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PUBG Mobile Is The First Mainstream Game To Get A Trimmed Down Version: PUBG Lite

PUBG is pretty popular. Fans of the game, claim it’s the real Fortnite before Fortnite – or at least that it was the first game to popularize the Batlle Royale genre which now includes the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends – all extremely popular games. Because the game has such a huge following, the […]

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Becomes Fastest Gaming Console To Reach 100 Million Units Sold

I love me some PlayStation and the sales performance of the most recent PlayStation has been music to my ears since the device got launched back in 2013. If you’re a console-head you’ll know that the Playstation 2 is the best selling console of all time with a staggering 155 million units sold over its […]

16 Year Old Wins US$3 Million At The Fortnite World Cup Gaming Competition

Whilst eSports and gaming in general is widely looked down upon, the people who play competitively at high levels are raking in considerable amounts of money. Case in point: 16-year-old Kyle Giersdof just won $3 million at the just ended Fortnite World Cup. The World Cup with a prize pool of US$30 Million took place […]

Paradise Game Center – Largest Video Game, eLearning & edtech Center In West Africa Opens Its Doors

Wednesday saw the opening of a historic gaming venue that is meant to help eSports players, parent-children relationships and provide recreation to an expected 500 000 visitors a year. Located in Côte d’ivoire’s Cosmos Yopougon shopping mall, Paradise is now the largest video game venue of West Africa. The center has the latest equipments and […]

Israel Power Company Urged Fortnite To Remove Pole Climbing In Their Game As It Could Dangerously Influence Kids

In one of the more absurd stories I’ve come across in recent memory, Israel’s power company asked Fortnite to remove pole-scaling from their popular online game, as this could encourage dangerous behaviour asking children. The reasoning by the power company is that if children can climb poles in their favourite game, they might try scaling […]

Golf Blitz Is A Fantastic Mobile Game To Pass Time

If you’re constantly on this blog, you might vaguely remember that a few months ago I wrote another review for a golf game; Golf Battle. It’s not because I’m obsessed with Golf, but it seems these types of games translate pretty fantastically on mobile. I installed Golf Blitz a week ago and I think it’s […]

Opera Launches Opera GX, A Gaming-focused Browser

Opera is rolling out what it’s calling the world’s first gaming browser with Opera GX. Opera GX is an offshoot of the brand’s regular browser that adds in performance turning controls, which should be somewhat familiar to PC gamers. Features of the brower As we all know browsers like Chrome-if left unchecked-will devour every last […]

Xbox One & PS4 Controller Support Coming To iPhones & iPads

Apple recently confirmed that they would be adding support for the two most popular controllers on their iPhones. This means that if you’re big on PUBG or Fortnite on iOS and you also happen to own one of these consoles, your mobile gaming experience will be getting significantly better once support is made available for […]

World Health Organization Now Recognizes “Gaming Disorder” As An Illness

The World Health Organization (WHO), the has officially added “gaming disorder” to its registry of officially recognized diseases. All 194 members of WHO unanimously agreed on this resolution. According to WHO, the disease (gaming disorder) is characterized as “impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming […]

PC Gamers! Download SIMS 4 For Free (No Piracy) Today

So if you’re in the mood for some gaming, SIMS 4 to be particularly and you want to download it in the way that’s supposedly more ethical, today is your lucky day. EA is offering a free download of the game on their Origin Store for the next 31 hours (1 day & 7 hours […]

As Gaming Goes Digital, What Will Happen To Resellers At Avondale Flea Market?

As the world goes digital a lot of attention has been dedicated to the fact that jobs and fields will no doubt be disrupted. It’s a fate we’ve already accepted started seeing this shift locally, as last year Standard Chartered closed 7 branches as part of their transition. A group that has concerned me for […]

Manzwi Is A Simple But Addictive Game Developed By Locals

I recently bumped into a Twitter thread mentioning a game called Manzwi developed by locals. Though I’m not enthusiastic about gaming on my phone I thought I would give it a try and after doing so, I’ve been impressed. Manzwi is a Shona word puzzle game and the author’s description on the Play Store states […]

Tinashe, The 10 Year Old Who Wants To Build Video Games

I met Tinashe’s parents, the Chasi’s a couple of weeks ago. They are amazing people in their own right. They run a non profit called Global Aid Missions. Part of their work is running a free clinic for individuals with albinism. They also distribute the all essential sunscreen lotions and other stuff. Amazing folks. We […]

Snapchat To Introduce Games & Original Programs

Snapchat recently held their Partner Summit and they announced that they would be making games available within the Snapchat application. Along with games there will be other non-game related additions coming to the social media platform. Snap games will be multiplayer titles you can play with your Snapchat friends and there will be 6 games […]

Elevate Hosts Competitive FIFA 19 eSports Tournament With $3500 Prize Money Up For Grabs

Competitive gaming hasn’t really hit the mainstream in our country and the competitive tournaments that have taken place thus far aren’t as lucrative as the competitions in the rest of the world. Elevate seems to be taking some significant steps towards changing that and their recent FIFA 19 eSports Tournament was a testament to that. […]

Here’s Everything We Know About Google’s Game Streaming Service

Last night Google announced a new service that’s supposed to disrupt the gaming industry; Google Stadia. From a conceptual standpoint, Stadia is pretty cool and if adopted by masses this will revolutionize the way we play games in a way similar to how Netflix has changed the content viewing landscape. The future of gaming is […]

PS4 Second Screen App Is A Great Way To Control Your Console Using Your Phone

If you have a gaming console you’ll know that any and every time you have to enter some text you roll your eyes in frustration because that joypad/joystick/controller is definitely not the most ideal input method for text. For me discovering the PS4 Second Screen App was a heaven sent because there are a number […]

FIFA To Introduce eNations Cup For Gamers Later This Year

Football’s governing body, FIFA, has announced that the inaugural eWorld Cup will be hosted this year. The eNations Cup will take place on 13-14 April 2019, featuring a national team competition on the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 for the very first time. The first ever FIFA eNations Cup will be an invite-only exhibition […]

Is Apex Legends As Good As The Hype Suggests?

Over the last fortnight (wink wink) you’ve probably heard about Apex Legends in one form or another. After all, the game has been installed 25 million times since it was released about two weeks ago. Obviously, there’s a bit too much hype surrounding the game but after getting some hands-on time with the game I […]

5 Best Android Apps for Kids

Apps are a great learning platform for kids. If you don’t have enough time to teach your kids letters, alphabets or even, numbers and math calculations, apps can do pretty much for you. Apart from being a teacher, these apps help to sharpen memory of kids through games, puzzles or quiz. 1. Educational Games for […]

Review: Golf Battle Is An Insanely Addictive Online Mobile Multiplayer Game

I’m not an avid mobile gamer but I’ll go on a limb and say I’ve never played anything as addictive as Golf Battle. Yes, I didn’t like Candy Crush, so maybe that doesn’t count for much but the simplicity and competitive nature of Golf Battle hasn’t been rivalled by many other mobile games for me. […]

Liquid Telecom To Support Developers At The 2019 Global Game Jam

2019 Global Game Jam is underway and the largest game creation event will be taking place over this weekend in various locations around the world. Oh wait if you’re wondering what exactly this event is about, don’t worry we’ve got you. A global hackathon Think of Game Jam as a global hackathon with the central […]

Some Common Elements of Successful Mobile Games

With the surge in use and demand for smartphones, many mobile users are exploring the many applications at disposal. Today, mobile games are the in thing among many people who own smartphones. It is easy to download mobile games, as you can easily find them in app stores and also in genuine mobile operator websites. […]

Festive Season Is Here And You May Want To Get These Gaming Consoles For Yourself Or The Kids

Ok, so gaming is somewhat a controversial topic in these parts of the world. It’s a waste of time. It’s useless. It encourages laziness. I’m sure if you’re a parent you’ve heard theories about how you should make sure kids shouldn’t be playing video games constantly but today we are gonna get rid of some […]

Techzim Readers Share Their Gaming Stories And Experiences

We asked you to share your gaming experience with us and some of you have already sent their responses.  We will be publishing your gaming stories as they come.  Here are some of the gaming stories we have received so far ……   1 Name of Player: Pierre Game: Red Dead Redemption 2. 3rd person RPG. […]

Attention: Y’all Gamers Out There!

Greetings to you all Gamers Out There.  This is the spaceship mother, Do You Copy … Techzim is inviting you to share your gaming experience with its audience!!! We are certain there are a number of game fanatics out there. What better way to share which game you like playing, how often and all the nitty-gritty stuff […]

eSports Won’t Be Coming To The Olympics Because Games Are Too ‘Violent’

The above title is the excuse used by the president of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) as a reason why esports will not be a part of the next Olympics. Over the past few years eSports have been growing and with an estimated audience of around 350 million, expectation was that sooner rather than later […]


ZOL is livestreaming their newest Connect Episode and this week they are hosting a gaming session with Tinodiwa Makoni and Eugine Ramirez Mapondera from Comexposed. Update: Some ZOL Connect episodes are deleted from ZOL’s pages after they have been streamed, so it’s advisable to watch the video live or shortly after it has been uploaded […]

If You Have An Xbox Here’s How You Can 3D Print A Light-weight Steering Wheel For Your Console

This here article is for people with 3 particular characteristics and those are; you own an Xbox One, you love racing games and lastly, you love experimenting. If you tick all the boxes then this is going to be very exciting for you.   As someone who loves racing games, you would know that driving […]

[Update] Mortal Kombat Gaming Tournament Being Hosted This Weekend In Harare

At this point we are not entirely sure what Zim’s gaming industry looks like, but it’s always welcome news when we hear of events to do with gaming. Such an event is being hosted this weekend by Comexposed. Comexposed is a hub of sorts and a Facebook description on their about page is the best […]