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EcoCash Down Again For The 2nd Time Today, Now It’s Worse

EcoCash, Zimbabwe’s biggest mobile money services provider with over 95% share of the market has been having problems lately. In the last couple of weeks the platform seemed to have stabilised but today… This afternoon For over two hours in the afternoon EcoCash was not working properly. The most problematic transactions were ‘pay merchant’ transactions. […]

First Capital Bank Changed Acc No. Structure & Now Support ZWL (RTGS$), Their Customers On Paynet Have To Upgrade

At least now we know why the RTGS$ is referred to as ZWL in the banking community. Switching over to start supporting the new currency is not too simple though. The banks have to change their core banking systems to accommodate that change. Standard Chartered Bank is probably the first bank to make the change. […]

All You Need To Know About Sending Money From South Africa To Zim Using ‘Free of Charge’ Service, Bitkesh

A new player, Bitkesh has entered the scene of remittances and it’s selling point is “free of charge”. However as I explained yesterday, Bitkesh is not necessarily ‘free’, but its charges/fees are hidden in its Rand/RTGS dollars exchange rate mechanism. Still if you want to try Bitkesh, the following ‘Question and Answer’ by Bitkesh will […]

Bitkesh Is A New Service That Allows You To Send Money From South Africa To Zimbabwe ‘Free of Charge’

Good news to Zim folks living in South Africa, you can now send money from South Africa to Zimbabwe free of charge using the Bitkesh service. Indeed, you don’t pay any charges to get your money sent to Zimbabwe. This remittance service is being made possible by a South African-based fintech company called Yolft technology. […]

Apple Unveils Its Own Credit-card: The Apple Card

Apple announced on Monday that it will be rolling out a new product called Apple Card. It’s an innovative and fully functioning credit card that will work worldwide and be built directly into the Apple Pay wallet app on the iPhone. The Apple Card will also come as a physical titanium card which will have […]

Video: Watch How To Register For First Capital Bank’s (Barclays) New Mobile Banking Platform

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page will not work. {{error_message}} {{error_message}}

OneMoney Now Offering ‘Katsaona’ Collateral Free Loans

OneMoney has followed in the footsteps of Ecocash to introduce its own nano loan, dubbed Katsaona. Katsaona enables OneMoney customers to access collateral-free loans of up to $50 in just 3 minutes (at most) straight into their OneMoney mobile wallet. In the same way, EcoCash partnered with Steward Bank to offer their nano loans, so […]

Cyclone Idai: Remittance Company Partners GAIN Cash & Carry To Help You Donate Effectively

UK based remittance company, Zympay has partnered up with GAIN Cash & Carry Whelesalers to enable people in the diaspora to donate to Cyclone Idai relief efforts in a safe and accountable manner. There has been a lot of initiatives to mobilise resources for the families affected by the natural disaster. Most are well meaning […]

Diaspora Folks, Steward Bank’s Sosholoza Works For You Too

Steward Bank’s Sosholoza is an exciting innovation on multiple levels. What’s more? It just doesn’t work for Zimbabweans living in Zimbabwe. It’s also a useful innovation for folks outside the Zim borders. Not another app! First, it’s pretty cool that with Sosholoza, Steward Bank is not forcing another app on anyone. Sometimes it gets to […]

EcoCash Taking Away Inactive Agent Lines

EcoCash are taking away agent lines from agents whose lines have not been active for 90 days or more. The fintech company says they want to reissue the lines to other potential agents who may want to use them. In the same statement EcoCash reminded their agents that the agent line is and remains the […]

OneMoney’s Marketing Strategies Are Working, Subscriber’s Grow By Over 32%

OneMoney continues to be on an exciting growth trajectory with the mobile money platform witnessing a 32% surge in subscribers in the last quarter of 2018. This 32% increase means that the Netone-owned mobile wallet added as much as 59 000 (181,990 to 241,566) from September to December 2018. The mobile money platform upward trajectory has been revitalized […]

Here’s What You Are Charged For Using MyCash

If you are shopping around for a new financial services provider then you must take a look at what’s being offered by MyCash so that you make a well-informed choice. Here are the fees for using MyCash services: The Fees shown above are exclusive of 2% Gov Transaction Tax 2% Gov Transaction Tax will apply […]

What’s Going On With Steward Bank’s App?

Steward Bank has been the one bank to fully embrace and innovate on the digital front. In less than half a year they’ve launched Kashagi, *263# Banking and most recently Sosholoza. These are all great digital products which makes it surprising that the Steward Bank application has not been working as users expect. Ever since […]

Standard Chartered Bank Changes RTGS Account Numbers With Immediate Effect

Standard Chartered Bank has with immediate effect changed all RTGS account numbers for its customers. The bank says nothing else has changed except the account numbers. The first 2 digits on the account number were 87 and after this change they are 01. The example they gave is that if one’s account were 8700211111000, it […]

The MasterPass App Had No Place In Our Market, Ecobank Wasted Resources Importing Back An African Innovation From America

Africa is a market, the best kind: a market that feels so inferior that it buys whatever you are selling as long as you are not coming from Africa. We always assume that whatever comes from outside our continent particularly from the West is a good deal and we need it. I was disappointed to […]

Our Electricity Vending System Is Still Faulty, Better Come To Our Branches – ZESA

ZETDC, the power utility company has issued a public statement regarding it’s prepaid electricity vending platform. The platform has been very unreliable for the last couple of weeks. Whether or not transactions go through has been a gamble. ZESA says: The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) would like to advise its valued customers […]

Answers To All Your Questions About Sending Money From South Africa To Zimbabwe With EcoCash

I know some people have unanswered questions concerning the EcoCash Remit service that allows people in South Africa to send money to Zimbabwe using EcoCash. So I have compiled a long list of Question and Answer so that you really know how this service works. What Is EcoCash Remit? EcoCash Remit is a remittance service […]

How To Send Money From South Africa With EcoCash

EcoCash has finally remembered our brothers and sisters in South Africa by blessing them with the EcoCash remit service, which enables them to send money using EcoCash directly into the EcoCash wallets of people in Zimbabwe. You may be wondering how that is all done, here’s how: First, register on the website or on the […]

WhatsEco Allows You To Transact On EcoCash Via WhatsApp, A Bit Different From Steward Banks’s Sosholoza

Bots are all the rage right now, Steward Bank recently launched WhatsApp banking and now we have a cool alternative that allows you to transact using a chatbot on WhatsApp. It sounds pretty convenient and after taking it for a spin it actually seems very cool. Getting started First thing’s first this requires a companion […]

EcoCash Remit: Zimbabweans In South Africa Can Now Send Money Back Home Using EcoCash

Zimbabweans in South Africa can now send money directly into the EcoCash accounts of their loved ones in Zimbabwe courtesy of the EcoCash Remit service. When the Rands are sent into EcoCash, recipients in Zimbabwe will receive the money into their Ecocash FCA wallet as US dollars which they can withdraw as cash at any […]

UPDATED: EcoCash Is Back Up Again, There Seems To Be A Pattern To This

It now sounds like a broken record. (By the way for our generation Z readers: a broken vinyl record would repeat the same part of the song over and over. This is what we used to have before cassettes, CDs, memory sticks, memory cards or spotify). So yes, it’s now a broken record that EcoCash […]

Ordinary Zimbabweans Cannot Access PayPal Because Of Sanctions – Government

On the 4th of March, the United States President, Donald J. Trump extended US sanctions against Zimbabwe or against individuals in Zimbabwe. The real truth lies somewhere in the middle and is an issue of political debate. Of course all kinds of reactions have resulted from this decision by the United States government. Our government […]

Even In The USA, The Transaction Tax Is Being Considered, Proponents Want It To Be The Only Tax Levied

So in October 2018, Finance and Economic Development Minister, Mthuli Ncube introduced a 2% tax on all electronic transactions in Zimbabwe. The tax has been subject to a lot of debate ever since. The legality of some aspects of it is in question but the government is raising much more revenue out of it than […]

Steward Bank’s Sosholoza: Best Gift Anyone Could Give NetOne

For years now NetOne has been in the unenviable number two position. One of the biggest blocks to them usurping or at least closing the gap to number one mobile network operator in Zimbabwe is EcoCash which until recently was owned by Econet Wireless. Preferred telecoms network for many NetOne is indeed preferred by a […]

{Updated} How To Transfer Money From OneMoney, Telecash To EcoCash And Vice Versa

Let’s talk about the long-desired feature introduced by Steward bank yesterday that enables people to transfer money between wallets. That’s the magic of Sosholoza: you can move money between Telecash and OneMoney and EcoCash through Steward Bank’s WhatsApp banking service. You can also move money between these aforementioned wallets to any bank too. You are […]

EcoCash Should Open To All Banks Now Otherwise Cassava May Have Monopoly Legal Problems

This week’s biggest news is that Cassava Smartech has disrupted its dominant mobile money platform, EcoCash. They have taken the crown from the service on their own terms rather than wait for someone else to disrupt them. The big deal here The most important thing that has resulted from the launch of Sosholoza is that […]

Watch: How Steward Bank’s Sosholoza Works

Watch a demonstration of what really you can do with Sosholoza, a revolutionary feature that Steward Bank introduced yesterday. Also Read: Steward Bank Is The New EcoCash, Bigger And Stronger Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on […]

How To Get Started With Steward Bank’s WhatsApp Banking

Steward Bank has just come up with something that’s quite revolutionary in our banking sector with its introduction of WhatsApp Banking. Its customers are now able to access Steward Bank’s banking services on Zimbabwe’s favorite and most used app, WhatsApp. Being able to buy airtime, make payments and all that other banking stuff on WhatsApp […]

Steward Bank Is The New EcoCash, Bigger And Stronger

Today Cassava Smartech disrupted themselves. EcoCash, Zimbabwe’s biggest mobile money service with a market share of 97% has been the de facto cash in Zimbabwe for a very long time. In terms of retail payments, that is daily payments between individuals and individuals or individuals and merchants, their only rival is Zimswitch, the interbank transaction […]

Steward Bank Launches WhatsApp Banking- Now Do Your Banking Whilst Chatting On WhatsApp

Steward Bank has introduced WhatsApp Banking, a service that its customers can use to access various banking services on WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp is the most used app in Zimbabwe, this service only serves to give Steward Bank a wider reach and places its banking services within their reach. Imagine checking your bank balance, performing transactions, […]