, in fact there hasn’t been in a while. So here’s a chance for you to be that Product Manager, Designer, Data […]

Zimswitch explains ZIPIT outage yesterday

Yesterday, the 25th of September 2017, ZIPIT (Zimswitch Instant Payment Interchange Technology) went offline and as the interbank transfer processor has grown in popularity, panic gripped the populace. The facility which connects over 20 banks is integral to most people’s transactions especially as more and more Zimbabweans use mobile banking and plastic money. As thousands […]

Zimswitch Goes Down For 3 Hours Today. Business Comes To A Standstill

Many people report that Zimswitch went down for around 3 hours in the afternoon of today. Due to the outage, several businesses were not able to process swipe transactions which rely on Zimswitch to be working. Apart from that, people were also not able to use ZimSwitch Instant Payment Interchange Technology (ZIPIT) to make transfers […]

WorldRemit shuts down airtime transfers from South Africa

WorldRemit, the remittance company with the online service which allows people to send money all over the world has announced that it is no longer possible for users in South Africa to top up airtime for friends abroad. The company did not give any explanation as to why the service was shut down. So if […]

How to send money from Zimbabwe to South Africa? Study 263 uses Bitcoin to help you do that

With the recent cash crisis that has hit Zimbabwe, it has become more difficult for you to send money from Zimbabwe to South Africa. It’s become difficult because most of the companies that make the transactions easier like Western Union and Mukuru are now strictly accepting USD. Well, Study 263, a new startup, aims to […]

How do I register for ZB Bank Internet banking?

ZB Bank recently announced that they will be discontuning the processing of manual RTGS and Internal Transfer application forms. As the changes will take effect from 1 October, you might be wondering how do I register for ZB Bank Internet banking since the transfers will now be processed through the ZB Bank Internet banking platform. […]

No Jamie Dimon, Bitcoin is no fraud! You either don’t understand it, or you intend to deceive the people!

This post was written by a Guest Author. The views expressed in this article do not reflect those of Techzim but of the Guest Author. No Jamie Dimon, Bitcoin is no fraud. It’s either you don’t understand it, or you intend to deceive the people or both! When I talk about crypto-currencies, I often draw […]

ZB Bank discontinues manual RTGS, goes exclusive with internet banking

ZB Bank recently announced that they will no longer be processing manual RTGS and Internal Transfer application forms. The change will take effect from 1 October 2017. According to ZB Bank, this development is in line with their strategy to go paperless as a bank. As a ZB Bank account holder, you will have to […]

Pick n Pay SA testing accepting Bitcoin as payment

If you’re in Cape Town, South Africa, then you’ll be able to pay for goods at a Pick n Pay using Bitcoin, the popular cryptocurrency for a limited time. It will be made possible by Electrum, a Cape Town based specialist software payments company. In a statement with the announcement of this development, Electrum is […]

Forget swiping, smile to pay for your KFC

So imagine this, you and your friends walk into a KFC near you, maybe the one by Belgravia shops here in Harare. You’re there so you can order your favorite meals and just chill together. You’ve all made your choices and it’s time to pay, you take out your card to swipe or even get […]

Huge remittances milestone for Africa as TerraPay gets SA license

A mobile payments and remittances startup called TerraPay may have achieved what could turn out to be a huge industry milestone in the remittances space in Africa. The startup announced today that it has secured a license from the Reserve Bank of South Africa to conduct low-value international money transfers in the country. It’s a big […]

EcoCash Diaspora partner WorldRemit partners with Huawei

You know WorldRemit as the remittance company which partnered with Ecocash to enable the sending of money straight into Ecocash wallets from anywhere in the world. WorldRemit is available in over 50 countries and 140+ destinations and thus brought the diaspora to EcoCash Diaspora. WorldRemit is an ambitious remittance company on the rise. It is […]

Is EcoCash discontinuing its Mastercard online payment service?

Since morning, some fliers indicating that EcoCash will be suspending EcoCash Mastercard online payments from the 16th of August until further notice have been circulating. We know fake news is a serious problem, especially now that we’re so gullible to it due to the fact that Zimbabwe has become uncomfortably unpredictable… especially wherever money is […]

Doing bank transfers on WhatsApp might solve these Zimbabwean problems

We recently talked about how a hidden feature within the latest beta version of WhatsApp was discovered by WABetaInfo. The discovery hints at payments within WhatsApp coming to the popular chat application. It will allow instant bank transfers through a Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transaction system. This system is similar to RTGS but according to my […]

USD cash payouts guaranteed for all remittances done through Cassava

Cassava remit, the remittances arm of Econet Global, recently announced that all EcoCash remittances done via their service will be payed out in USD. The service EcoCash home wallet was launched earlier this year in the UK with the aim of helping someone there to be able to pay for bills and/or services in Zimbabwe. Before, […]

Cloning, Counterfeiting and Fraud in digital payments – what to know to stay safe

The second topic being discussed at the Mobile money and Digital payments conference at Meikles hotel is discussing Cloning, Counterfeiting and Fraud in mobile money and digital payments. The discussion was kick started by a presentation from Jaqueline Malaba, the business development manager at Visa Card. Her discussion touched on how digital payments are more […]

​EcoCash reduces monthly limits for its debit card

Whenever asked the sequence in which one would prefer hearing news, it’s always bad then good. Not so with EcoCash, they first sent out the good news of slashed transaction tariffs and now the bad news of slashing their debit card’s international transaction limits (now this type of slashing, we don’t like). Initially, the international […]

Ecocash controls over 90% of mobile money transactions

It is accurate to say that Ecocash has a monopoly on the mobile money market with more than 90% of all mobile money transactions happening on the Econet platform. These statistics were shared by Mr Chinoda of the Competition and Tariff Commission speaking at the Mobile Money and Digital Payment Conference. The Minister of ICT, […]