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Econet’s Elevate Partnering With Bulawayo Tech Hub To Support Local Game Development

The TechVillage –a Bulawayo based hub- is partnering with Econet’s Elevate Youth to host Game On. This will be a game accelerator meant to bolster Zim’s gaming community and culture. Why host Game On? The goal of the Game On game accelerator is to increase the number of locally developed games. This seems like a […]

I’ve Been Playing Fortnite For The Past Few Weeks: It’s Amazing!

  You may have heard of the online multiplayer game Fortnite that has been making waves over the past couple of months. I play video games quite often but most of my experiences with gaming have been offline and the rare times I have been online it has been on mobile games so the experience […]

The STEAM Africa Game Development Workshop Was A Great Experience! Hopefully There’s More To Come

When we talk about gaming in Africa and Zimbabwe especially, I’m sure we can all agree that the attitude our country has adopted towards gaming has to change. We talk about lack of employment opportunities but we are not willing to branch out into other careers. A perfect example of an industry that is brimming […]

Liquid Telecom Is Helping East Africa Become A Gaming Powerhouse: Dismiss The Impact Of Video Games At Your Own Peril

Yesterday, Liquid Telecom Kenya provided free high-speed internet connection (250mbps) for the Pro Series Gaming Tournament in Nairobi, Kenya. The tournament saw players pitted against each other in the popular fighting game Mortal Kombat XL. The winner of the tournament went on to walk away with a $10 000 (cash), which also happens to be […]

Zimbabwean eSports Start-up taking Zimbabwean Gamers to Soccer World Cup and it’s open to Everyone

A bit of a while ago I once wrote about the potential I saw in gaming in Zimbabwe. In that period I bumped into someone interesting. His name is Thomas Arnold and the founder of Zimbabwe Mind Sports Union (eSports Zimbabwe) Not sure how many of you know of eSports Zimbabwe but it’s a group of some pretty passionate […]

A smartphone for gamers may be in the making

According to a report from Bloomberg Technology, Razer is planning to develop a mobile device aimed at hardcore gamers. Razer is a company which is well known among gamers for making computer hardware tailored for gaming. The company recently acquired a smartphone manufacturing company called Nextbit and intends to use it for the development of […]

Stunner’s online drama inspires its own video game – Olinda’s Revenge

The online drama involving Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist Stunner and his wife Olinda created a lot of buzz online. It started on Facebook Live and recently led to Ruveheneko Parirenyatwa’s widely publicised interview on Facebook. Now the latest development related to it – a mobile video game. N-Sho Tech a developer (likely Zimbabwean) with a list […]

Some light at the end of the tunnel for local gamers.

So in the past I failed to find a formal gaming organization locally based in Zimbabwe until quite recently. Now however,  eSports working with Zimbabwe Mind Sports Union came to light and has been there since 2014 organizing and hosting local and international gaming matches. A brief summary of this organization. They are based in Beitbridge […]

Sony bringing PlayStation games to mobile.

IT’S ABOUT TIME! Sony is planning on announcing software titles and partner companies for its smartphone game project. The date is set for December 7 and plans are initially set for the Japanese market at the moment which is a no brainer as this is Sony’s home turf.  My gamers out there especially in Zimbabwe […]