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576MP: Samsung planning to beat human eye with insane camera

Scientists estimate that the human eye has a resolution of about 576 megapixels. Samsung wants to make a camera that beats that by 2025. Yes, besting the human eye is in sights people. About time, I felt the recently announced 200MP camera was child’s play. A 576MP camera is just what the doctor ordered. A […]

Here Is One Prominent Lawyer’s Take On ZEC’s Ban On Voters For Taking ‘Selfies’ Or Just Using Cellphones Inside Polling Stations

Im sure you were trying to wrap around  Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s (ZEC) ban on voters for taking selfies or just using your phone in the polling stations. Well, one lawyer, Alex Magaisa has written an article giving you insight on the whole basis of the ZEC’s ban. According to Pindula, “Dr. Alex T. Magaisa is […]

Infographic: Preserving Your Digital Memories – How Smartphones Have Changed Photography

The widespread availability of smartphones has completely changed attitudes towards photography and we are taking far more photos than ever before. Studies have shown that in the year 2000, 86 billion photos were taken. As smartphones rose in popularity in the 2000s, this number rose and rose, hitting 380 billion a decade later and rising […]

Aspiring Film-makers To Get Low Cost Solutions At Smartphone Short Film Competition!

The Zimbabwe International Film And Festival Trust (ZIFFT) has partnered with Alliance Francaise Zimbabwe to launch the Smartphone Short Film Competition. The theme of the competition is “Being Zimbabwean.” The competition is aimed at helping the youths(16 to 34) of Zimbabwe to free their inner voice. ZIFFT says the competition also aims to encourage: creativity […]

You Can Now Add “Cartoons” In Videos Thanks To Google

Google has followed in the footsteps of Facebook in adding an augmented reality mode in its Motion Stills application. Motion Stills is an app that enables you to take short videos and transform them into GIFs and fast-forward videos with an advanced stabilization feature. The app is basically a GIF camera with fancy software tricks. In the default […]

Why you should NOT upgrade from your phone to an ‘actual’ camera

This is a Guest Post and does not reflect the thoughts and opinions of Techzim. We have a strong filtering process of what makes it to our blog and are confident that you’ll enjoy the article below. I have written before about why you might want to buy a DSLR (or mirror-less) camera to upgrade […]