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ZESA Reverses Decision To Raise Minimum Amount One Can Buy Via EcoCash, Still Disfavouring EcoCash Though

ZESA had a very bad couple of weeks a few weeks back and of course it made the rest of us have an equally bad couple of weeks and left us in a dark place literally. Star Wars kinda dark side…. The Powertel platform that permits the vending of prepaid electricity tokens was constantly down. […]

EcoCash Sends A Warning To Its Agents Charging Extra Fees For ‘Cash Outs’

EcoCash has sent a stern warning to its agents who are charging extra fees (selling cash) to customers to ‘Cash out’. Any agent caught doing this, will be penalized- not sure what the penalty will be.   With at least 8 million, more than 50 000 agents and merchants, EcoCash has is many people’s preferred […]

C Trade What You Do Is Very Important Please Think Through Your Process

The problem that I see almost 100% of the times when businesses adopt technology for example move online etc is that they do so while maintaining the same paradigms they held. This is usually because tech is introduced as a ‘good idea’ or a ‘keeping up with the trends.’ That perception is not sufficient if […]

Government Instructs Schools To Open EcoCash Accounts

We all know that mobile money platforms (particularly EcoCash) are now the de facto way of making payments by average Zimbabweans. If an organization doesn’t accept payment through mobile money these days then they stand to lose much revenue. That’s why the government is now urging (and instructing) schools to accept mobile money payments. Such […]

Buy The Payments Systems Environment in Zimbabwe Report For Only $9.99

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page will not work. {{error_message}} {{error_message}}

EcoCash Nominated For A London Business School Award, Techzim Report Played A Small Role There

EcoCash has been nominated for the London Business School Real Innovation Awards 2018. They have been nominated for the ‘Best Beats First Award.’ The award is described as such: First movers don’t always have the advantage. Sometimes the smart thing is to wait for the pioneers to take the initial risks, and to do the […]

Some Banks Have Blocked The ‘Swipe Into EcoCash’ Service: But Here Is A List Of Banks That Still Do It

There seems to be a secret war that’s going on between EcoCash and some few banks. Some banks including Stanbic and ZB Bank have blocked their customers to use the ‘Swipe into EcoCash service’. So now EcoCash has given out a list of banks that you can still do ‘Swipe into EcoCash’. Here are the […]

EcoCash Collaborates With Mastercard To Introduce The ‘Scan+Pay’ Service That Makes It Way Faster To Make Payments

Today EcoCash has collaborated with Mastercard to introduce a new payment service that enables EcoCash customers to make QR payments to merchants and billers through the EcoCash app. The payment service called Scan+Pay will allow EcoCash customers to scan a barcode image (QR code)  through the Ecocash app (in their phone) so that they can […]

Square World, The One Stop Shop For Diasporians

A few years back, I witnessed my uncle taking medication for his Tuberculosis, The pills were so many, I was disturbed. Long after my uncle was gone, as I was conversing with my doctor friend, I discovered the pills had been consolidated, one had to take just one pill a day and they will be […]

ZB Bank to Commit $40 Million For Digital Banking

The banking landscape as we know it is changing in Zimbabwe and the world over. Digitisation is revolutionizing the way customers engage with their finances. As a result, banks are having to rethink the way they do business to deliver a better customer experience and remain competitive. That is why ZB Bank is committing $40 […]

Shumba Money, A Local Fintech Company Is Looking For A Web Designer And Developers

Web Designer, Developer and Android Developer its time to get your curriculum vitaes in order to apply for jobs at Shumba Money. Shumba Money is a local fintech company that is promoting financial inclusion through technology solutions particularly Small-to-Medium Enterprises sector. Web Designer and Developer jobs Shumba Money says its is “looking for an innovative […]

National Building Society Finally Linked With EcoCash

National Building Society (NBS) account holders are now able to link their bank accounts with the EcoCash mobile money platform. By doing so the bank has joins others like Standard Chartered, ZB Bank. CBZ, Stanbic, NMB, Agribank and Banc ABC etc. which are already integrated with EcoCash. Obviously, NBS was prompted to link its bank […]

Nedbank Customers Will Not Be Able To ‘Swipe’ And Do Mobile Banking This Sunday Due To Planned System Maintenance

Nedbank customers will not be able to do many banking services on (this) Sunday morning due to a planned system maintenance by the bank. The maintenance will be carried out from 2 am to 5 am. During that time customers will fail to use services like Nedbank Point of Sale devices (Swiping), Mobile Banking, ZIPIT and […]

EcoCash Says Its Service Is Currently Facing Challenges

EcoCash has confirmed that its service is currently not running at full throttle. This the second time EcoCash has been down in less than two months. The last time EcoCash experienced this, commerce virtually came to a standstill countrywide. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney […]

How Much Does It Cost You To Rent A POS Device For An Event From A Bank?

The ongoing cash crisis in Zimbabwe is being tamed by the use of plastic money (debit and credit cards) (through POS devices) and mobile money. The problem is that not everyone has the capacity to accept plastic money for the simple reasons that POS devices are expensive and there is are too many requirements (for […]

Shares Anyone? 2100 Open Accounts On Online Trading Platform, C Trade In Just 2 Weeks

C-trade, the online trading platform which was introduced midway this month has already seen 2100 retail investors creating accounts on the platform. Through this platform, investors are able to deposit money via banks and mobile money wallets, then go to the capital market (Zimbabwe Stock Exchange) and buy shares, sell them and withdraw back that […]

ZB Bank Suspends Swipe-Into-EcoCash, Joins Stanbic

ZB Bank debit card holders are not currently able to do the Swipe-Into-EcoCash service. In a ‘tweet’ reply, to a customer who had asked why he is failing to do swipe into EcoCash, ZB Bank replied that the service was currently suspended. Yesterday in the afternoon, we reported that Stanbic had also suspended Swipe-into-EcoCash and […]

Stanbic Suspends Swipe-Into-EcoCash Service Until Further Notice

Stanbic bank has effectively stopped the Swipe-into-EcoCash service until further notice. The service which enables bank customers to move their funds from their bank account into their Ecocash mobile phone wallet was abandoned by Stanbic without giving an explanation. Here is Stanbic’s notice;   Also Read: UPDATED: Swipe Into Ecocash Here To Stay Says Ecocash, Econet […]

Online Transactions For CBZ Customers Now More Secure With The Addition Of ‘Verified-By-Visa’ Security Feature

CBZ has introduced a new feature to its Visa card that is designed to make online payments of its customers more secure.  The feature, which is called, Verified-By-Visa (VBV),  helps prevent people or hackers to use an unsuspecting customer’s CBZ Visa Card without his or her permission. Cards with no VBV only require a customer’s […]

Netone Gives $5 Airtime As Compensation To OneMoney Debit Card Users Who Experienced Challenges To ‘Swipe’ Over The Weekend

Surely Netone’s action is something other service providers should copy when they inconvenience their customers. I couldn’t believe it when we discovered that Netone gave its OneMoney customers $5 worth of airtime after the customers experience some challenges in using their OneMoney debit cards over the weekend. Many OneMoney users took to Twitter to vent […]

A Region In Zimbabwe Was Using Botswana Mobile Network And Mobile Money Until Today: They Were ‘Ecocashing’ Forex!

Being shunned by local telecoms operators was most probably a blessing in disguise for residents of Maitengwe in Matabeleland South. This is because residents of Maitengwe used foreign currency (forex) mobile money wallets since they used telecommunications network from Mascom and Orange. This was disclosed during today’s launch of Maitengwe USF Shared Base Station, a telecommunications […]

How To Buy Shares On Web, Mobile App Or Even With Kambudzi Via USSD On The C Trade Platform

The ability to trade on Zimbabwe’s capital markets through digital channels is a great deal. Buying and selling of public company shares has just gone mainstream especially because this can be done using even the most basic of mobile phones without needing to access the internet. In Zimbabwe we call such phones tumbudzi in plural […]

All The 20+ Steps To Register To Trade Shares On C Trade Using Kambudzi (USSD)

We used a smartphone to go through the USSD registration on C Trade. Using a feature phone without a qwerty keyboard was too taxing, a colleague now hates me for asking that she goes through it. We also wanted to use screenshots so a smartphone was the only way. Please read the accompanying article that […]

President Launches C-Trade: Zimbabwe’s First Online Platform To Trade Shares Listed On Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

So, this is it, Zimbabweans can now trade shares listed on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange online. This is being made possible by C-trade, which is a platform that enables the buying and selling of shares online on a computer or mobile device. The launch was graced by President Mnangagwa who said; The establishment of a well-coordinated […]

President Opens Empowerment Bank, Zimbabwe’s First ‘Youth-Focused’ Bank

Zimbabwe’s first youth-centric bank, called Empowerment Bank (EB) has just been launched today by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The bank, which is a microbank, in essence, has “been formed with the purpose of providing social and financial solutions to the financially excluded population with a greater focus on the youth”. EB was launched under the auspices […]

The New Ecocash Business Wallet Is Not Only For Formal Businesses, Informal Traders Are Also Catered For

A day after the launch of the EcoCash Business Wallet, some people may still be wondering if the Business Wallet is only for formal businesses. But No. EcoCash Business Wallet serves every business, both formal and informal. Keeping in mind that Zimbabwe has a significant amount of trade that happens in the informal sector,I think […]

EcoCash Unveils A Business Wallet Dedicated For Business Payments

So this morning EcoCash stepped up its game by introducing its latest innovation called  EcoCash Business Wallet. The EcoCash Business Wallet is a wallet that is meant to give businesses more control of their funds. Essentially, businesses will now be able to make and receive payments directly into their EcoCash Business Wallets. The wallet is […]

Netone Celebrated Fathers Day By Giving Free Onemoney Debit Cards With $5

Netone yesterday took time to honor fathers by giving its customers (who happened to be fathers) free OneMoney debit cards as part of their celebration of Fathers day. The OneMoney debit card was launched last year in October to offer convenience to OneMoney users by allowing users to ‘Zip’ from bank accounts into the mobile account (mobile number). Netone’s […]

Mobile Trading On ZSE To Be Finally Introduced By The End Of This Month

By the end of this month, traders will be able to do online and mobile trading in securities listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and Financial Securities Exchange. The mobile trading platform will enable traders, both local and foreign to actively manage their portfolios even when they are away from a desktop/laptop. Mobile Trading is […]

OneMoney Clocks 1 Million Subscribers

The battle for dominance on mobile money platforms is increasingly getting exciting with Netone announcing that its mobile money platform, OneMoney clocked 1 million subscribers. this means that for every 4 subscribers of Netone 1 subscriber has a OneMoney account. Mobile money transactions are proving to be integral in Zimbabwe’s financial system, with these transactions making […]